How to clean foam squares

Cleaning the bowl - with a difference

  • Today I cleaned my bubbler, there is a nice brush for the column, the hose is also very clean ... the bowl well ... I have a brush for it but it doesn't get really clean ...

    First off into the garden, there we still have relatively fine pebbles, which I then sifted in the bathroom, the pebble then into the bowl, plus water with it, then shaken it up nicely and dumped the pebble together with the water, tada .. . the bowl looks like new, but unfortunately it smells so strongly of shisha ... unfortunately I don't have a shisha cleaner here ... I'm still standing in the bathroom thinking about what theoretically I could drink, and could get the smell under control .... and what do I see there .... Listerine (mouth rinse) put 50ml directly into the bowl, then shaken, then poured water up to the top, then left for 20 minutes and dumped, then rinsed 4 times .... then there was no more shisha odor and no odor from the mouthwash was / can be perceived.

    Even if it sounds a little absurd, all that is needed to clean a bowl is peel and Listerine.


  • or even easier:
    bowl full of water + 2 kukis
    = done

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  • The principle and the way it works is the same as here: bowl cleaning with fabric residues and column cleaning with sand

    you can also take rice, small glass balls, small plastic marbles ... etc. ^^

    I'll leave it in and open, maybe. does it really help someone ...

    And bibopf, you can never get the bowl as clean with Kukis or any other chemical cleaner than with "mechanical" means such as e.g. Scraps of fabric! The dirt is rubbed down, so to speak ... with chemical stuff you can probably do it. pre-clean, the dirt then comes off easier, but never completely!

    I do it like this:

    3 Kukis, baking powder and if there is, sour cream in the bowl! Then wait half an hour, pour everything out, rinse and clean with soil residue ^^


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  • So I find bowl cleaning really not difficult ^^

    Just put washing-up liquid with a lemon scent, warm water in the bowl and the washing-up liquid behind it, then just smells pleasantly of lemon, the taste does not change either

    Hope it helped

    Lg Tim

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  • of course i shake stones in my bowl, oh man.

  • I can also recommend dishwasher tabs, especially if you have neglected proper bowl cleaning for a long time, or if you live somewhere where the tap water contains a lot of lime. I always take hot water with it, make the bowl 1/3 full with it, 1 - 3 tabs (depending on how fast it has to be), let it dissolve and then fill it completely with hot water. Where there are limescale edges you can always see directly where the soup is "working", from there bubbles rise. After 10 - 60 minutes the bowl is perfectly clean and has no odor after rinsing.

    Greetings CoAn

  • Well, I always use a packet of baking powder, hot water is poured on it and then it is left for a while ...

    Then the glass is sparkling clean again, the smell is neutral, and I think baking powder is cheaper than Kukis ...

    Kind regards

  • Instead of stones you can also use rice, I think it is better because the stones could scratch the bowl.

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  • Do that 20 times and your bowl looks like it was flushed with gravel ^^

    Seriously, you're scratching your whole bowl.


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  • I totally agree with Kay is really good with scraps of fabric. and the kukis

  • I think it's easiest with Kukis. Fast and effective

    I'm always looking for Starbuzz, Al Fakher or other noble tobacco OVP, but not a must! If you have too much ---> P.N. to me!!

    Don't forget: level is not a cream! ! !

  • Original by rockbaer83kb
    I think it's easiest with Kukis. Fast and effective

    I also did Jo recently.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a brush, etc. that's why I always rinsed the shisha with hot water and shaken it well, but the sour cream stayed in there.

    I then filled the bowl with water and then threw in 3 Kukis, although I first thought about it because my bowl is made of acrylic but there were no probes regarding this.

    After half an hour to 3/4 hour I rinsed it out and it was nice and clean again ^^

    But I will also test the dishwasher tabs when the opportunity arises.

  • Original from bibopf
    or even easier:
    bowl full of water + 2 kukis
    = done

    Or rather 3 drops of Orange Cleaner + warm water You should already have a bowl brush, which you can easily bend at the top and then you can easily get to any place!

  • Throw boiling water into the bowl and from the Aldi 3 vitamin C tablets, be careful, it can overflow .
    When cooled, shake the bowl and throw out the water.

    Sounds stupid, but it works fine for me.


  • Got a household brush from us in the E-center, it's nice and fluffy at the bottom, looks like there are lots of cube-sized foam squares on it. After the foam bead, it then turns into a normal brush. Cost 3 euros or so, so you can get to all corners of the bowl. Put in a little bit with 2 kukis and hot water beforehand and it is bare and smells great!
    I don't have a pic at hand ...

    Workload 15 minutes for the Kukis to take effect, maximum 5 minutes until it is dry on the outside again and filled with fresh cold water from the inside.

  • So with stones, well, I mostly use rice grains as mentioned above, you can also put in a little rice grains, add water and shake a little.

    Kind regards

  • When I clean my pipes (unfortunately it doesn't happen that often ) then together and then right.
    Bathtub half full with water and half a pack of Kukident in it. Then disassemble the pipes and wash them out later with a brush and water. Look like new then. Just put 2 kukis in the bowl.
    The hoses are only blown clean with air pressure, or hung up after smoking. I had the best experiences.

    Kind regards

    Edit: Funny to watch the water change from clear to blue to brown / green

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