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Songwriter, guitarist, singer, poet, protester - ex-Beatle John Lennon, murdered in 1980, is one of the great figures in pop history. Pieces like "Strawberry Fields Forever" or "Imagine" are part of the eternal canon of popular music. John Lennon was born on October 9, 1940 to Alfred and Julia Lennon. The two are interested in music, even if they are not particularly active themselves. When Lennon was five years old, his father, a sailor, left the family. Julia Lennon feels overwhelmed by the new situation and gives the son into the care of her sister Mimi, where Lennon spent his childhood and adolescence. The contact with the mother continues, however. On her regular visits, Julia teaches John to play the banjo. When John was 17, Julia was run over by a drunken police officer and died. The early death of his mother later welds Lennon closely to Paul McCartney, who also lost his mother as a teenager. Julian Lennon, John's first son, born from his marriage to Cynthia Powell, is named after the mother. Without finishing grammar school, Lennon was accepted at Liverpool College of Art, but he hates the hustle and bustle and soon devoted himself entirely to music. He forms a skiffle band, The Quarry Men, which McCartney and George Harrison later join. When the skiffle boom is over, they turn in the direction of rock'n'roll and call themselves first Johnny and the Moondogs, then, based on Buddy Holly's crickets, The Silver Beetles, and finally just The Beatles. Even during his time with this epoch-making band, Lennon became active as a solo artist: Together with the Japanese artist and later wife Yoko Ono, he recorded three albums of experimental music and performed with the Plastic Ono Band in Canada (the line-up also included Eric Clapton and Klaus Voormann). In addition, the singles "Give Peace A Chance", "Instant Karma" and "Cold Turkey" appear (the latter deals with Lennon's heroin addiction). After the breakup of the Beatles, the difficult and extremely personal album "John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band" was released in 1970, followed by Lennon's most successful release, "Imagine". The title song becomes an anti-war anthem and once again elevates the musician, who is always dressed in white, to a cult figure with political claims. This does not make naturalization in the United States any easier: The ex-Beatle was shadowed by the FBI for years before he was finally granted American citizenship in 1976. In Lennon's private life, the publicly celebrated relationship with Yoko Ono (also through Lennon's alcohol consumption) threatens to break up during this time. Ono leads John to her private assistant May Pang, with whom he lives in Los Angeles until 1975, where he made his last public appearance in late 1974 - at a concert by Elton John. After returning to New York, the reconciliation with Ono and the birth of their son Sean Taro Ono Lennon, John withdraws from the active music business and devotes himself entirely to his family - and to raising cattle. In 1980 he made a sensational comeback with the album "Double Fantasy", which thematized the relationship with Yoko Ono, and the single "(Just Like) Starting Over". On the evening of December 8, 1980, Lennon, who had just returned from a recording session for Ono's single "Walking On Thin Ice", was shot dead by the apparently mentally confused fan Mark Chapman in New York. Chapman had asked Lennon for an autograph that morning. Since his death, Lennon has influenced generations of young musicians (not least Oasis) and has been honored in every possible way. The Strawberry Fields Memorial was erected in Central Park. Liverpool Airport has been renamed Liverpool John Lennon Airport. The John Lennon Museum was opened in Yoko Ono's hometown of Saitama in 2000, and there is a John Lennon Park in Cuba. Famous dead people are also not safe from commercial bats: After the complete new edition of the Beatles material, the single "Free As A Bird", recorded posthumously with the old band, was released at the beginning of the new millennium. After that, the former companion Paul McCartney tried to dispute the deceased partner's rank in naming the car. In 2005, theater director Don Scardino put together the musical “Lennon” from interviews and song texts - after it flopped in San Francisco, the work was revised and performed around fifty times on Broadway.

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