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Do you want to feel your music more intensely? Express your feelings better musically?

Bring more feeling into your music with the help of my sheet music e-book:

  • Step-by-step guide to feeling your music
  • 5 pieces to express different feelings
  • Inspirational audio to listen to and play along with

Do yourself something good and treat yourself to more enjoyment while making music!

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Are you ready to empathize with your music?

Do you play very mentally far too often? Is making music too often a mechanical rather than an emotional matter for you? Can't you express your feelings the way you want to while making music? Are you sometimes in a certain mood but don't have any suitable pieces for it?

How about if you put all your feelings into your music? How about if you empathize with your music and thereby enchant yourself and others with emotional music?

Discover the most valuable side of making music for you!

From my own experience I can confirm that feeling enriches making music indescribably. Expressing emotions through your own music is balm for the soul and extremely beneficial for self-care. Or you can use the music you played yourself to immerse yourself in another world and empathize with the emotions conveyed in it.

In any case, one thing is certain - feeling the music you are playing is the most beautiful thing you can experience with your musical instrument! It is important to me that as many people as possible enjoy this experience.

"Feeling when making music is the greatest enrichment for a musician and his music"

But how can you practice feeling your music? This is exactly what I designed a grade book for:

Express feelings through your own music

A music book for the soul


What is the grade book for?

  • Find and improve access to emotional music-making
  • Notes for different emotional states for practicing or sight-reading
  • Expand your sheet music collection with catchy melodies to enjoy
  • Feeling the music you are playing more intensely
  • Express your feelings musically, experience them, process them and give yourself self-compassion
  • Conscious experience of feelings and a benevolent treatment of everyone, including negative feelings
  • The simple harmony sequences of the pieces are also well suited to get started with free song accompaniment and improvisation

What you get:

Step-by-step instructions

  • I'll tell you my structured emotional exercise!
  • Improve the way you feel the music in 6 simple steps


  • 5 pieces on the feelings of longing, liveliness, sadness, gratitude and confidence
  • Catchy melodies with chord symbols for song accompaniment or for improvisation
  • All pieces with notes for C, B ♭ and E ♭ instruments (also suitable for transposing instruments such as clarinet or saxophone)
  • As a PDF file for your tablet or for printing (pages that contain music are print-friendly in black and white)
  • For each piece a playing tip for the musical design or possible variations

Emotional suggestions

  • A poem for each piece for your emotional awareness
  • Sensitive tips for dealing with the respective feeling
  • Lovingly colored design of the music book for better exposure to the feeling

Table of Contents:

Preview of a sheet of music:

You will also receive:

The complete pieces to listen to

  • The complete tracks as MP3 for immediate download
  • Easier playing by listening to the pieces
  • Multi-voiced arrangements for inspiration or a smile while listening!
  • For each piece a variant without melody as playalong, so that you can be accompanied as a soloist!

Audio sample:

My music book helps you to live out your feelings musically, to empathize with the music you play and ultimately to make music with more pleasure. If you are already doing this, you can gain a bit more awareness of it with my music book.

"Those who not only play, but also feel, raise their musical experience to a new level"

100% money back guarantee

You can test my grade book for 14 days. If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back with no ifs or buts. Since not only I like to play the pieces on different instruments, but also other musicians, I am convinced that you will enjoy them too. If you disagree, drop me a line and you will be refunded. So there is no risk for you.

"If you learn to feel, you make your music livelier and your life richer."

If you don't want to miss the best of making music, empathize with your music and take the first step now.

Price: € 14.90

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