What was Stephen Hawking's IQ

Highest IQ in the world - Einstein or Hawking?

Was the most intelligent person Albert Einstein, Hawking or someone else? Who was the most intelligent person in the world, or does someone who is still with us have the highest IQ? It's hard to say, of course, but we'll give it a try.

Highest measured IQ scores and personalities with an estimated high IQ score

Some well-known personalities are classified as gifted by psychologists based on their behavior, such as Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates (both at 160). Hilary Clinton and Madonna are said to be 140. According to estimates, Albert Einstein also has an IQ of 160-180. All of these prominent personalities have not carried out an IQ test themselves, so this information is purely an estimate. However, the following people actually had themselves tested and achieved the following values ​​in a recognized IQ test:

personIQ valuejob
Terence Tao230Math professor
Marilyn vos Savant228Writer
Kim Ung Yong220engineer
Sho Yano200 (estimated)Mediciners
Evangelos Katsioulis198psychiatrist
Christopher Harding197Economist
Walter O’Brien197Businessman
Thomas Wolf196Computer scientist
Christopher Langan195Autodidact
Rick Rosner192Screenwriter
Mislav Predavec192Math professor
Garry Kasparov190World chess champion
James Woods180actor

However, with all of these values ​​it has to be said that the measurement results are very inaccurate from an IQ of 160. No conventional IQ test can determine reliable values ​​from 160 upwards, because, among other things, the necessary group of people for standardization is missing.

What is measured in the IQ?

The IQ (intelligence quotient) is a quantity used to evaluate a person's ability to think and remember. A test measures the IQ value and thus the intelligence of a person. The result depends on the age and performance of the test person, as well as the performance of the people to be compared. Nevertheless, no other personality trait is as stable and unchangeable as the IQ. People are very different in their IQ value, even if they come from the same social background with the same educational offer. However, the test is very complex and can only be compared with people from the same cultural area. It is not so easy to compare the IQ value of a German with an IQ value of a Chinese because there are strong differences in basic knowledge that the IQ test cannot measure. Nevertheless, the IQ test is the most informative means of measuring intelligence and is therefore particularly exciting for companies, gifted foundations and the military. In the USA, the trend in the selection process through the IQ test is very pronounced, which is why almost everyone there knows their IQ value.

How should the IQ scale be interpreted?

The values ​​that arise in an IQ test were recorded on a scale that gives the average of the group of test persons to be compared and allows so-called "standard deviations" up and down. The scale extends from 40 to 160, with any result below or above making no sense. Either the questions were far too simple (> 160) or were not understood at all (<40). If the IQ value is between 40 and 90, one is considered to be below average intelligent. If the value is between 90 and 110, you are in the average of all comparison persons. If the value is between 110 and 130, one is considered to be above average intelligent.

Do intelligence tests make sense?

In order to meet certain requirements in school but also in professional life, a certain intelligence is required. As the famous biochemist and science fiction writer Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) said, intelligence is what the intelligence test measures. Thus, intelligence tests have now become indispensable in determining the suitability of candidates for particular academic and professional careers. Therefore, in many professional groups in the public service, for example in the selection process of the Federal Police (where the I-S-T R 2000 test is used), intelligence tests are used to determine aptitude.

Characteristics of giftedness

You are considered gifted if your IQ is over 130. Giftedness can also be noticed in everyday life based on a few symptoms:

  • expressive language
  • high curiosity, thirst for knowledge
  • quick saving and linking of general and interesting facts
  • single-minded and independent work
  • high sense of justice

If several of these examples are very pronounced, it may be gifted. Then a test would be useful to promote people and do justice to their intelligence.

Determine your own IQ value

If you are curious and want to measure your own intelligence, you can take an IQ test online. You should have some time for the IQ test and retreat to an undisturbed, quiet place. Anyone who has received their result must know that errors can occur in the measurement at any time. It is therefore advisable to repeat the IQ test on other days in order to get the most accurate result possible.