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The sales engineer

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The job as a sales engineer is

  • well paid
  • varied & exciting
  • internationally oriented
  • associated with traveling
  • in demand in many areas
  • a job with a future

Tasks as a sales engineer

  • Optimal presentation of products and services
  • Explain technical products and their advantages
  • Open up new sales areas
  • Acquire new customers
  • Train customers in handling the products
Annual salary:
49.000 € – 59.000 €

Depending on

  • Company region
  • Size of the company
  • your salary negotiations
  • the fixed and the variable salary component
  • Work experience and additional qualifications

Are you currently looking for a suitable job for you and did you come across the job of sales engineer? And now you want to know what you will do later as a sales engineer, what your salary will be and, above all, how you can become a sales engineer?

With us you will find all the important answers to your questions about the sales engineer in the best and up-to-date form. And of course we will also show you which jobs are currently available for sales engineers and which will be possible for you later.

Frequently asked questions about the sales engineer

What is a sales engineer?A sales engineer is a sales expert with technical expertise who is able to present his own products to customers based on existing needs and to develop optimal solutions for customers.
What does a sales engineer do?A sales engineer is more than a simple salesperson, as the technical knowledge is often necessary in order to develop suitable solutions for the customer or to be able to derive them from one's own portfolio of offers.
How do I become a sales engineer?In order to work as a sales engineer, you must have completed at least a bachelor's degree, but also a master's degree. There are courses in sales engineering at universities of applied sciences and universities in which you can enroll.
What does a sales engineer earn?On average, as a sales engineer, you earn between 49,000 and 59,000 euros gross per year.

What is a sales engineer?

A sales engineer is a specialist in the sale of technically highly developed and sophisticated products in a wide variety of industries, who carries out the sale directly to the customers and in line with their concerns.

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Current vacancies & jobs as a sales engineer

Sales engineer: definition

A sales engineer should sell technically highly developed and often complex products to customers and specialist companies. To do this, sales engineers must have in-depth and extensive specialist knowledge both in the technical segment and in the field of marketing. In addition, sales engineers have to be trained in business administration as well as in dealing with customers in order to meet the requirements of the profession.

As a sales engineer, you have to convince the customers with your demeanor as well as your specialist knowledge and, if necessary, select suitable solutions from the range of your products or adapt them to the customer's circumstances. The technically necessary know-how is imparted in a generalist manner during the course and later supplemented by the employer with relevant detailed knowledge on site.

In this way, a good sales engineer can optimally convince his potential customers of the services and possibilities of their own products on a professional and content-based basis.

Sales engineer: duties

The tasks of a sales engineer are very often similar to those of a key account manager, but they are clearly more technical. As a sales engineer, you usually deal with the acquisition and support of new customers and the sale of the products offered by your company. As a rule, this is not about selling off-the-shelf goods, but rather, as a sales engineer, you sell individual services and offers.

This means that a sales engineer deals with the customer's direct needs on site and uses his training and knowledge to develop individual solutions for the customer that can be offered by the employer. This distinguishes the sales engineer from the pure seller, who can usually only sell a fixed range of goods.

As a sales engineer, you are the direct contact and contact person for your customers. In addition, it is up to you to correctly convey and sell the solutions you have developed and thus ensure sales are closed.

As a sales engineer, sales and marketing on your own account play a particularly important role during your work. In addition, there is ongoing support for existing customers, which also has to be taken over as a sales engineer.

Sales engineer: requirements

To work as a sales engineer, you need to have a general interest in technology and technical innovations. You need the ability to convince others of your ideas. In general, when you work as a sales engineer, you have a lot to do with other people and should therefore be more of a communicative nature.

In addition, there is still some experience that can further qualify you for the profession as a sales engineer and which many companies prefer when choosing. This includes the following experiences and skills:

  • You speak good English
  • You already have experience in sales or marketing
  • You have technical know-how or previous experience

If these elements are also reflected in your application, you can assume that you can choose from many professions in the field of sales engineers.

Your skills

Sales engineer: apprenticeship & studies

The profession of sales engineer is a study profession. To work as a sales engineer, you must have at least a bachelor's degree in this field. Many universities and colleges very often offer these courses with the English technical term "Sales Engineering".

After completing your bachelor's degree, you can either apply to the various companies or follow up with a master’s degree. With the master’s degree, you can often increase your salary as a sales engineer by up to 20 percent.

During your studies, as a prospective sales engineer, you will not only deal with the various technical fields that an engineering degree entails, but also with the fields of business administration and marketing or sales. As a sales engineer, you are one of the so-called generalists among engineers, as you do not specialize in a certain subject area during your studies.

Thus, after completing your studies, you can work as a sales engineer in a wide variety of industries.

Current vacancies & jobs

Sales engineer: entry

There are basically three different ways of entering the profession in most professions.

Graduate (studies / training)

Since the technical expertise of the sales engineer is of particular importance, lateral entrants in this area are rare. As a rule, these are engineers who have slipped into this area of ​​work due to their professional experience in marketing. You will rarely find career changers without a corresponding technical degree in this professional field.

Companies prefer both career starters and applicants with professional experience, but usually use them differently. Because with the appropriate professional experience, as a sales engineer you are usually not only able to sell the various products and services well and safely, but also to lead teams and manage entire sales areas.

As a career starter, on the other hand, you usually first learn your work directly with the customer and there you can convince yourself and your achievements through your skills and sales successes. The greater your sales success as a sales engineer with customers, the easier it is for you to expect career advancement and better pay.

Helpful soft skills as a sales engineer

The technical understanding as well as the marketing knowledge are of course of decisive importance for the success as a sales engineer. But this alone is not enough to be successful in the long term as a sales engineer. Because there are a number of soft skills that distinguish you as a sales engineer and which are of decisive importance for your success. These include:

  • an engaging personality
  • a good and positive charisma
  • your individual sales talent
  • your negotiating skills
  • your ability to explain technically complex relationships in an understandable way

Sales Engineer: Industries & Areas

In contrast to normal field service employees, the technical understanding of a sales engineer plays an important role. Accordingly, sales engineers can be found primarily in technical work areas and industries in which products and services are sold that require the appropriate know-how for explanation and communication. Employers include:

All of these factors are extremely important in the sales engineer profession and play an important role in evaluating professional success. As a sales engineer, you have to be a proactive person who likes to respond to his counterpart and can push the advertised products even further with your own charisma.

Computer technology manufacturer
Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

In addition to these well-known industries, many other companies also employ sales engineers who are able to sell the technically sophisticated and highly developed products and services appropriately. If you take a look at the advertised positions as a sales engineer, you will quickly see how broad this profession is.

Sales engineer: The salary

Salary is an important issue for a sales engineer, but it is also a difficult one to grasp. As a rule, a sales engineer does not receive a simple fixed salary, but the salary consists of a fixed component and a flexible commission component. Conversely, this means that the sales engineer benefits directly from his own successes and thus starts his work much more motivated.

If we simply take the so-called standard basic salary as the basis for our calculations, as a sales engineer you can expect a gross salary of between € 4,600 and € 4,900 per month. However, since the range in this professional field is very large and there are many factors on which the level of the salary can be made dependent, these are only guidelines. The salary as a sales engineer can vary enormously, both downwards and upwards.

In addition, the amount of the salary depends on many other factors. This includes the location of the company and the area of ​​activity of the sales engineer. However, the size of the company and the type of goods sold can also have a considerable influence on the salary. If you work as a sales engineer, you can certainly help determine the amount of your salary through good negotiations and through your professional experience.

Career prospects& Career opportunities

further education

In-house training often plays an important role for a sales engineer. Especially whenever new products or services are to be sold. In the best case scenario, as a sales engineer, you have to know the product or service like the back of your hand and be able to answer technical questions in the best possible way.

For this reason, as a sales engineer you have to train yourself regularly and always stay up to date with the latest technology in order to be able to guarantee your sales success.

In addition, as a sales engineer you usually take a lot of training courses in marketing and sales in order to increase your sales success and to be able to deal with your customers even better and more effectively. Sales psychology and marketing in particular play an important role for a sales engineer.

Many companies offer their sales engineers and sales representatives regular training courses in these areas, so that you can specifically accelerate your professional success through these further training courses.

Promotion opportunities & career prospects

As a sales engineer, you can also benefit from many different career prospects. As a trained sales engineer you have both technical knowledge and sales experience and are therefore able to structure and organize your work independently, advancing to management positions over time is even the rule.

Many sales engineers gradually advance in their profession and first take on small teams and later entire regions for which they are responsible for optimizing sales. Due to the associated management responsibility, of course, in many cases you do not have to sell yourself, so that the commission shares in the income are omitted.

For this reason, many companies pay these positions particularly well later, so that you can expect a significant increase in salary here as well. Overall, the job of sales engineer offers you some opportunities for advancement if you recommend yourself for management positions.

Current vacancies & jobs as a sales engineer

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