Why is China done so well

Growth: The Truth About China As A Corona Winner

When China's national statistics agency reported on Monday that the country's economic output had increased by almost five percent in the third quarter compared to the previous quarter, many observers in the West were amazed. The second wave of the pandemic is currently raging in Europe and the USA. Economic development suffers as a result. Only recently did the federal government's autumn report forecast that the Federal Republic's gross domestic product would collapse by more than five percent this year.

China's economy, on the other hand, is booming. For many an observer, that was evidence enough to come to the conclusion: "China will be the winner of the corona crisis." In Beijing, whether this conclusion has popped the champagne corks. The rulers there want nothing more than proof that democratically legitimized states are inferior to China's authoritarian system in the fight against the pandemic. But those who declare China the winner of the Corona crisis are not just giving the Communist Party (CP) a propaganda gift. He also makes it too easy for himself. Because the supposed “profit” of China comes at a high price.

The Chinese economic performance is impressive. Some observers tried to classify them critically on Monday by pointing out the suspicion that the growth figures could be fudged. But this is nothing more than a ritual. There have always been doubts about China's statistics - even in China. In truth, this doubt distracts from the more important message.