Which is more popular Instagram or Snapchat

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Story: Does Instagram compete with Snapchat with new features?

Snapchat is one that has been available since 2011 Image messaging app for Android and iOS devices. Thanks to many filters, stickers, animations and in-app tools, you can use it to create, edit and post photos. The developers added the range of functions at the end of 2012 with the option of recording short videos that can be edited in a similar way to the images. The most popular features of the app include the Snapchat filters introduced in September 2015 (officially called “Lenses” by Snapchat), which can be used to overlay illustrations and animations over a face.

The great thing about Snapchat is that delete the sent content automatically after a certain period of time. This makes the exchange via the app more similar to face-to-face communication and, unlike other messengers, the messages can only be viewed for a short time. This fleeting type of communication is particularly popular with young people - these days, however, the app is also more widespread among 20 and 30-year-olds. Compared to other messaging services, however, Snapchat continues to appeal to a younger audience. Facebook saw the success of Snapchat and offered $ 3 billion for the takeover. However, the offer was rejected.

In 2013 the function "My story" introduced. This gives users the opportunity to arrange several recordings in a self-determined order and thereby practically tell a story. The Snapchat story function is also subject to the maxim of fast pace: every story can be published after it has been published only for 24 hours can be viewed by other Snapchat users before it is automatically removed. A Snapchat story is therefore a kind of semi-public publication: The photo story can only be from Followers of your own Snapchat channel (or selected people from it) or all Snapchat users can be seen.

Another innovation was the introduction of a Instant messaging function, which users can use to communicate with each other directly in the app. Of course, the messages also delete themselves after a certain time. Also Phone calls between two users (optional with video transmission) are supported. All of these innovations show that Snapchat is increasingly seeing itself as an all-encompassing messaging service. The new functions are intended to help ensure that users do not need any additional apps (such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger) for their daily communication with friends and that Snapchat can thus gain more market share in the instant messaging sector.