Who made greater sacrifices to Dumbledore or Snape

Why did Harry tell Snape's secret to everyone?

Harry knew he couldn't let Voldemort win at any cost as it wasn't just a fight for Hogwarts, but a fight for the entire wizarding and muggle community. This wasn't the first time they'd met face to face, and it wasn't just because of Harry's own wizarding power that he managed to stay alive in their previous encounters.

  • He survived as a baby after receiving a direct hit from Voldemort's killing curse on his forehead. Not only was the curse ineffective, but it also caused Voldemort to hide in a severely weakened state. Harry as a baby didn't control this victory, of course.
  • In Goblet of Fire, the power of her wands prevented Voldemort from striking, and then memories of Harry's parents took shape, delaying Voldemort from delivering a second strike when the wand connection lost. Harry was on the retreat and quickly vanished with Cedric's body when another killing curse narrowly missed him. Again, Harry did not fully control this victory.
  • In The Deathly Hallows, Voldemort went on the strike in the Forbidden Forest up close, but Harry also survived that killing curse where he offered no visible resistance spells in Voldemort. Harry went to the Forbidden Forest, which wasn't armed with a plan of attack, to win. He didn't offer a fight and gave himself up for the rest of the world.

But in the last fight, Harry would have realized the importance of his past victories with Voldemort. Harry would be a fool now if he didn't realize that he couldn't defeat the mighty Voldemort in a face-to-face duel with the handful of spells he knows, compared to Voldemort's vast arsenal of destructive spells. In all three of the above cases, his parents' invisible protection tied to his body, especially Lilys, was the common factor. He knew that if there was one thing that Voldemort could not fully understand with all his magical power, it was the unknown, invisible protection of love, the white divine magic that could withstand all destructive dark spells. And again it was this mixture of love and emotions in Harry that prevented Voldemort from possessing Harry too long in the battle in the Department of Mysteries of the Order of the Phoenix.

He went to the final battle and knew that Snape, who was Voldemort's right-hand man, was indeed Dumbledore's man through and through. And this Snape had an undying love for his mother and took care of Harry who stayed until his last breath. He knew that he would again remind Voldemort of the power of love, the magic that he could never fathom and that he not only despised but perhaps even understood, by telling Voldemort about the true testimonies of his trustworthy husband and the underlying one Love story informed fears, and in re-affirming Snape's case, it was perhaps one of the most powerful weapons he could use against him.

Nora Swidler

It's more than that. Harry kind of approached Dumbledore. Apply a quiet rationalization of why Voldemort was about to die. Harry went confidently into this battle. He didn't take on the "Mighty Voldermort" anymore. He took in a mortal man.