What are good follow-up interview questions

Inquire about applications by e-mail: formulation and sample

There are a few recommendations that you should follow when formulating the email. Which are they?

1. Be polite: You want to convey a professional impression with your e-mail - a polite greeting is mandatory. Call the HR manager by name. Thank you if you z. B. have received an acknowledgment of receipt.

2. Keep it short: Describe your concern as briefly and precisely as possible. In this way, the relevant HR manager can understand and process this quickly.

3. Write a precise subject line: The subject line should include the position you applied for and your name. This makes it easier for the HR manager to assign your email.

4. Make it clear that you are interested: If you have a strong interest in the job, this is what drives you to inquire about the application. Remind your potential employer that you would be the best person to fill the position. However, do not go too far unnecessarily.

5. Ask a question: Formulate a specific concern, for example in the form of a question. When can you expect a response? How will the further application process work?

6. Signal that you are available for a call: You can let us know in your email when you would be available to meet us on site. In general, you should be open to contacting us.

7. Check the email: You have the opportunity to leave a positive impression not only through your application documents, but also through your e-mail. For this, the text should be absolutely free of errors. So finally check it again for grammar and spelling. Also make sure that you have correctly named the addressee before you send the mail.