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Applying carnival make-up correctly: 10 tips and hints

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  • Rely on high-quality branded products for carnival make-up. Although these are more expensive to buy, they are also significantly better for your skin.
  • The same applies, of course, to make-up for children. Many toy manufacturers also offer make-up pencils that make applying make-up particularly easy.
  • Don't forget to completely remove your make-up in the evening. After that, use a moisturizer to help your skin regenerate.

It's such a thing with make-up and make-up: It's not for nothing that you can spend a lot of money on it if you appreciate the quality of high-quality brands. Because the make-up stays on the skin for several hours and reacts with the body's own sebum and sweat. Anyone who gets to grips with cheap additives here can experience a rude awakening: Redness, skin irritation or even allergies can result.

You shouldn't hide the consequences and buy cheap carnival make-up in the discounter, because you only need it for a few days a year. Because a chemical that you don't know would not be easily applied to your face.

With that in mind one should focus on the Search for his optimal carnival make-up and don't behave like a fool even in the foolish carnival season. At Heimwerker.de we reveal important information about how to use make-up.

1. Use water-soluble theater make-up

Theater make-up convinces with strong colors and great coverage.

The most toxic thing about many products is often the solvents. If these consist of water, however, the greatest step in terms of skin tolerance has often already been taken.

It's best to take it yourself an example of professional theater actors, because they have to cover themselves with thick layers of make-up every day. Skin tolerance is vital for this occupational group, which is why water-soluble paints are used here as well.

You can do theater make-up in theater equipment stores, in costume rentals or on the Internet purchase. So if you want to apply really thick to the carnival party, you should look there.

Speaking of applying thickly: If you are using carnival make-up for the first time, you should first try its tolerance in thin layers and then gradually increase the thickness. The mouth and eyes should also be left free for the time being, as irritation can quickly occur here in the event of an intolerance. Normally, however, problems are not to be expected with water-soluble carnival make-up.

Here's the one Advantages and disadvantages of theatrical make-up in the overview:

  • more opaque than cheap products
  • Colors appear stronger
  • healthier for the skin
  • a little more expensive to buy
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2. Carnival make-up for children

Rely on branded products for children's make-up.

If it were up to the children, they would even decorate their faces with tinting paints and felt-tip pens. This is where the parents are in demand Desire of carnival make-up to discover in the children in good time and to encourage them with suitable products.

The already mentioned water-based theater make-up could be a good solution, but there are also make-up products that are specially designed for the delicate faces of children.

Many well-known manufacturers, for example, offer practical make-up pencils that not only meet the EU cosmetics guidelines, but also meet the criteria of a children's toy and with the CE mark certified are. Sit down therefore rely on high-quality branded products for your children, instead of cheap mass-produced goods from the supermarket.

Especially Colorful hairsprays are also popular, which are also available with an additional glitter effect in different colors - for example in gold, silver or multicolor. This means that you can not only design your child's face, but also your child's hair.

Note: Please note, however, that glitter particles can get onto clothing or costume over time and light blonde hair can be discolored by colored or dark hairsprays.

Let your child accompany you when shopping so that you can meet all your wishes and needs the anticipation of carnival is increased again.

3. 10 tips for applying make-up at Carnival: from applying to skin care

  1. A good foundation is not only necessary for celebrating and drinking, but also for putting on make-up. Therefore: Before applying the carnival make-up, please cream the face.

    Cream your skin before and after applying makeup to moisturize it.

  2. The Skin has to breathe: Therefore, please do not put make-up on large areas of skin immediately at every opportunity.
  3. ingredients on the packaging. If none are noted, then feel free to ask the dealer.
  4. Many like that Luminous effect of phosphorescent colors. But be careful with sensitive skin: The fluorescent colors should be tested beforehand for compatibility. The same applies to children.
  5. It is better, a well-covering carnival make-up to use thinly instead of applying a poorly covering product many times.
  6. Lipstick and kohl pencils should be taken to party or to the move to be able to refresh the make-up in a targeted manner.
  7. If you colored or glittery hairspray If you want to use, you should style your hair in front of the mirror and then apply or have the hairspray applied outdoors. The glitter particles fly around for a long time and spread throughout the apartment. In the evening, brush your hair vigorously over the bathtub or ideally wash it.
  8. Also Make-up has an expiration date. If not, the make-up should not be used indefinitely. Rancid or decomposing material belongs in the trash, not on the skin.
  9. After the celebration that Don't forget to remove your make-up. There are make-up removal pads or lotions for this in the drugstore. Alternatively, water, soap, or oily creams such as petroleum jelly can also help. Avoid vigorous rubbing so as not to irritate the skin additionally.
  10. After removing make-up, a moisturizing fluid or a rich moisturizer can help Skin regeneration overnight, so that the next day can be celebrated and made up again.
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