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Email Marketing Trends 2021: 9 Ideas for the New Year

A challenge that you have to face as an email marketer: How do you get your customers' email addresses? Without the consent of the user, nothing happens when sending newsletters. But since almost every provider of a website, blog or online shop wants to send their users regular e-mails, very few users are willing to subscribe to them without further ado. Therefore, strategies are useful in which both sides have an advantage.

Marketing specialists can acquire a technique from the field of online newspapers: gated content. In order to open up other financing channels in addition to advertisements, some internet magazines store special articles behind a paywall. The rest is still free, but if you want to read the premium articles, you have to pay. Other magazines offer a certain contingent of freely available content. If the user has reached his limit, further articles are only available after payment.

As an online marketer, however, your currency is called customer data. It therefore makes sense to create content that is only activated after it has been entered in your newsletter list. Of course, only content that provides users with real added value is suitable for this: in exchange for Whitepaper, statistics or online courses many customers like to share their addresses. So that users can get an idea in advance of whether the content is really worthwhile for them, it is best to provide a preview.