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Would you like to minimize your inventory? Are you looking for new sales channels for your components?
Then you have come to the right place at materialboerse.de.

Our business concept is structured in such a way that we give our suppliers the opportunity to publish their goods free of charge - with fixed prices - on materialboerse.de. The suppliers only receive the order from us after an order has been received for the parts. We will then pay the corresponding invoice immediately and invoice our agency fee.

In order to become a provider with us, we need a signed provider agreement (download :offer.pdf). Your access to the internal area of ​​materialboerse.de will then be activated. Here, companies can enter and remove their excess material on electronic components themselves, set prices and change quantities.

We would be happy to assist you with entering data or we can do this after you have sent your list. So you are very flexible with your excess goods and always have the chance to access the goods. You just have to make sure that the goods are actually available for as long as you have offered them.

Suppliers of stocks without quotation send us their stock list by email. The positions are set after examination and approval by materialboerse.de.

Register now. Regardless of whether you are a supplier of electronic components or a buyer, materialboerse.de has something to offer for everyone.