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With VISION, Epitaph has once again caught a long-serving East Coast hardcore band that made good records years ago, but never really got a foot on the floor. With "Watching The World Burn" the new album has now been released via Epitaph, and fortunately one was spared the experience that another band is weakening to their old days - on the contrary: VISION are proving to be better and fresher than ever. Singer Dave Franklin answered questions on the phone.

Dave, we chatted a bit about the internet earlier, who actually makes your website?

"A friend of ours. He doesn't do it full-time, but he's very knowledgeable about computers, and when he wanted to do a website he asked us if he should do a VISION website and we said it was clear why Not."

But what still pisses me off about the Internet are all the shitty Nazi sites and especially the sites where sex with young children is published. How much does it get out there in the US?

"Yes, you are right. Everything that is basically helpful and useful becomes a tool for some stupid idiots of their stupid ideas. But you have to stay away from such garbage and try to support the fight against it. The The thing about the public is that it exists. But you only get to hear about it when it happens in your area. All the local news only talks about it when it was really a terrible, big deal, or when it was in We'd never hear of a crime like this in Missouri here in New Jersey because all the news people don't really get it, because it's too far away, unless, like I said, it's really awful and big. This shit happens every day and you don't hear enough about it. "

Some of these people were arrested in Belgium, but I also think there are these crazy people everywhere, but it just happened to just come out in Belgium ...

"Yes, it really happens everywhere, it is part of this society, and the Internet helps to spread that too. Anyone who likes these perversions can now bring them into their rooms via computer, and that's just the thing bad side of the internet. "

What about the KKK in the USA, where we're talking about idiots ...

"Hmm, it's already big in some states, and you keep hearing about the KKK on the news. You hear about meetings they hold and such. They tried to make a huge event in New York I think they had also held, but not successful. But you know, New York is one of the most famous parts of the USA, the whole world hears about it. But you know, a few years ago in the south, for example in Pennsylvania, was such a Mecca for right-wing people Skinheads and those white power idiots who tried to do something with the KKK. You know, it's definitely there, it's represented, but you don't hear that much about it. "

In my opinion, there is always a certain political opinion about punk / HC, how do you see that?

"Yes, you're right. And especially in the punk / HC scene, people should definitely have an opinion about what they identify with and what they believe in. And if they have the opinion, then they should also make known and say. Because nothing will change if we do not work together against it. We have to fight together against such idiots, such as fascists, and suppress them. "

Before the interview, when I read your lyrics, I thought that you are not such a "Schallala, Uhuuh" punk band, so I poked around a little in the political field.

"No, we are definitely not that kind of band. Do you like our lyrics?"

Yes, very much. Spontaneously I only think of PENNYWISE and RANCID with similarly good texts.

"Cool, I also really like PENNYWISE and RANCID, those are my all-time favorite bands. I've known PENNYWISE since the first record, and their lyrics mean a lot to me, as does RANCID. We try to express our opinion in our lyrics to say, but not to blur anyone's opinion, we just try to get people to think, because people should decide for themselves whether they like it or not. If we can help and convert someone for good, wonderful, but at the same time I want to Forcing no one to do something and not hammering my opinion into anyone. Bands that are always just rum priests have a tendency to take me away from them. Maybe a little preaching is still possible, but always just preaching and preaching, that sucks. "

Speaking of preaching: what do you think of punk or HC with religious texts?

"Hmm, I'm not a religious person. I mean, religion should be kept out of music in general, and if someone believes in religion, that's definitely ok, I have no problem with that, but if you put it into them Bringing music in, it makes, in my opinion, as I said, a priestly impression. And I don't think that's so good. For some people religion is maybe quite good and positive, it's okay too, but I think if you do have both feet on the ground and know what you are doing and where you are, then you can get through life even without religion. "

I think you can generally do without idols of any kind, which you usually don't know anyway ...

"Yes, exactly. How can you adore someone you don't know yourself? Especially here in the USA with Hollywood: a lot of people don't know the actors, but still adore some bums from TV. You only know them from TV. Good On the one hand, they may be beautiful, they may be attractive and talented, but you don't know them and you probably never will get to know them. It's very naive to live like that. "

Ok, that's right. But let's change the subject and talk about "Watching The World Burn". At the beginning tell me something about the making of the album.

"We started writing the whole thing about a year ago. We did different tours and so it took a while. We didn't have a deal when we went into the studio. We had the music for twelve pieces "We had written everything, but only rehearsed six properly with vocals and such. We had no money, no deal and so only a very small budget for the studio."

You went to the studio without a deal ???

"Yeah, we recorded the whole record without an existing deal, we had no idea where to put the record out. We used to put it out through Cargo USA, but you can't get" The Kids Still Have A Lot To Say "anywhere because Cargo USA had a terrible distribution here with us, and now on Epitaph everything is easier because people can get to records more easily. At least we knew at the beginning of the recording that this or that label was interested, but we are first So we went into the studio with music for twelve pieces, six pieces completely finished, and lyrics for all pieces, just not really involved in the pieces. We recorded for two weeks. And listened while we were recording we that Epitaph Europe would be interested in doing something with us. So we finished three pieces and sent them a rough mix. And they wanted us, then we wanted to see whether Epitaph also wants to make us all over the world. At the same time we also sent something to BYO Records in California and they told us they definitely only wanted to release the record in the US. So we then had two labels, BYO for America and Epitaph Europe for Europe, and so we were still waiting to see if Epitaph didn't want to do it worldwide. Then, after we had finished everything, I sent an email to Brett Gurewitz and explained the whole thing to him. He then called me the next day and asked for a whole raw mix of the record. I then mixed it roughly and sent it to him and he then called me with the words "I want fuckin VISION on Epitaph worldwide". So we were very happy that we had the deal with Epitaph, only the cover was missing. "

Who did that?

"The picture of the person holding the Molotov cocktail was taken by a friend of ours from Switzerland. He painted the guy for a poster when we were playing there, but he didn't have the Molotov in his hand yet. We built that in there. Our guitarist Paul also built in the flames and the VISION lettering, as well as the three-dimensional effect. The fire was taken from real photos, by the way. "

Where do you see the differences to your older records when you compare them to "Watching ..."?

"I think that we have improved quite a bit musically as a band. And I think that VISION have once again really put something together and achieved something. The chemistry was right again in the band. The guy we were with Eric Rachel, who produced the record, said that he was a bit surprised at us, because we always scold each other and make jokes about each other, but just for fun. Well, at least in the studio where we've been, we've recorded a lot of punk and hardcore bands and we've worked with this guy for over ten years and when I told him it's all normal, how we address each other, he looked at me as if I was totally wacky and crazy and said that we were the toughest and most brutal band he had ever dealt with. You mess each other up and you laugh at it. Otherwise a lot of Revelation and Victory bands take it on, and if d ow would see us, they might dissolve immediately, he told me. And we just laughed and said, come on, we're not that bad. And then he said that he was totally amazed that we could turn on each other like this all day and still be friends in the end. But that just keeps the stress away for us, because that's just fun. "

Ok, that's a good final word, Dave, thanks for your time!

"No problem, thank you."

All mine.



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