Is Cory Booker a Democrat

Cory Booker ends candidacy for US presidency

The New Jersey Senator is pulling out of the running for the Democratic presidential ticket.

He has long been the favorite for the 2020 Democratic presidential candidacy: Cory Booker, Senator for the US state of New Jersey, is out of the running for the presidency.

Booker announced the end of his campaign on Monday. Before that, he had been considered a possibly high-potential Democratic candidate against the Republican incumbent, Donald Trump, for a while. His campaign, crafted around a slogan of unity and peace, is unlikely to have reached potential voters in the politically heated climate of the USA.

Similar fate as Kamala Harris

The former mayor of New Jersey, who is considered charismatic, never managed to break through to the front row of the Democratic favorites despite being well known. Now his campaign also lacks the money to become more assertive, Booker said on Monday. In addition, the impeachment proceedings against Trump in Washington, D.C. will take him to the test.

A similar fate had befallen Kamala Harris before: The well-known Senator from California had dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination before Christmas. Harris was also unable to spark enthusiasm among Democratic voters - she was too centrist in many things, it was said at the time. Harris and Booker, both Afro-American, had both caught on in the Democrats' TV debates over and over again. In both cases, however, this was not enough.

The pool of democratic candidates is particularly large in the 2020 election - which is also understood as an election against Trump. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were last seen as front row candidates. With Harris and Booker leaving, there is now only one African-American candidate left in the running for the Democratic ticket: Deval Patrick, a confidante of former Democratic President Barack Obama.