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Our Soho London Guide

Colorful, lively, multicultural: the popular district of Soho London! And it is precisely because of this diversity that Soho is so popular with tourists and locals alike. Therefore, and also because we are big fans of Soho London, a comprehensive Soho travel guide should of course not be missing in the blog. 🙂

If you want to know what you shouldn't miss in Soho, which secret corners can still be found there and how you can best plan your exploration tour through this very special part of the city, then you've come to the right place!

Top 5 things to do in Soho London

  • 1 - Carnaby Street: The famous shopping street is a real eye-catcher, especially at Christmas time (address: Carnaby St; Bakerloo, Central, Victoria to Oxford Circus)!
  • 2 - Soho Theater: With the latest plays, comedy, cabaret and a lively bar, the most exciting venue on London's cultural scene (Address: 21 Dean St, Central, Northern to Tottenham Court Rd).
  • 3 - Kingly Court: The small shopping arcade offers great shops, restaurants and its own courtyard (address: Kingly St, Bakerloo, Piccadilly to Piccadilly Circus).
  • 4 - Dean Street: The street of great personalities, such as Charles Dickens or Karl Marx, leads from Oxford Street to Shaftesbury Avenue (address: Dean St, Central, Northern to Tottenham Court Rd).
  • 5 - Liberty: The hip department store for exclusive interiors and fashion, by the most innovative designers in London (Address: Regent St, Bakerloo, Central, Victoria to Oxford Circus).

The Complete Soho London Guide

Soho is in the middle of London, just a few meters from the famous Picadilly Circus, Regent Street and Oxford Street! It is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city and is particularly valued for its openness. Soho is considered to be the center of West End London, where most of the theaters, museums and showrooms as well as numerous bars and pubs congregate.

In the 20th century Soho became the center of “bohemian London”, the bohemian people of London. Many well-known artists and writers lived there, who were almost at home in the pubs, so one met there often. And while it was historically one of the most popular neighborhoods in London, Soho gained dubious fame at the time for hosting most of the sex shops in the city.

But Soho has also become home to a number of companies in the English film industry and in the late 1980s, Soho's final recovery of reputation finally began. Today Soho London is precisely because of it cultural diversity very sought after and one of the hippest neighborhoods in central London! Here you will find the main theaters, the best shops and hundreds of restaurants and bars of international renown.

Our Soho London tips: That's what to see in Soho

The Soho neighborhood in London is a spectacle in itself and should be high on your London travel list! Here you will find one of the city's most popular shopping areas during the day as well as great restaurants and pubs for all night owls and party owls. But what interests us most as travelers to London? My advice to you: go to Soho in the morning and take a few hours to explore the area in peace! There is so much to explore!

Carnaby Street London

The main attractions in Soho are not only museums, theaters and monuments, but also the beautiful streets and the exciting surroundings themselves. So we started with what is probably the most famous street in London's Soho: Carnaby Street London. This street experienced its heyday in the 60s with the boom of the mod movement, which particularly attracted supporters of groups such as the Rolling Stones, the Beatles or Small Faces. This encouraged the opening of alternative boutiques and clothing stores, as well as rock and underground music bars. Today Carnaby Street is known around the world for its breathtaking Christmas decorations and its always impressive staging.

If you want to go shopping in central London, this famous Soho street should not be missing on your route. Here you will find shops from top brands such as Toms, Pixie, Fornarina, Replay, Nike, El Ganso, Muji, Diesel, Pepe Jeans, Lee or Vans. And there are also many small boutiques and shops that offer a lot of original products! Carnaby Street is always worth a visit to relax and rummage around. You can see a list of all the shops, restaurants and bars on Carnaby Street here on their official website.

Kingly Court

I have to admit I didn't spot Kingly Court on my first trip to London! And if I'm not mistaken, neither on the second trip. But as soon as I found it, I was blown away! This is why it seemed so important to me to include Kingly Court in the Soho Guide! 🙂

A small street called Kingly Street runs between Carnaby Street and Regent Street. As you walk through you will find a small door, very discreet, that says "Kingly Court". Do not hesitate to enter! The small inner courtyard Kingly Court is hidden there! On three floors you will find outlet stores, various shops and cozy pubs. The inner courtyard is also a tranquil place to relax from the hustle and bustle of central London. Note: Kingly Court is also accessible from Carnaby Street but I like the mystical entrance to Kingly Street much more so I recommend this route. If that doesn't work, there is also the entrance to Beak Street.

Our tip for those with a sweet tooth: While all of the restaurants in this passage are recommended, there is a patisserie at Kingly Court that is absolutely great. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that Crumbs & Doilies is truly a cupcake lover's paradise! They are of course very sweet but delicious! The easiest way to get to this bakery is to enter Kingly Court from Beak Street.

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Soho Square

Soho Square is a small square in northeast Soho and, despite its proximity to Soho, is an amazingly calming square. Soho Square dates back to 1681 and was one of the most elegant places in London in its day. Although Soho Square was originally named Königsplatz in honor of King Charles II, it was always known by its current name.

The beautiful houses that surround Soho Square had all kinds of renters. For example, at 32 Soho Square, was the home of Joseph Banks. After going around the world with James Cook, he created a kind of meeting place for science lovers there. At the end of the 16th century, the White House, a brothel with a very bad reputation, moved into the square. Until 1862, the home of St. Barnabas was located in Soho Square, one of the longest-established charities in London that is now based on Greek Street, including Soho.

Ultimately, after the British Movietone had its headquarters here in the early 20th century, many film and theater production companies decided to move to central London as well. Today we can still find offices of companies such as 20th Century Fox, Dolby Europe Lyd or MPL Communication (owned by Paul McCartney) in Soho.


What cannot be missed in Soho Square?

  • The old house of St. Barnabas: The house of St. Barnabas is not only the original headquarters of a charity, but also the home of the protagonists of the novel "Tales of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens. Therefore, the parallel street was renamed Manette Street in honor of Lucia Manette. You will surely recognize this house because it has "House of Charity" written in large letters on the facade.
  • The cabin in Soho Square Garden: The first thing that will catch your eye in this park is the little Tudor hut. And no, despite its shaky half-timbered disposition, the building is not Tudor. It dates from 1925 and was originally a disguise for something the Tudors could only dream of: The hut was intended to serve as a camouflage for a transformer station for the Charing Cross Electricity company. It was necessary that the station have a private, above-ground entrance and since there was already a hut there from the 1870s, this design was considered a fitting architectural camouflage. During the Second World War, the room was converted into a bunker that could accommodate around 150 people (and only had one bathroom). Today an urban myth claims that it was the entrance to a secret tunnel to Buckingham Palace, but we can safely dismiss that. Nowadays the hut is only used to store garden tools.
  • The symbol of the 20th Century Fox: It's just a matter of personal taste, but at the top of one of the houses in Soho Square you can still see an original 20th Century Fox poster. I'm sure the moviegoers among us will love this detail!
  • St. Patrick’s Church: Also on Soho Square is this consecrated church from 1792, which despite its discreet appearance is one of the first Catholic churches allowed in England after the Reformation.

Dean Street

At first glance, Dean Street seems like just another street in central London, but in the course of its history it has so many outstanding features to offer that it is considered to be really worth seeing. We have put together the 8 things that make it really worth paying a visit to Dean Street:

  1. In 1764 there was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (at the time he was a teenager) a concert at 21 Dean Street.
  2. Admiral Nelson stayed on Dean Street the day before leaving for the Battle of Trafalgar. He lost his life in the battle.
  3. Charles Dickens participated in numerous performances in his youth at Fanny Kelly’s Royalty Theater at 73 and 74 Dean Street. His dream of being an actor was not about to come true, but his relationship with Soho became an issue in many of his works.
  4. Karl Marx lived in a modest shared apartment at 28 Dean Street between 1851 and 1856. Three of the family's five children would die while living on that street in Soho. This little apartment was right above today's Quo Vadis.
  5. One of Marx's roommates at 28 Dean Street was his great friend the German philosopher Friedrich Engels.
  6. During World War II, the French House on Dean Street was the unofficial headquarters of Charles de Gaulle and the French resistance.
  7. The history of 70 Dean Street is long and interesting. Built between 1732 and 1735, it began as the residence of the English aristocracy, among which the mistress of King Charles II of England, Nell Gwynne, stood out in particular. In 1928 an exclusive and decadent club was founded here with the painting on the wall L'Atelier Rouge de Matisse hung. It is said that over the years the club has counted among its members such renowned personalities as Tallulah Bankhead, Fred Astaire, Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud. In 2008 the room was finally taken over by Soho House Club, who turned it into an elegant hotel. Maybe worth considering for your next trip to London?
  8. And don't forget: Soho London is home to one of the most important addresses in the city's cultural life, the Soho Theater. This theater is famous for alternative works and comedy shows.

John Snow Water Pump

This little corner is relatively difficult to find if you don't know it or don't know where to look for it. But since it's the setting of one of the strangest stories in London's Soho (and I like rare stories), I couldn't keep it from you!

The English doctor John Snow developed his theory about the transmission of cholera thanks to this water source on Broadwick Street in Soho. When a cholera epidemic broke out in central London in 1854, it was still believed to be airborne. John Snow noted in his studies that none of the workers at Broad Street Brewery had contracted the disease, while everyone who drank from the Broad Street fountain became sick or had already died. So John Snow concluded that the brewing process, which involved boiling the water, killed the cholera bacteria. Factory workers who only drank beer did not get sick.

In this way it was discovered that the water from the spring was polluted by the garbage that was indiscriminately thrown into the streets at the time. It was found that the cholera was caused by the consumption of water contaminated with feces.

NOTE: The historic spring has been removed to protect it from the construction work that has taken place on the street in recent years. At first it was said that it would be put back in the same place at the end of the work, but it is not clear when that will be. At the moment you can find the place marked with a badge there. It's not the same, of course, but the story is still very interesting.

Address: 44 Broadwick St, Soho

Shaftesbury Avenue

Shaftesbury Avenue marks the boundary between Soho and Chinatown (why that is, we'll say later), though both areas have grown and merged over the years. The main theaters in the city are found on this street, so we could see it as the heart of London's West End. In any case, it's always nice to take a walk here and soak up the atmosphere of the London theater scene a little.

Explore the dark side of Soho - on the trail of murderers

If you really want to get into the dark secrets of Soho, we have a little darling for you here. Yes, it's a niche topic, but if you have a thing for crime and like to be a little scared, you just can't avoid the tour. Because of course it's not always sunshine in Soho either. In the past some dark characters have been up to mischief in the area. Wrapped up in black comedy, you will learn everything about the worst murderer stories and villains like the Blackout Ripper and Jack the Ripper on this tour through Soho.

Info about the tour

The best galleries in London's Soho

Although you will find many of the city's most important museums, such as the British Museum or the National Gallery, just a few minutes' walk from London Soho, Soho is still the perfect destination for lovers of small galleries and art exhibitions. Unfortunately, the popularization of the area has also resulted in a significant rise in rental prices, forcing some of the small galleries in the area to relocate. If you're interested in art, check out these little exhibitions. Nobody knows how long the galleries in Soho will exist in this form.

** Note on Soho Museum:This museum doesn't really exist, it's a virtual museum that can be visited online. The Soho Museum has a touchscreen in front of the Piccadilly Theater where you can see all of the content put together on the museum's website. This is something you can only find in London and that is what makes it so special.

The Photographers ‘Gallery

England's first independent photo gallery is The Photographers ‘Gallery in Soho. The annual photography award ceremony, one of the most coveted photo awards, also takes place there. On the upper floors you will find traveling exhibitions of the best artists of this kind, while on the lower floors there is a shop and a café that is frequented by authors and art lovers alike.

  • Address: 16-18 Ramillies Street, Soho, London
  • Opening times: Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Price: Free until 12 noon, then £ 4 and £ 2.5 in advance online
  • Website: thephotographersgallery

House of Minalima

Belonging to Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, this gallery mainly focuses on graphic design in all its variants and currently has a full exhibition on the magical world of Harry Potter. Access to this Harry Potter exhibition is always free and it is common for writers to visit the room and spend a while answering questions and chatting with visitors. Definitely a must for graphic design lovers and Harry Potter fans in the heart of Soho, London. Tip: If you want to enjoy the exhibition in peace, go to the gallery during the week. There are always a lot of people on the weekend.

  • Address: 26 Greek Street
  • Opening times: Daily from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Price: Free
  • Website: store.minalima

Note: If you are a Harry Potter fan and want to know everything about the magician in London, don't miss our most magical Harry Potter guide!

Frith Street Gallery

The artists who have exhibited in this independent gallery in London's Soho district since the late 1980s work on a wide variety of artistic works from painting to audiovisual production, including interpretation. Frith Street Gallery currently has two galleries in Soho, one in Soho Square and one in Golden Square. Please note that these galleries are usually only open during the periods when something is currently on display. Therefore, they can be closed during the assembly and disassembly of the various exposures. Find out about upcoming exhibitions and events on the website.

  • Address: 17-18 Golden Square / Soho Square, 60 Frith Street
  • Opening times: Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Price: Usually free
  • Website: frithstreetgallery

Soho Theater - The Best of the West End

Soho is the part of the area known as the West End where almost all of London's theaters are located (kind of like Broadway in New York). Because of this, we find some of the city's main theaters here, hosting the most popular musicals. Some of the theaters you can find in Soho include the Apollo Theater, Gieguld Theater, Queens Theater, Palace Theater, Soho Theater, Prince Edward Theater, Phoenix Theater, and Piccadilly Theater.

Many of the most famous theaters in London are in Soho!
An evening at the theater with a nice meal is always a good choice!

If you want to know more about the shows in London, also read our article on theater and musicals in London. If you're looking to secure seats straight away, you can find the best tickets online on the London Theater Direct website.


Soho London Shopping - shops for all tastes

Soho is just a few meters from Regent Street and Oxford Street and is a perfect complement to these two great shopping streets in central London. In the small space that this beautiful part of London takes up, you will find many interesting boutiques and shops. Perfect for your Soho London shopping tour! Carnaby Street is a great place to go shopping in London Soho. There you will find stores like Toms, Skinnydip, Lazy Oaf, MAC, Pepe Jeans, Diesel, Büro, Vans, Puma, Havaianas, The North Face and many more! And from here you can get to Kingly Court, where you will find the best shops and many interesting bars and restaurants.

Attention shopping fans! You shouldn't miss these points for your Soho Shopping Tour:

  • Liberty: Between Regent and Carnaby Streets, the Tudor Revival-style Liberty department store really stands out. It's no ordinary business, and it's not exactly cheap either. Here you will find real treasures! You can shop directly on site or order your selected treasures online. The Liberty has its own line of fabrics that will delight decoration lovers from all over the world. The most typical thing that is usually purchased here are scarves that are made with these fabrics and are an ideal gift idea. A unique and very curious shop that you must see at least once in your life.Address: Great Marlborough St.

  • Berwick Street Market: One of the most headstrong places in London Soho is the traditional fresh produce market on Berwick Street. This market, which has been held in this location since 1687, is much smaller than other markets in the city. But although it doesn't appear in many travel guides, it deserves a visit. You can tell that the market is intended more for workers from the surrounding area, as there are very few tourists here. A real insider tip! You can find the market on this super narrow Berwick Street from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 6pm.
  • Machine A: This shop offers an original alternative for all fashionistas in London. Machine A brings together the best of contemporary fashion from British and international designers in a single space. Here you will only find the most special pieces from the special collections. It's not the cheapest option but it makes design fashions available to everyone that is otherwise difficult to find.Address: 13 Brewer Street

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The best Soho restaurants in London

Soho restaurants in London have something to offer for all tastes and budgets. The variety of delicacies is simply unbeatable here. This area in central London offers dining options to suit all tastes and budgets. If you decide to have dinner here, a relaxed atmosphere is guaranteed! But that also means that you should reserve a table. It doesn't matter when you go out to eat in Soho, the most popular restaurants are just always overcrowded. Good if you have reserved a place in advance!

Soho is the ideal place for dinner and for a drink with friends!

The best of the best: Social Eating House

If you are a Michelin star restaurant in London, the Social Eating House in Soho is sure not to disappoint. Designed by the famous Jason Athrton and firmly managed by Chef Paul Hood, this place promises original creations with a contemporary influence. A unique blend of British cuisine with the best flavors of all cuisines in the world in an exceptional atmosphere. Also, if you're looking for a place to just have a drink, this is it Blind Pig Bar a safe choice.

Quickly prepared and at a reasonable price: food at Bao

Also known as a baozi, a bao is basically a type of white Chinese bread. Very soft and served warm. Although it can be served in many different forms, it is usually eaten as a roll filled with meat, tofu, or vegetables. In my opinion, the Bao in Soho is the first address for the Taiwanese specialty!

Good to know: The Bao is quite small and often overcrowded at peak times and does not accept reservations, so: First come, first serve. 😉

If you need more restaurant ideas, don't miss our complete list of our top 10 Soho restaurants! This is where you will find the best ceviche in London and the cheapest way to eat something typical in Soho. A special tip: a steakhouse like no other! All the inspiration you need to enjoy the best cuisine in London's Soho!

Alternatively, you can just let yourself be guided. We're actually big fans of a Soho food tour. It's not cheap and takes half a day, but your stomach will shout for joy. The tour takes you around four hours to see the best international food Soho has to offer. And you can try a lot - 10 tastings are on the program on the tour.


A drink in London: the best Soho pubs & bars

As already mentioned, the possibilities for evening entertainment in Soho are endless. It is not easy to choose the best Soho pubs and bars as tastes vary greatly. Soho is known for revealing unique places, and so does the pubs: such as the Cahoots, a speakeasy tucked away in the basement of the King Court. But here are our three bars that we warmly recommend:

Probably the most famous pub in Soho: The Lyric

This is where I had my first drink in London and since then I've been coming back whenever I can. As with everything in Soho, Lyric is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, it's also a real classic and one of the best pubs in London. You can find it on the corner of Archer Street, Great Windmill St. and Little Ham Yard Street. Tip: You will experience the best atmosphere here after work (between 5 and 8 p.m.).

The Swift: the best bar in Soho?

It is very difficult to choose just one bar in London's Soho, here we find a cocktail bar and speakeasy on every corner and everyone is struggling to become the best bar in central London. In any case, this scenario currently seems to be dominated by the stylish The Swift. It has two floors: the first for spontaneous visitors who don't want to miss the opportunity to try one of the great drinks. The lower floor can only be entered with a reservation and offers an unbeatable selection of whiskey sorts as well as a top cocktail menu!

A drink with a view from the aqua terrace

Without a doubt, the best views over Soho are from the terrace of the beautiful Aqua Bar! The bar is located on the fifth floor at 30 Argyll Street, just one minute from Regent Street. Here you will find delicious cocktails and an unbeatable atmosphere! And at a fair price, in relation to the location and this spectacular location! The bar is particularly suitable for a drink on one of those mild summer nights that you will never forget. For those looking to enjoy a snack, the bar offers top-notch Japanese treats.

Old Copton Street - The best LGBT parties

Especially interesting for those looking for the best LGBT bars in London. This street is famous for always being a hangout for the London gay community and has some of the best bars and clubs in town. For women, the place with the best nighttime atmosphere in Soho is SHE. The boys shouldn't miss the Comptons of Soho and the G-A-Y Bar.

Through the pubs in Soho

Have you always wanted to know where to have your drinks side by side with famous writers, actors and musicians? Where John Lennon once got behind the armband, where Marilyn Monroe went when she felt like a drink and where George Orwell wrote his famous 1984 - then go on a pub tour and be inspired by the history of the bohemian district of Soho. It goes through four pubs, in which a lot of beer will also flow. The tour is for ages 18+.

Book a tour

What's the best place to sleep in Soho? The most beautiful Soho hotels!

Booking a place to sleep in the center of London is certainly not the cheapest hotel choice, but you have the advantage that you are right in the middle of the action and can be at the most popular attractions in London in no time. In addition, this indescribable Soho feeling is worth it! Here are some options for every hotel budget:

Mimi's Hotel Soho - A Perfect Boutique Hotel (4 Star)

Mimi's Hotel is a small boutique hotel in an old mansion on famous Frith Street in London's Soho district. This accommodation offers all the comforts of a first class hotel in an unbeatable location and at a more than fair price. Although the cheapest rooms are a bit smaller, they are equipped with everything your heart desires. Mimi's is in a privileged place where you have the best restaurants and bars in town right on your doorstep. It is the ideal starting point for anyone looking to enjoy a few days of shopping in the best shops in London.

Availabilities & prices

The Piccadilly London West End - A 5 Star Hotel