What color does not go with purple

Which color goes with purple? This is how you combine purple clothes correctly

Purple has become the absolute favorite color of fashion professionals and it is impossible to imagine the wardrobes of fashion-conscious women without them. The great thing about the color: It is extremely multifaceted. In addition to a delicate lilac tone, there is also, for example, a strong violet with a blue undertone or a pinkish magenta.

We too are crazy about different shades of purple. Why? Violet puts you in a good mood immediately, spices up any outfit, no matter how dreary, and can also be combined in an extremely versatile manner. Here we show you how to style purple clothes and which colors the tone goes well with.

Who suits the color purple?

The great thing about the color purple? It really suits everyone. It just depends on the right shade. Because purple is not always purple. The trend color comes in many different shades and intensities. So there should be the right color for every skin and hair type.

A rule of thumb: Warm skin types are most flattering purple nuances with a blue undertone, while types with cool skin tones are warm purple tones that go reddish. Do you have dark or brown hair and a tanned complexion? Jackpot! All shades of purple suit you.

Which colors go well with purple?

You don't really know how to best style your purple garment without making it look too girly? The color purple is extremely versatile to combine. Purple goes particularly well with the so-called non-colors, i.e. white, black, brown and gray.

But the popular tone can also be styled with other gaudy tones. Colors that go particularly well with purple: turquoise, orange and yellow.

Classically combine purple with black, gray and white

Purple garments are easiest to style with combination partners in black, white or gray. The simple non-colors let the trend color shine really nicely and form the perfect counterpart to the playful tone.

In combination with brilliant white, for example, purple looks fresh and light - perfect for sunny spring and summer days. If the contrast between white and purple is too strong for you, you can simply go for a pastel lilac shade.

Black and purple make it a little more subtle, but at the same time more elegant. The look is particularly glamorous when you style black items of clothing with pieces in a dark, bright purple tone. Also exciting: delicate satin tops in purple or feminine blouses in purple with black leather and patent leather.

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A combination that always works: purple with jeans. While a light purple shade goes great with jeans in a light blue wash, a dark purple goes well with jeans in a dark blue wash.

Our favorite combination in everyday life: purple sweater (e.g. here by Mango *) with casual mom jeans in gray!

Combine purple with brown tones

An unbeatable combination is purple and brown. The two colors harmonize perfectly with each other and look just as good in everyday life as in the office or at chic evening events. Fashion professionals prefer to style purple clothes with a light beige or nude.

But a dark brown also works with purple. For a harmonious overall look, you should pay attention to the undertone of your shade of brown when styling: If the brown has a blue cast, then it harmonizes wonderfully with a cool purple (e.g. lilac), whereas a brown with a reddish, golden undertone goes better with a bright purple (e.g. Magenta) fits.

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Styling tip: Purple can quickly look extremely girlish and childlike, especially on women with blonde hair. If you want to break up the girly look, it is best to always combine purple garments in a style break, i.e. to less playful pieces. This can be, for example, jeans with a destroyed look, comfortable cargo pants or faux leather pants with tough biker boots.

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For the brave: combine purple with turquoise

If you really want to stand out with your outfit, you can combine purple with other bright colors. The combination of purple and turquoise is particularly popular. Since turquoise has a cool undertone, the purple should also be as cool and bluish as possible. A pastel lilac, for example, goes perfectly.

The fashion professionals and street style girls prove how great the color blocking look can be.

Other colors that look nice with various shades of purple are yellow and orange. If that is too conspicuous for you and if you want to get used to the unusual trend pairing, you can simply rely on colored accessories. They make for a real eye-catcher in the look.

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In trend: purple from head to toe

For some time now, fashion-conscious women have swear by monochrome looks. Means: You combine the bottom and top in the same color. Even a complete look in purple - for example as a dress (here by NA-KD *) or a two-piece - can look extremely exciting.

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If you like, you can also mix different shades of purple in one outfit. However, you should make sure that the tones do not deviate too much from each other and that they do not form too much contrast. Otherwise the style could quickly appear restless.

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