What is a social exchange

For care at home: Social exchange is also used in Rickenbach

The social exchange has also gained a foothold in Rickenbach. Initially mainly located in the community of Görwihl, around 25 people in Rickenbach now accept the Hotzenwald neighborhood help. Operations manager Monika Gerspacher and chairwoman Claudia Huber named this number at the municipal council meeting on Tuesday.

The Social Exchange looks after 65 people with 65 helpers in the Hotzenwald. 25 people are cared for in Görwihl and 15 in Herrischried. "Our concern is that the elderly can stay at home as long as possible", explained Claudia Huber, "but we are not a social station, we do not want to compete with it".

The Social Exchange has existed since 2011, has been a registered association since 2017 and is organized by the church. The denomination does not play a role for those looking for care, emphasized Gerspacher and Huber. The social stock exchange has experienced an upswing since it was founded. In just three years, the operating hours have doubled from 2589 hours in 2016 to over 5000 hours in 2018. And there could be more: by July 2019, over 4000 hours had been worked.

There is a need

“We only care, but not care,” reported Huber and Gerspacher on Tuesday. The fact that the social exchange in the Hotzenwald is well received can be seen from the fact that helpers are also ready to do missions in Rickenbach. Claudia Huber's conclusion: “We are well positioned.” City councilor Lorenz Maurer welcomed the offer from the Social Exchange.

“There is a need,” he said. Mayor Dietmar zäpernick also praised the representatives of the neighborhood help: "You fill a gap and do an excellent job." It is important that it is known that this form of neighborhood help exists, according to zäpernick. Which is why he invited Huber and Gerspacher to present the project.

The assistance provided by neighborhood help is calculated by the hour. The hourly rate is based on the applicable minimum nursing wage tariffs. “We help wherever help is smoked” is the association's credo. It helps with preparing meals together, with shopping or running errands, with everyday tasks, with childcare, gardening or small repairs in the apartment.

Social stock market

The social exchange / neighborhood association Hotzenwald is supported by the Charitable Förderverein Hotzenwald St. Wendelinus. Interested parties can become members of both associations. Members promote the social and charitable aid that the two associations in the Hotzenwald provide. The contact person is Monika Gerspacher, phone 07754/821 40 12, email ([email protected]).

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