How do I start a profitable business

022 5 profitable business ideas for beginners that you can implement for less than € 500!

In the podcast episode for this week you will find a summary of our livestream, which you have very well received, about 5 profitable business ideas for beginners.

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When choosing these 5 business ideas, it was important to me that they start with a start-up capital of less than 500 euros and, unlike other business ideas, do not tie up such a large amount of capital right from the start. While the potential for scalability is there, the primary goal of these business ideas is not to make you a billionaire and maximize profit, but to develop, learn, and most importantly, move you into action.

The ideas are as follows:

1. Business Idea Niche Pages

Niche sites is not a good term to describe what is behind this business model. Almost every website focuses on a certain topic and serves a niche. Affiliate marketing is at the heart of this business model. This means that content can be found on this "niche site" in the form of texts that can be used, for example, as buying advice.

For example, if you have a “niche” page about deep sea fishing and people visit your site, they might find a post called “3 Deadly Mistakes When Buying a Fish”. Since the visitors to your site have a very clear purchase intention, after you have offered them added value, you can recommend a specific fishing rod to them via an affiliate link. Your payment is then a commission that you receive for every fishing rod you buy.

A big advantage of this business model is that you can write content on a topic of your choice. But keep in mind that you are not the only one who is interested in weight training, football or cars and you should therefore reduce your niche a bit at the beginning so that your customers can find you from the flood of choices.

This is exactly what your main tasks will be:

  • Write relevant content for your target audience

In addition to the possibility of writing your own content, you can also use sites such as or to have texts written for you against payment, so that you can free yourself time to concentrate on marketing.

  • Getting prospective buyers to your website

Again, there are a variety of options to get your buyers to your website. In the context of this article I would like to introduce you to two of these possibilities:

Social media

You probably live behind the moon if you've never heard that social media has grown massively in popularity in recent years and is drawing a lot of public attention. Wherever people's attention is, marketers won't be long in coming. In addition to posts that could draw your customers' attention to you and your website, you have the option of placing paid advertising.

Here, too, you can use the various platforms that are available to you. For example, we've already recorded an extensive podcast episode with Simon Mader to help you avoid the biggest mistakes when creating paid advertising.

010 Facebook Marketing - The 5 Biggest Mistakes and How to Avoid Them - with Simon Mader

SEO - search engine optimization

Here, too, our channel already offers a wealth of in-depth videos and articles, if you want to use SEO to bring visitors to your website for free and monetize them. Search engine optimization is a broad field that cannot be fully covered in this article. However, if you need further impetus to get more visitors to your website with the help of SEO, I have selected a podcast episode with Thomas Ottersbach from Pagerangers:

007 On-Page SEO Guide with Thomas Ottersbach

If you are looking for a shorter summary in video form, we have created the following video for you:

Here you can find other methods to win customers.

2. Business idea -Teezily

Selling t-shirts through Teezily is also a great way to start your business venture. From my own experience, I can tell you that online trading often has some very annoying areas of responsibility. However, Teezily has the great advantage that many annoying parts of online trading can be delegated so that you can focus on the essentials:

- Create a cool product that the target audience will like
- effective target group search and to make them aware of your product

For those of you who are really serious and want to give Teezily a chance, I can recommend Reto Stuber's t-shirt formula, which has already generated good sales for many of our community members and explains the process in great detail and step by step .

What's behind it?

Primarily, when applying this business idea, you will learn how to use Google and Facebook Ads correctly and effectively to address the right target group and create profitable campaigns. Effective outsourcing is also becoming increasingly important these days.

For example, if you are not gifted with design talent, there is an option to hand this process over to a good designer. However, once you have a limited budget, there is also the option of using Fiverr to create extremely inexpensive designs.

3. Business idea - feedback management for local companies

Referral marketing or person-to-person referrals are often cited as the most effective form of marketing. Today, however, these recommendations are not only taking place offline, but also online. For example, if I'm left hungry in a strange city, I'll ask my old friend Google where I can find something nice to eat. We have already created a detailed explanation of the so-called "Local SEO".

Since I don't know the city and have no other reference points, I of course use the customer feedback that other customers have already left before me. There are numerous services and review portals that distribute award points. There is no shortage of that.

What is the business idea?

But how do you get these ratings as a company / restaurant? That is the question that companies are also asking. This is where you come in! Restaurant owners are often masters in their field but not very effective at marketing. One potential course of action would be to offer these essential customer ratings to companies through an automated process. This could look like this:

On site, smartphone users can use a QR code to access a landing page. A simple pre-selection question is asked there, such as: "Did you like the xyz service?" If the customer clicks on "No", they are forwarded to a survey and can express their criticism so that customer service can be improved. If the customer answers "Yes", they will be taken directly to a review page where they can submit their review.

Due to the preselection, the general feedback and the star ratings are generally better. You can probably see why the company is interested. This is where you come in and make this process a reality for the local company. You could then ask for a flat rate per evaluation and thus earn money “passively” after creating this process once.

What is the business model?

If you want to implement this business idea, you can combine different business models with it. We have prepared a list of the 55 most successful business models that you can use perfectly for this.

For example, implementation on a subscription basis is conceivable, so that a local company pays a fixed amount per month. On the other hand, a “pay as you go” model could also be conceivable, where companies pay for each rating received. You can record the various concepts with the Business Model Canvas.

To implement this idea, you can, for example, use the Clickfunnels tool to create landing pages, which we explain to you here. Another alternative would be a WordPress site with the divitheme that comes with its own content builder and is therefore very versatile.

4. Business idea - dropshipping

This business model is about offering a product that you don't even have and only placing your orders with the dealer / supplier when a customer is found. Your margin then results from the price difference between the purchase price and the sales price. You act as a middleman, but do not send or have the goods sent to your own delivery address, but to the end customer. So you have no inventory risk and goods that tie up a lot of capital.

For example, your customers will primarily become aware of your offers through Facebook campaigns. Here, too, I can recommend an online course from Reto Stuber to you if you are seriously interested in learning the whole thing: The Ecom formula

5. Business Idea - Produced Service

The 5th and last idea that I would like to present to you in this post are services that you offer as a standard product. You bill it at a fixed price instead of the usual hourly basis. This includes, for example, the creation of a Facebook page or another service.

However, so that you don't fall into the trap and work “yourself” and “constantly” as a freelancer, you can try to make the whole thing as time-efficient as possible through automation. You will be paid just as well or better than with hourly billing, as you need less time for it. Here's how to calculate your hourly rate.

If you are interested in how you can automate extremely effectively and want to know how I implemented it, I have included my 4 hour week playlist for you here. In order to present processes and projects in a clear and structured way without losing the overview, I can give you one of my favorite Trello tools, which helps me enormously to keep track of all projects. You can find a Trello tutorial in German here.


You now have some ideas on how to get started today. There are countless other business models. But let's be honest: there is no shortage of ideas. There is a lack of implementation. I am aware that some only passively consume the whole thing. But these are not the people I primarily want to reach. My videos and podcasts are aimed at makers who not only talk and dream, but actually implement them. Which of these ideas are you going to take up and tackle today?