Which foods contain NMN

What foods are high in NMN?

Numerous studies have found that NMN can effectively delay various problems caused by aging. Research at Harvard Medical School found that NMN reverses aging, also known as the Elixir of Immortality. In fact, this substance is inherent in the body, and some fruits and vegetables are rich in it too.

NMN is found in various natural foods

Numerous studies have shown that NMN was in fact present in some daily natural food sources (Table 1). For example, vegetables such as edamame (unripe soybeans), broccoli, cucumber and cabbage contained 0.25-1.88 mg NMN per 100 g. Fruits such as avocado and tomato also contained 0.26-1.60 mg / 100 g. Raw beef and shrimp contained relatively low NMN levels (0.06–0.42 mg / 100 g). Given that human red blood cells contain 50 mg of NMN in total (unpublished data), a physiologically relevant amount of nMN from various daily food sources could be absorbed into our body and help maintain NAD + biosynthesis and many physiological functions throughout the body.

Table 1 NMN is found in varous types of natural foods

Food type
Namesmg / 100 g food
vegetablesCucumber seeds0.56

Cucumber peel0.65
fleshBeef (raw)0.06-0.42

Note: A high pressure liquid phase was used for the determination of NMN and the range value was the minimum average value of different detection methods.

Data source: Long-term administration of nicotinamide mononucleotide alleviates the age-associated physiological decline in mice. Cell metabolism, v.24, no.6, 2016 Dec 13, p.795 (12)

As shown in the table above, vegetables like edamame, broccoli, cucumber, and cabbage contain 0.25 to 1.88 mg of NMN per 100 g. Fruits like avocados and tomatoes also contain 0.26-1.60mg / 100g. The NMN levels in raw beef and shrimp were low, ranging from 0.06 to 0.42 mg / 100 g. The highest NMN level was found in Edamame.

According to the FDA principle of equivalence, a 70kg adult should consume 600mg of NMN per day, and an adult with the same amount of nMN should eat 32 to 128 kg of edamob or 54 to 240 kg of broccoli. And that is not possible without full absorption. Although NMN is found in many natural foods, the amount of NMN absorbed from foods cannot meet the daily consumption of the adult body. It is therefore important not only to eat a scientifically based diet on a daily basis, but also to supplement from non-food sources.