What is my passion

This is how you find your passion and thus the right path to your goal

A new year is coming up. Now I really accelerate! Does this sound familiar to you? Could it be the same situation as this year? A lack of a goal definition is often the reason that your motivation cannot then be converted into productive work. But that's over now. You are at the right place here. Now it's about your goals, your callings and passions and how you can set clear goals for yourself.

Your why - your goal - your direction

"Do what you do with passion and the results are triggered automatically."

In order to be able to take the next small steps (especially in the right direction), you first have to know which goal you are heading towards. Therefore we will first find out what your WHY is.

Instead of these questions, ask yourself ...

What do you want to achieve?

How do you want to achieve it?

---> first this:

Why do you want to achieve it?

What are your motivations, motivations and passions?

How will you achieve your why with specific actions?

What possible results result from your why and your values?


How so: It fills me with joy to put a smile on older people's faces.

How: Many retirees are lonely and rarely have people around when they are single. I spend time with them in the form of walks or conversations over coffee and cake.

What: Having interesting conversations and spending time with older people can make them feel happier and not so lonely.

Triggered by it: word gets around and I get more and more inquiries. In order to be able to take more time for this, I only work part-time and ask for a small flat rate so that I can get back to my full-time salary.

Passion can turn into a business model if the motivations point the way. Because you are automatically more motivated yourself and do a better job.

Sooner or later that leads to more and more customers, even if that might not even be your intention.

How do I find out where my passions are?

Your passion is at the same time an extremely strong inner drive for growth. This can also be the path to your goal when you love what you do. But how do I find out what my passion is?

There is really only one option here. Try out as many areas as possible. Be open to new things and be brave enough to give up the things you don't enjoy.

A passion usually develops by itself, as the inner drive will subconsciously lead you there anyway. In order to accelerate the whole thing, however, it is advisable to research the general interests more closely and to actively participate in this process.

What are my strengths?

In most cases, your strengths also lie in the areas for which you are passionate. How so? If there is a basic interest and enthusiasm for something, then you will automatically come into conscious contact with it again and again and thereby improve yourself.

According to the saying:

If you do something 20 times, you can't avoid being better the 20th time than the first time.

What are my goals?

If you know your goal, then you will also know the answers to questions that arise over and over again. Therefore, it is important to define your short-term, medium-term and long-term goals.

Specifically on paper or a digital file.

This works great with a notebook or diary. That way you can keep your goals in mind again and again.

What is your goal for:

  • this week?
  • this month?
  • this year?
  • the next 5 years?
  • the next 10 years?

If you are a fan of reflection questions and diary questions, these questions could help you a lot with your goals:

  1. What steps can I take today to get closer to my goals?
  2. How can I create and seize new opportunities today?
  3. What did I learn for myself today that will help me in the future

This is how you find your calling with a similar system

It is also similar for your professional career path. Here you have to try a lot first and find your passion. Few people have found their dream job with their first job.

  • What are my strengths?
  • What do I enjoy?
  • Where do I get paid fairly for my skills?
  • What does the world need?


It goes to your passion in small steps. Even if it sometimes seems as if you must have planned your entire life by the age of 14. You have time. Take these to find your way. Better to be constantly on the right path step by step than quickly on the wrong track. You will thank yourself.

  • Take your time and go through the day mindfully, reflecting on what you like and where your strengths lie.
  • Try a lot of different things
  • Hide other people's "perfect ways for you" opinions about you - only you know what's really good for you
  • Define your short term and long term goals and make decisions with those goals in mind