Why should we support unions

Become a union member

1. Successful together

As a community, we can express and assert our interests more easily and successfully. Be it in wage negotiations, be it in enforcing fair working conditions, be it in breaking down discrimination - as a union member you are part of a large community that is strengthened with every membership.

2. Supports when it matters

Union membership is especially valuable and helpful when things are not going well in the workplace. If there is trouble with the boss, if you are a victim of bullying and if your superiors only shrug their shoulders when they need good advice and support - then it is important that you are not alone and that the union shows solidarity with you Side white.

3. Well paid, fairly employed

In many industries and companies, the trade unions have won and concluded collective labor agreements that ensure good wages, fair working conditions and participation.

4. Financially at an advantage

The membership fee of the union already includes the contribution for the implementation of the CLA, which you would otherwise have to pay.

5. Well advised

The trade unions offer their members free legal advice if, for example, they need legal support or expert advice on labor law.

6. Discounted on the go

As a union member, you also benefit from many perks, for example discounted Reka-Checks, discounts in hotels, banks or insurance companies.

7. Fit through further training

The unions support their members through free or heavily discounted participation in further training.