Why can't parachutes be opened in advance?

A real miracle Parachute does not open - but the man survived the fall from 4,000 meters!

Actually, it means certain death for every skydiver if the parachute does not open. One cannot even imagine what someone goes through their head in the remaining seconds of life when they notice that the umbrella is not working. Chris Köberlein (42) from Cologne can report on it. Because that's what happened to him. In October 2011, he jumped from an airplane at an altitude of 4,000 meters and miraculously survived the fall.

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He raced toward the earth at 120 kilometers per hour

It was actually a routine jump. Because Chris had parachuted over 600 times before. That day, however, everything went differently: “We jumped in formation, at 1,600 meters I separated from the others and released my main parachute. But nothing happened. I was still calm then, I was sure that the reserve umbrella would open, ”he reported in an interview with“ bild.de ”. But the reserve parachute got caught in the main parachute. That was when Chris panicked.

He tried desperately to separate the screens. Finally, 70 meters from the ground, part of the screen opened, but immediately collapsed again. As Chris raced toward the earth at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, he realized that it was all over. "I was incredibly angry that my life would end like this!"

He was incredibly lucky

Chris hit a slope at an angle after the flight into hell. He heard his spine crack and bones break. Incredible: the parachutist remained fully conscious. The first aider shouted in astonishment: “He's still alive!” As if by a miracle, Chris had survived the fall: “I don't know why it turned out like this. Maybe through the incline, maybe the brief opening of part of the umbrella cushioned the jump after all. In any case, I was incredibly lucky. It wasn't until later that I really realized why I survived ”, Chris told“ bild.de ”.

Although his spine was broken, Chris was able to walk out of the clinic after three months. The former sales representative still suffers from pain to this day, but was given the chance of a second life.