Why is it wrong to be Islamophobic?

If Allah is wrong

“And those (women) whose stubbornness you fear: admonish them, avoid them in the marriage bed and beat them! If they then obey you, don't look for an excuse against them. ”The Islamic Center Munich (IZM) quotes Koran Surah 4, verse 34 on its website about“ Woman and Family in Islam ”in the tenth of a total of 25 sections.

Decision of Allah

On top of that. The mosque community in the Freimann district of Munich declares the woman-beating verse to be “God's decision”. And quotes the prophet Mohammed, who actually wanted to allow a woman to strike back: "I wanted one thing, but God wanted the other - what God wants must be the best."

The mosque community continues: “There may be wisdom behind this decision of God that even the Prophet [sic] Muhammad (sws) did not recognize at first.” For the Koranic verse makes it clear “that the husband must follow these three steps in every case. "With this," hitting in the affect, in particular, is forbidden, which probably occurs in almost all cases ".

Outrage in the city council

This is how it is conveyed to the believers in this Munich mosque community. On the website for many years. Now the passage has sparked bright indignation in the city council across factions. It is "imperative that the relevant passages disappear from the website as quickly as possible", demands Evelyne Menges, the integration policy spokeswoman for the CSU city council group: "People despising and salary-glorifying content [may] not be tolerated."

It is imperative that the relevant passages disappear from the website as quickly as possible.

Evelyne Menges, integration policy spokeswoman for the CSU city council group

An SPD city council sees this in the Bavarian Broadcasting similar: “When the IZM propagates that violence is a legitimate means of resolving marital conflicts, it fundamentally contradicts the values ​​of our society. Calls for violence have no place in our society. ”The group chairman of The Greens - Pink List evaluates the call for violence against women“ as group-related misanthropy ”which“ must be ostracized in any case ”.

Mosque community declines

And the mosque community itself? The German Muslim Community (DMG) announced that they want to revise the website.

Problem: Nothing is gained if section 10 on “May a Muslim man beat his wife” is deleted from the website. Because it's about the content, about the Koranic teaching. And it stays.

Allah is not to be criticized

Which leads to a basic problem of Islam: the Koran is the coagulated word of Allah, embodies Allah. Anyone who criticizes a verse of the Koran is criticizing Allah - for Muslims bad blasphemy, blasphemy. What one can almost understand: Because if Allah, for the Muslims God, had stipulated something worthy of criticism, even wrong or evil in just one place, which would have to be deleted today, then his infallibility, his divinity would be gone. Then the whole Islamic religious building shook.

Which is the reason why Muslims cannot or do not want to delete anything from the Koran. Nor is there a verse that allows women to be beaten. Or perhaps that verse 65; 4 about divorce, which declares marriage to very underage girls "who have not yet had any cleansing", i.e. no menstruation, as a possible normal case. Problem: What was perhaps an Arab custom in the seventh century is of course child molestation today and can no longer be legitimized, regardless of the Koran or Allah.

Doesn't fit into a modern European society

There are other intolerable things on the website “Woman and Family in Islam” of the Islamic Center in Munich. For example in Section 7: “Therefore, a Muslim woman must not marry a member of another religion.” An informative contribution to the topic of integration. The mosque community justifies this with Koran verse 2; 221. It stipulates that believing women should not “marry off to idolaters” before they have “become believers”.

Therefore, a Muslim woman cannot marry a member of another religion.

Islamic Center Munich: Woman and Family in Islam

A religion that seriously allows wives to be beaten does not fit into a modern, civilized society. These and other offensive Quranic verses - or sayings of Mohammed - must be deleted from mosque associations and Islamic communities or at least completely interpreted away and deleted from the teaching. Forever. Otherwise one can hardly expect modern Europeans to ever really accept such an Islam in their countries. If the website of the Islamic Center in Munich led to this finally being openly discussed, then that would be a good thing. And very useful for integration.

Protection of the Constitution observed

A note should not be missing at this point: The Bavarian Ministry of the Interior dedicates a full, one-and-a-half-page subchapter to the “German Muslim Community e.V. (DMZ)” in its “Verfassungsschutzbericht 2018”. The DMZ is the old "Islamic Community in Germany e.V.", the "most important and central organization of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Germany," according to the constitution protection report.

The efforts of the DMG are directed against the free democratic basic order of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior: Constitutional Protection Report 2018

Changes in content are not associated with the renaming last September. Rather, it can be assumed that the DMG will continue the IGD's strategy unchanged and try to achieve its goals, which are shaped by the ideology of the radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood, according to the constitutional protectors: "The efforts of the DMG are thus directed against the free democratic basic order of the Federal Republic of Germany ." Clear words.

The Office for the Protection of the Constitution explicitly assigns the “Islamic Center Munich” to the DMG / IGD. The question remains, why such activities of such mosques and communities are tolerated at all and also supported by the status of the registered association. Those who prevent this will help integration in the country.