How much are the housekeepers of the hotel paid

Does declining housekeeping deny householders their income?

It varies a little. Some references that might be of interest:

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Pay-per-room cleaning can save time and labor costs while increasing service scores and cleaner satisfaction

The exact details for a US hotel depend on whether the housekeepers are paid by the hour or per room, whether the accommodation is unionized and what terms the union contract requires, whether the housekeepers are hotel workers or outsourced and other information from a guest is not real Way of knowing. If enough guests refuse the service, the hotel, which is always trying to cut labor costs, will certainly compensate for this by sending the staff home early (as far as contractually permitted) and ultimately employing fewer housekeepers. Whether your decreasing service is directly contributing to that result on a given day or only indirectly cannot be determined, but you are contributing in some way.

Some hotels even offer you loyalty points or food and drink credits if you decline the housekeeping service. This is not something you would do if it didn't cut your costs by more than the cost of the Points or Credits.

I don't think there's anything wrong with turning down housekeeping if you just don't want the service. There is no ethical obligation to order a lot of room service as it helps keep waiters and cooks busy, nor should one break air conditioners to make a living for hotel engineers. But there is also no need to avoid housekeeping out of a desire not to bother.

Housekeeping is not an "unnecessary job". When the hotel does offer housekeeping, this is not an added favor: it is literally the exact job that the housekeepers are paid to do. When using the service there are things you can do to reduce the workload and make the housekeepers' lives easier, such as: B. Not being a huge slut (which I think is someone as conscientious as you are) and if you refuse fresh sheets you don't want or need them and leave the housekeeper a tip.

It's also worth noting that if, in the interests of security, they keep the Do Not Disturb sign on for several days in a row, many hotels may want to check the room so you will likely hear from them at some point.