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Customer service representative

Do you have a talent for communication and do you love working with other people? Do you know how to explain facts in an understandable way and can you imagine becoming the figurehead of your company? Then a job in customer service is right for you! In the following, we not only introduce you to everyday work as a customer service representative, but also provide you with the necessary knowledge about training, further education and application. You can also benefit from our free templates for your cover letter.

Job description "employee in customer service"

In this responsible position you will form one Interface between sales, marketing and customers. You perform important organizational tasks and provide your interlocutors with valuable information. The best thing about it? There are suitable jobs in almost every industry.

There are no general training and the job title is not certified, so advertisements can describe quite different areas of activity. Almost every company, however, depends on a qualified customer service that provides the Ensures customer satisfaction.

The best way to understand the importance of good customer service is to reflect on your own experiences. When was the last time you had a question for a company and how did you get help at that moment? Were you satisfied?

Tasks - your everyday work at a glance

The duties of a customer service representative are versatile and vary depending on the size of the company and the industry. Basically, your day-to-day work is determined by helping customers with their questions and problems. With your competent and solution-oriented nature you bind the customers in the long term to your company.

Your other activities include Processing of complaints, passing on information and coordinating and accepting orders. The boundaries to sales are not always clearly defined, so the Acquisition of new customers can be part of your range of tasks.

In addition, the following tasks await you:

  • Monitoring of orders

  • Maintenance of master data

  • Documentation of certain processes

  • Use of organizational and administrative know-how

It makes a difference whether your business makes cars or sells consulting services. Depending on the industry, you, as a customer service representative, have to dig deep into the Range of products or services your company in order to be able to offer customers the best possible advice.

Activities in customer service are right different nameswhich essentially describe similar tasks. For example: clerk in customer service, customer service representative, customer service employee, customer service representative, customer service representative, etc.

The technical customer service dar: Here you support customers with IT or hardware problems, whereby special expertise is required.

Work areas - locations in customer service

Customer service employees are required in almost all industries, so that typical work areas can hardly be identified.

Classic industries are e.g. B .:

  • Automotive industry

  • Information services

  • Electrical industry

  • Mail order & online shops

  • Health insurances

  • Pharmaceutical industry

The places of work can be as different as the work areas. Partly you have personal contact with customers, but in many cases the communication overflows Switchboards, Emails or chats.

Here you can download all information about the profession for free.

Careers in customer service

Since there is no recognized training to become a customer service representative, very different paths lead to this profession.

Often companies ask for one commercial education, but in many cases there is even a business degree necessary to get started in customer service. However, there are also very many places for which only Professional experience in customer service is desired - sometimes even joy and interest in customer contact are enough.

A Lateral entry in customer service is easier than in other professional fields. Please note that your educational qualifications can definitely have an impact on your later salary.

Training - Many roads lead to customer service

In some industries it is imperative to have extensive industry-specific expertise to have. After all, you can't solve a customer's IT problems over the phone if you have no idea about them yourself! This is e.g. B. in the fields of technology, IT and pharmaceuticals often the case. Here one can Training as an electronics technician or IT specialist Be a prerequisite.

For Career starters Trainee programs are often offered, which at the same time represent training for customer service activities in a certain company or a specific industry. In addition to practical know-how for everyday work, you will also gain here subject-specific knowledge and learn to use your soft skills profitably.

Further education opportunities - climbing the career ladder

A job in customer service is not a professional dead end. From here there are numerous opportunities to focus on to develop further on a personal and professional levelto take on more responsibility and move up to the next pay grade.

After a few years of professional experience, you can e.g. B. rise to the following positions:

  • team leader

  • Customer Service Manager

  • Head of Customer Service

  • Customer Service Associate

In addition to managing employees, you will also increasingly take on organizational tasks in these exciting positions and are responsible for looking after particularly important customers. You can also use the distributionspecialize and z. B. in Key account management work.

There is no uniform recipe for success for further development. It is important that you yourself you train regularly And if possible, internal company funding opportunities perceive.

As a customer service representative, you will learn skills that are relevant in almost every industry. So when you're ready to acquire new industry-specific expertise, is a Industry change often easier than in other professions.

Salary - What salary can you expect?

What you ultimately earn depends on how much work experience you have, what educational qualification you have and what industry you are in. A special one good salary expected z. B. a Technical support staff.

In addition, has an effect academic degree has a positive effect on your salary - and above all on its development in the course of your professional life. This shows you the following table:

Application in customer service

Have you decided on a career in customer service, but still have problems with the design of your application documents? We help you! Here you can find Tips and tricks for creating a successfulApplication folder.

When applying, make sure that the Job posting requirements read through carefully and take up in your cover letter. With many tenders you will notice that the companies are mainly your personal skills are very important. A friendly and communicative demeanor and openness towards other people are therefore essential.

Practical experience in service, sales or customer carebe it through internships, training or part-time jobs, are also big pluses.

Especially when applying to one Apprenticeship or trainee position a bit of imagination is often required, as you have little practical experience. However, communication skills, willingness to work and expressiveness can be measured using School grades, internships, working groupsEtc. impressive evidence.

Create one Clear application folder with a uniform layout. Only refer to relevant information and within your application avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes. Make sure that your CV and cover letter are consistent in terms of content and have a complete career.

Application tips - valuable service for your application

You should ask the following questions Make sure to take up in the cover letter and answer positivelyIf you are pursuing a career in customer service:

  • Do you enjoy communication?

  • Can you react quickly and purposefully in customer contact?

  • Do you enjoy helping other people?

  • Do you have a commercial mindset?

  • Do you already have relevant practical experience?

  • Why are you interested in the company's product range?

  • Have you already proven your resilience and stress resistance?

  • Are you ready to familiarize yourself with the specific content requirements of your industry?

On Experience from secondary employment (e.g. in gastronomy, holiday jobs, etc.) you can build up and fall back on customer service. So don't forget to mention these points in your documents.

As a successful customer service rep, you should above all following properties bring:

  • Openness to other people

  • Eloquence, empathy and quick-wittedness

  • Pronounced resistance to stress

  • Solution orientation

  • Noticeable enthusiasm for your company

  • Willingness to continue training

  • A confident use of grammar, spelling and technical terms

  • A high level of responsibility

Application templates for customer service representatives

Customer service representative career entry


Customer service representative with professional experience


Customer service representative trainee


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