Landlords can choose tenants

Attention landlords: This is how you recognize a reliable tenant

What is a good tenant anyway?

The following features characterize the requirements that landlords place on a good and reliable tenant:

  • Punctual rent payments
  • Long-term tenancy
  • Proper handling of the apartment
  • Good understanding with the neighbors

But how do you know if you are dealing with a good candidate for renting an apartment? Which questions should and may be asked before renting and which documents are suitable for better assessing the future tenant?

Daniel Schlehan, owner and managing director of allcap AG, has been involved in renting apartments as a real estate agent for over ten years and makes his most important findings available here.

Renting an apartment: The personal impression counts

We will inform you in a moment how you can use documents and specific questions to find out what type of prospective tenant you are currently dealing with. But before we get into the pure facts, let's talk about your personal judgment.

As a landlord, like an employer in a job interview, you should above all get one personal impression before it comes to renting out your apartment.

Knowledge of human nature and experience lead to the right decision

With a little knowledge of human nature and experience, you will find out quite reliably who you are dealing with. Of course, you can be fooled. In combination with a fact-based review, however, a very accurate assessment emerges. In a personal conversation, you can find out very well how well the tenant fits into the previous house community.

Of course, this requires that you know the other tenants personally. A prudent one Compilation of the various tenants of a house is the prerequisite for a good Neighborhood without a hassle. You can also try to find out whether you are dealing with someone who will treat your property well and responsibly.

Before renting: The tenant self-assessment

Now we come to evaluating tenants based on verifiable facts. It is recommended that you refer to a Self-disclosure set for the apartment rental, which is filled in by the tenant.

Of course, there is no obligation for the interested party to do so registration form to be filled out. However, it is of course clear to every potential tenant that a refusal does not improve their chances of a rental.

The self-disclosure primarily serves to assess whether the interested party can and wants to pay their rent reliably. In addition to general information such as name, address, occupation or employer, you should therefore also ask about income here.

Spend a maximum of one third of your income on rent

You can assume that a maximum of a third of disposable income should be spent on rent. If the wages are too low, the tenant may not be able to afford the apartment.

You shouldn't miss a Rental deposit to raise. This may amount to a maximum of three months 'rent for apartments and a maximum of six months' rent for commercial property. The deposit is important if there is damage to the apartment or rent arrears. You can then use the amount to cover these costs.

The rental debt exemption certificate as additional security

In addition, you can ask the interested party for a so-called rental debt exemption certificate. The previous landlord thus confirms that it no rental debts from the current tenancy. This protects you from running into a rental nomad who doesn't even plan to pay the rent.

Please note, however, that there is no obligation for the previous landlord to issue such a certificate. If it cannot be presented, it does not have to mean anything.

The debt enforcement information as further security

A debt enforcement report for the future tenant is a very good way of finding out whether you are dealing with a financially reliable person. After all, not only rental debts but also other unfulfilled claims are listed here.

In doing so, however, it is essential to ensure that the debt enforcement extract submitted by the tenant is not a forgery. These appear not infrequently in the age of digitization. For this reason, we recommend that you check the correctness of the debt collection office by consulting the responsible debt enforcement office Information to check.

The self-disclosure of a company for business information

In addition, you can ask the interested party to provide you with a self-assessment from a company for business information. Institutes such as CRIF or Bisnode collect data on the creditworthiness of consumers in close cooperation with banks and trading companies. On this basis, your future tenant can call up a self-assessment which he will then present to you.

Permitted and forbidden questions when renting an apartment

Of course, you want to find out as much as possible about your potential tenant. However, you should note that there are a number of questions that are not allowed in this situation. Note that the tenant must answer such questions Be allowed to tell falsehoodwithout this having any consequences for him.

examples for inadmissible questions relate, among other things, to membership in a tenants' association, religious denomination, illnesses, marital status, the amount of the previous rent or the duration of the existing tenancy. These should not play a role in your decision to rent an apartment.

On the other hand, it is not a problem if you inquire before renting whether the interested party is a Swiss or a foreigner, who will still be living in the apartment apart from him, whether subletting is planned or whether the previous apartment has been canceled by the landlord has been.

Rely on an experienced broker when renting out

As you can see, choosing tenants for your apartment is quite a complex task that involves many factors. You don't have to deal with renting apartments very often or you don't have a lot of experience? Then maybe you want to be here professional support.

Your right contact person in this situation is an experienced and reputable broker. They will either guide you through the selection process or even take over the task completely for you.

It also depends on the amount of the rent

The real estate agent is also able to advise you on the appropriate rent. This depends, among other things, on how successfully and how quickly you will rent out your apartment.

The amount of the rent is also an important signal that decides which type of prospective tenant will contact you. The commissioning of a realtor makes sense from various points of view when it comes to a successful apartment rental.

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