Is statistics the new computer science?

"We need the women's perspective on IT!" - New podcast on women in IT

06.01.2021 – 11:00

HPI Hasso Plattner Institute

Potsdam (ots)

Despite numerous initiatives, the proportion of women in IT stagnates at around 17 percent. The number of women company founders in this area is also very low in Germany. Until the early 1980s, the proportion of the sexes in computer science was relatively balanced. But why are there significantly fewer women nowadays in the IT industry and in computer science studies? How can we attract more women to IT and motivate them to stay in the industry? From what age can girls become enthusiastic about programming and how do learning and teaching content have to change in order for this to work? The new episode of the HPI Podcast Neuland answers all of these questions.

Professor Katharina Hölzle, head of the IT entrepreneurship department and women's representative at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), and Lucia Hartig, co-founder of the German Women in Tech eV, discuss with moderator Leon Stebe the need for a rethink in computer science classes and at universities as well Measures for a balanced gender ratio in IT companies.

"In today's world and to solve the big questions of our time, networked thinking and the integration of different perspectives are fundamentally important - this requires cooperation between women and men," said Hölzle. "We cannot afford to have only one perspective in computer science." It is not only about career opportunities for women, but also about the question of what kind of digital society we want.

Events for women in IT highlight the imbalance: "At our network meetings, the participants often report that they haven't seen so many women in one room for a long time," says Hartig. But there is no secret recipe for a higher quota of women. "There are many indications where something needs to be done," explains Hartig. An important point is the adaptation of the curricula to individual needs. Not every girl is interested in programming Lego robots. For example, they are more interested in topics related to social media. "To increase the proportion of women in IT, we need different approaches and content," emphasizes Hölzle.

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