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10 Important WordPress Costs - What Does WordPress Really Cost?

We are now in the year 2019. Digitization is in full swing, electronic commerce is flourishing, social media are saturated with monotonous content and the desire for your own website and blog is stronger than ever before. The means of choice: WordPress. Nice thing. But what does WordPress cost? Or much more important: How high are the WordPress costs in detail?

Let's get to the bottom of this question in detail. First, however, we should have a few mandatory definitions so that we don't look like a poorly prepared CFO in the board meeting during the heated discussion about WordPress costs, who is still making his PowerPoint presentation for controlling on the way to work has completed.

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

The greatest confusion in terms of WordPress is often caused by the ambiguous nomenclature between the WordPress platform WordPress.com and the actual one WordPress software, which can be downloaded as an open source content management system (CMS) from WordPress.org for free (free of charge) and self hosted can be. We'll clarify in a moment what that means in detail.

In contrast, WordPress.com offers full WordPress packages including hosting. So here we don't have to install software on a web server ourselves, but simply register for a free or paid account at WordPress.com, which we then use to set up our website.

Plans hosted at WordPress.com (price overview, as of 01/30/19)

That sounds good at first glance, but it also has some disadvantages. The most important factor here is that we are at one of the four WordPress plansFree„, „Personally„, „Premium"Or"Business“Can use a full WordPress website, however no access on the source code of the website.

First and foremost, this only seems to be an important criterion for advanced users, but it quickly becomes the decisive one even for laypeople in case of doubt disadvantage can develop.

Because as soon as the own website Once it is running properly and there is some capital left over to expand the website, you are rarely willing to change the domain (the name of the website) and hosting (the web server on which the website is installed) or even start from scratch.

In addition, the website variant hosted with WordPress.com has other disadvantages:

  • Users share yourself one Web server (including IP) with several customers (so-called "shared hosting"), which can lead to performance restrictions and disadvantages in the delivery rate of e-mails
  • Users have no access on the source code of the WordPress installation
  • The adaptation of themes, plugins and design settings is included additional costs connected
  • The advertising must first be "bought away" through paid packages

Who is a website hosted on WordPress.com suitable for?

Very easily. If you just want to “just blog” without worrying about technology, domains and extensive search engine optimization and your website has no commercial goals, then an inexpensive website at WordPress.com is the right choice.

In all other cases, you should go for a self-hosted WordPress website.

Host WordPress yourself

Independent hosting of a WordPress website has several advantages:

The list can be continued indefinitely. So our tendency should be clear. If you think long-term or who meet the following criteria, you should therefore use a self-hosted WordPress version:

  • Self-employed and agencies from the digital sector
  • Freelancer and Consultant
  • Small to medium-sized businesses
  • E-commerce ventures
  • Professional bloggers planning extensive commercialization

Is WordPress free?

Even if the open source software WordPress downloaded for free can be, that means for a long time Notthat WordPress too free of charge is. Here it is not so much a cleverly formulated small print of the unplanned cost factors, but rather the effort associated with the installation, operation, maintenance and care of a WordPress website.

How high these costs are depends primarily on that own work out. Basically, all steps for setting up and installing a WordPress website can be done by yourself.

It's a bit like building a house. You can do everything yourself, but you should at least have the necessary know-how. Otherwise the tiles will hang crooked or the roof will fall on us unplanned at some point.

With a self-hosted installation you can save some WordPress costs!

What does WordPress hosting cost?

The WordPress costs for professional hosting start from approx. 5 euros / month. However, we have to decide between the two hosting options:

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated server

While at Shared hosting a web server is occupied by a different number of customers who share a fixed number of CPUs and RAM with their websites (therefore "shared"), becomes the dedicated server occupied solely by the respective hosting recipient.

This increases the costs enormously, but is only necessary for extensive website projects. Dedicated hosting begins from approx. 50 euros / monththere is no upper limit.

In the case of low tariffs, options for the additional SSL certificates may have to be paid for, which are included in most premium tariffs. Our hosting partner All-Inkl.com * offers free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates in its tariffs, with which you can encrypt your own website.

WordPress costs in comparison

So what does WordPress hosting cost in detail? The following table compares hosting an account at WordPress.com with running a self-hosted WordPress website:

WordPress variantWordPress.comWordPress.org (self hosted)
Domain costfrom 0-30 € / yearfrom 0 € / year (regular .de domain: 9.90 € / year)
Web space3GB free, 6GB from 4 € / month50 GB from € 4.95 / month (e.g. at All-Inkl.com *)
Design adjustments (theme)from 8 € / monthfree
Pluginsfrom 25 € / monthfree
Advertising through WordPressad-free from € 4 / monthno advertising
Adjustments to the source codenot possiblepossible
WooCommerce shopfrom 8 € / monthfree

Of course, you should note that the costs for a WordPress.com account do not add up, but are specific to that single package are specified. The basic package is free, the business package currently costs around 25 euros / month.

Come here yet further domains to, more memory and will further e-mail inboxes necessary, but can easily add up to 50-80 euros / month in costs. That is around 600-700 euros per year for a simple website that we build and operate ourselves.

If we rely on an inexpensive, self-hosted WordPress solution, we will achieve an equivalent or higher quality standard of service with a monthly budget of less than 10 euros / month, but only pay around 100-120 euros per year for pure hosting.

Even if you external WordPress services As our WordPress services use, the costs for a professional WordPress installation can be fully amortized after 1-2 years.

If you set up your own website yourself and use a full WordPress manual, you save further costs and thus valuable ECB book money.

Requirements for hosting WordPress

With a bit of rational understanding, you can say that the independent hosting of a WordPress website is the most economical option in the long term. At least when we pursue a commercial purpose with the website, want to set up an online shop or offer professional services that have something to do with the web, consulting, technology or business. Even as a winemaker, you shouldn't play the savings fox with a WordPress homepage for your winery.

To get a little closer to this, we have compiled the technical WordPress requirements that should be met for a smooth installation on a web space.

10 important WordPress costs

In addition, exist other cost factorsthat you should plan for when installing, setting up, and maintaining your website. The following points give you an overview of the meaning, time required and optional costs for a professional implementation by a WordPress agency.

Installation and setup

You can do the WordPress installation yourself with a little dexterity. For all the important components (including adjustments for security, data protection and performance, more on that in a moment) you, as a beginner, need around 3-6 hours with our WordPress instructions, depending on your previous knowledge.

Serious agency offers start here from around 600-900 euros (net), depending on which included services are already included.

Security adjustments

WordPress forms the basis of almost 40% of all websites on the Internet. But that also makes the CMS very popular Target of attack for hackers, because many website operators negligently create security gaps, fail to close them through lazy updates or create further risks with ignorance.

These risks can be minimized as far as possible with a few additional steps. If you work through our WordPress Security Guide, you can implement targeted security adjustments in around 3-4 hours with which your website is a Security of more than 99% against regular hacker attacks (brute force, directory traversal, SQL injections, etc.).

After submitting our security guide, our WordPress security module also expires. In any case, these WordPress costs are well invested. Damage that can be prevented does not cause unnecessary costs for its removal in the first place!

GDPR adjustments

Speaking of security. Adjustments for GDPR and Co. are part of data protection and therefore also part of website security. However, there are other factors to consider here because one GDPR-compliant WordPress website must meet some requirements, such as

If you use a theme like Enfold, the adjustments can be carried out independently in about 2-3 hours. Agencies usually work here based on effort, since the data protection measures have to adapt to the website structure in most cases.


The WordPress theme is at the heart of the Website designs. Here you define all the primary settings for the layout, appearance and functionality of your website. A multi-purpose theme like Enfold allows the website design to be completely customized. Experienced users can do this in under 2-3 hours. As a beginner, you will need an additional 3-4 hours of familiarization here.

A WooCommerce theme like Storefront is a bit simpler to use because the range of functions is limited. Here you have to calculate - depending on your needs - an additional 20 - 90 euros (one-time) for further storefront plugins.

Important: A WordPress child theme is required for a convenient theme installation. Setup and installation are done here in about 30 minutes.

Other resources:


The WordPress plugins are responsible for the functional expansion of your website. An online shop, contact forms, security features or table options can be easily displayed. The installation of a plugin is done in a few minutes, the setup can take quite a while and cannot be calculated as a flat rate. Agencies bill according to the effort involved.

As always, we have put together a valuable selection of resources with which you can set up the 12 most important WordPress plugins.

Performance adjustments

What use is the best website with the smartest content if all the stuff takes minutes to load and your own website visitors jump out of frustration in front of the loading bar and search the distance? Exactly. Not much.

Therefore, a number of performance adjustments are necessary so that the website does not experience any disadvantages in the search results of Google and Co. and the usability of the users.

If you work through our WordPress Performance Guide, you will be busy with it for about 4-6 hours. Alternatively, you can also request the WordPress Performance Module, which includes all the important adjustments.

Other resources:

Online shop

The effort required to set up an online shop with WordPress and WooCommerce depends primarily on the shop structure (multisite / single-site, multilingualism) and the number of products to be created. With existing product descriptions, completed terms and conditions and the appropriate images, you can have a ready-to-use online shop in 5-10 hours.

As part of an agency work, a basic setup costs between 800-3500 euros, depending on which functionalities (e.g. membership functionality, booking function, etc.) have to be integrated into the WooCommerce shop. Here, too, there is of course no limit in the upper direction.

Of course we have provided you with extensive WooCommerce instructions.

Other useful resources for WooCommerce:


For a subsequent search engine optimization of static pages or WordPress articles (choice of keywords, meta descriptions, image descriptions, alternative texts etc.) you can plan roughly 0.5 hours per page or article.

Ideally, you do this immediately when you start your WordPress blog and thus save time-consuming rework. The SEO plugin Yoast will help you, which you can use together with our WordPress SEO manual very effectively for targeted search engine optimization.

If you decide to do so afterwards, you can plan around 50 hours of work with a number of, for example, 100 posts or pages. At an agency-standard hourly rate of 80-100 euros (net) that is around 4000-5000 euros. Then better to the Maldives!

Our WordPress SEO module offers you a possible alternative from both models, which is flexibly based on your needs.

Website analytics

What good is the whole website effort if we can't even adequately measure the impact of the WordPress costs invested? Not much. That is why every website operator is sooner or later interested in somehow measuring their website success.

In practice this boils down to two tools:

In the context of the GDPR, the open source project Matomo (formerly Piwik) than real ones alternative to Google Analytics highlighted because the Matomo installation can follow locally on your own web server and therefore no data is sent to the server farms in the USA. Not only the data protection officer is happy.

For the sake of completeness, the appropriate instructions for setting up:

However, some technical skills are required for installation and setup. The effort for both variants is around 2-3 hours. If you need help with the integration, please contact our WordPress support.

Maintenance, care and backups

Property obliges. What applies to real estate is no different for websites. Because here, too, maintenance and care must be included in everyday website life so that the piece of source code does not fall apart into its individual parts at some point.

The following WordPress costs should be taken into account during operation:

  • Updates and monitoring of plugins and security vulnerabilities
  • Updates and monitoring of the core version of WordPress
  • Database updates
  • Regular backups of web space and database
  • Cleaning of database, website cache and web space (log files, unused files)

You can plan around 2-5 hours of work per month (not including the pure download time for backups). As an agency service, you can expect costs of around 50 euros / month upwards.

In our article on professional WordPress maintenance, we have compiled the most important factors that you have to consider when maintaining your website yourself. Alternatively, you can of course also ask our backup service.

Résumé: WordPress is free, but not free of charge

A professional WordPress website cannot avoid a self-hosted installation. The whole project is associated with additional effort, but this is in relation to the costs amortize quickly can.

Because the paid packages from WordPress.com in particular can really get into the money in the long run and reduce your own liquidity if the package goes to yours technical limits has arrived and a forced move to its own server is imminent.

As soon as we want to set up and manage an online shop with WooCommerce, we need technical access to all components of the website anyway. Otherwise we don't just limit ours Sales potential, but also the opportunity to be assisted by a professional service provider.

If the investment in an agency service is too high for you to start with, you can work your way through all the important aspects of a successful website with WordPress with our extensive WordPress manual for beginners in 8 structured chapters Save WordPress costs.



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