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Siegfried M. Schwertner

IATG2 International List of Abbreviations for Theology and Frontier Areas Journals, series, encyclopedias, source works with bibliographical information 2nd, revised and expanded edition

International glossary of abbreviations for theology and related subjects Periodicals, series, encyclopaedias, sources with bibliographical notes

Index international des abréviations pour la théologie et domaines apparentés Glossario internazionale delle abbreviazioni per la teologia e materie affini Índice internacional de abreviaturas para teología y materias afines W DE

G Walter de Gruyter • Berlin • New York 1992


Aim This glossary of abbreviations is intended as a contribution to the standardization of title abbreviations. It contains suggestions for standard abbreviations of periodicals, serials, dictionaries and source works for approximately 7,500 titles. Group initials rather than shortforms of titles according to the international standards for the abbreviation of titles (for example, the British Standard 4148: 'Specification for the abbreviation of titles of periodicals' 1970, or, the' American national standard for the abbreviation of titles of periodicals', New York 1969) have been deliberately proposed, since the index has evolved from practical experience and is designed for practical use. As a rule, those responsible for the elaboration of international standards for the abbreviation of titles themselves use group initials for their branch - for example ZÍBB and B-P-H (Botanico-Periodicum-Huntianum. Pittsburg, Pa. 1968). The chief reason for this is that title abbreviations are inadequate for oral communication. Principles of Abbreviation a) Every word of the title - with the exception of articles, prepositions, and conjunctions - is rendered by a capital letter. Should a title contain an enumeration of specialized fields, however, then only those that need to be distinguished from other titles are abbreviated (eg ZNW for: Journal for New Testament Science and the Curses of the Old Church; MASCF for: Mémoires de l'Académie des Sciences, Belles-Lettres et Arts de Clermont-Ferrand). b) Compound nouns - insofar as they do not characterize the type of publication (monthly journal, hand dictionary, yearbook etc.) - are reduced to their components (e.g. Z K G for: Zeitschrift für Kirchengeschichte). c) Words signifying royalty are omitted (e.g. AAWB for: Abhandlungen der Königlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin; but ARM for: Archives royales de Mari); adjectives indicating the frequency of publication (annual, quarterly, trimestriel, etc.) are generally dealt with in the same way. d) If identical group initials obtain from different titles, the lower case letters of a prominent word from the particular title will appear. e) Group initials from identical titles are expanded to include the publications place or country of origin in brackets (e.g. AAS (B) for: Asian and African studies. Bratislava; AAS (J) for: Asian and African studies. Jerusalem). f) In the case of titles consisting of one word, the initial letters are used (e.g. Bib. for: Biblica). g) Should a publication possess subseries or supplementary series, these are indicated after a full stop (eg ARSP.S for: Archive for Legal and Social Philosophy. Supplementa; AAI.M for: Atti della R. Accademia d'Italia. Memorie. ..). h) Exceptions to these rules are made in cases where I have become acquainted with more commonly used group initials or publishers' abbreviations (e.g. ThLZ for: Theologische Literaturzeitung; SupplByz for: Supplementa Byzantina).



Sources The foundation of this compilation was laid by the list of abbreviations in the RGG, which is widely used, at least in the German language area. I have diverged from it (1) where the abbreviations used clash with those that have become customary in other specialized fields; (2) or where the usage of the LThK is better; (3) or if they are in basic contradiction to the principles mentioned above (accordingly, AHAW in IATG and not AAH as in RGG). Furthermore, the titles of publications in the following list of abbreviations were consulted: BHH, BK, BPatr, EBB, IBHR, IndIsl and Suppl. 1962, IOB, IZBG, RHE, Rykle Borger, Handbuch der Keilschriftliteratur, Berlin I, 1967. - Christoph Burchard, Bibliographic on the Dead Sea manuscripts, Berlin II, 1965 (BZAW 89). - Shinsho Hanayama, Bibliography of Buddhism, Tokyo 1961. - Friedrich Rcnnhofcr, Bücherkundc des Catholic Life, Vienna 1961. - Joseph Marie Sauget, Bibliographie des liturgies orientales (1900-1960), Roma 1962. In addition to these, the following publications have been examined for relevant titles: DW (Ust of abbrevations and Part 42), GAZS, NST 1961-1965, RFHMA, Dietrich Gla, Systematically Ordered Repertory of Catholic Theological Literature, 1895. - Otto Kippenberg, Art. Journals in: RE 3 24, 1913, 662-691. Joachim Kirchner, Bibliography of the journals of the German-speaking area up to 1900, Stuttgart I, 1969. - Otto Leistner, International title abbreviations for journals, newspapers, important handbooks, dictionaries, laws, etc., Osnabrück 1970. - Bernhard Sticker, Directory of German scientific journals, Wiesbaden 6 1965. - Directory of selected scientific journals from abroad, VAZ, Wiesbaden 1957, new ed. 1969. - Directory of foreign journals in Swiss libraries, Bern 4 1955. - Central catalog of new foreign journals and series in Austrian libraries, ZAZ, vol. 6. Sachregister, Wien 1963. Bibliographical Notes The bibliographical section contains: 1. Titles including subtitles so far as they are necessary for the characterization or identification of a publication, as well as editor or publishing body; 2. Place of publication, preferably in the form of the respective national language; 3. First publication, manner of publication ("-" periodic, "ff." Irregular), in the case of periodic publications also long interruptions, when necassary the last number or volume; 4. Serial numeration (continuous classification is always indicated first; in part this has been introduced only later) and details regarding the edition, indicated by raised numerals; 5. Subseries and supplements are introduced by: "-"; 6. Information regarding the principal series is referred to by: "="; 7. Changes of titles: < before="" a="" group="" intitial:="" the="" present="" title="" supersedes="" the="" publication="" indicated="" by="" this="" group="">



> it is superseded by this publication, "it arose out of this publicaiton or incorporated it," it was incorporated in this publication or the publication ensued from it; 8. Suggested group initial. e.g .: 1 magazine for cultural history. 2 Nuremberg 4 NS (= 4th ser.) 31.1894-9.1901 / 05. 7th < zdkg="" 7=""> AKuG 5 - ErgH. 1.1897-3.1900.





The bibliographical data are based principally on the information in the catalogs already mentioned in the paragraph "Sources", the catalog of the Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, and BL.GC, BUCOP, DBZ, GAZS.N, LoC, NPT, NUC, TZV, ZVEB . Anyone who has compared these lists with regard to a given title will realize the extent to which they diverge from one another in the information they offer. It is particularly striking that some lists indicate changes of title insufficiently, or not at all. Given the quantity of titles treated in this list, only a few could be checked in the original with regard to bibliographical information. Moreover, since I have had no access to the stacks of a large library in the last few years, the information given will not always be fully satisfactory. In particular, contradictions in bibliographical reference works made necessary decisions as to their probable accuracy. Arrangement In the analytical section, the group initials are arranged letter by letter. A capital letter stands before one in the lower case. Letters following a full stop are not considered in the alphabetical series, i.e. group initials with a full stop are classified only up to this point: MC MC.K MC.M MCA Brackets within a group initial are omitted within the process of classification. MSCTS MS (D) MSD MSE In the bibliographical section, titles strictly follow the previously established word sequence. Only at the beginning of a title are the definite and indefinite articles omitted: Revue d'histoire ... Revue de droit ...


Introduction Revue de l'Institut ... Revue de la Faculté ... Revue de linguistique ... Revue des études ...

No consideration has been given to the abbrcvation of words denoting nobility (royal, imperial, royal, imperial, etc.). Abbreviations without a full stop are read as one word (e.g. PMLA). A full stop in a title is treated as a mark of separation. Therefore, only what precedes it is classified: Publications. Sussex Record Society Publications de l'Ecole ... Names with abbreviated given names, however, are treated as composite wholes. Designations of series are in principal placed first, thus: Monograph series. Society for New Testament studies, but: Aberdeen University studies. I should like to thank Mr. Angel Nakoff, Uppsala, Sweden, for the rearrangement of my filing system from classification according to abbreviation into classification according to title. I should also like to thank the Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg for their most generous permission to use their bibliographical apparatus and library catalog.

Abbreviations used in the bibliographical part Abbreviations used in the bibliographical part Abréviations usitées dans la partie bibliographique Abbreviazioni usate nella parte bibliografica Abreviaturas utilizadas en la parte bibliográfica a. Dept. app. Ed. Ed.

also, also, also department appendix, appendice edition edition

Bd., Bde. Edit. Editing limited hatchet. or.

Volume, volumes edited



to you. German

direction german

ed., éd.

edidit, ediert, édite, edited, edito, editus, éditeur, editor / ediçào, edición, éditeur, editie, editio, Edition, édition, editione, editor, editore, edizione, edikum Evangelical Church in Germany english contains supplements supplementary volume supplementary booklet published español et cetera Protestant, Protestant-Lutheran, Protestant-Reformed

EKD engl. Cont. Erg. ErgBd. ErgH. publ. esp. etc. ev. ev.-luth. ev.-ref.


Follow following (e) (and) following suivant (e) s seguente (i) siguiente (s) française


Complete edition

hg.v. hist.

published by historical, historical, historique, histórico

F. f., Ff.

i., imp. Ind. Ital.

impérial, imperial Index, indice, índice italiano

k. Kl.

royal, congenial, royal class


latin, latin, latino, latinus delivery

NA NB NF nederl. No. NR NS

New edition New edition New series Nederlands number, number, numéro, número New series, nieuwe reeks New series, new series, nouvelle série, nova series, nueva series, nuova series, novaja serija


old series

phil. philol.

philosophisch, philosophique philologischer, philological, philologique part publicar, publié, published, published

Pt. publ. r. R. red. red. red., réd. Reg. RegBd. repr. rev. see S. Sect. Ser., Sér. supl. suppl. SupplH.

real, real, royal raekke, series, reeks redigiert rédigé, redactado redactar, rédacteur, rédaction, editor, editorial office, editor register, registers, register volumes reprint (new printing) revised, revisé, revised, revisado see, see (voir, vedi, ver) san, santa, sancti, sanctus, santa santo, são Sectio, section seria, series, série, serie, series suplemento supplement, supplément, supplementary supplement booklet


XXX transl.

translated, translator, traduction, translation, traducción

u.d.T. UB udg. Trans. Uitg. utg. vol.

under the title University Library udgive / udgave, udgiver translator, translation uitgegeven / uitgaaf, uitgever utgivare / utgiva volume, volume

originated from supersede né de derivato da surgido de




continued by superseded by suivi de seguito da continuado or

e.g. partly also

for example partly at the same time


emerged from or merged into arose out or in incorporated résulté de ou y absorbé derivato o incorporato da derivado de o incorporado en


incorporated in or ensued absorbé dans ou en découlé incorporato o derivato in incorporado en o resultado de él


Changes compared to the 1st edition revisions contained in the 2nd ed. Revisions à la 1 è r e édition modifiche alla 1a edizione revisada la primera edición

periodical publication periodical parution périodique pubblicazione periodica publicación periódica ff.

=> => a.

non-periodic appearance irregular irrégulier pubblicazione irregolare publicación no periódica see; lake; voir; vedi; ver see also; see also; voir aussi; vedi anche

Biblical books Biblical books Livres bibliques Libri biblici Libros bíblicos A number of abbreviation systems are listed here for the biblical books, but one should, if possible, limit oneself to one within a publication. to:

Ecumenical directory of biblical proper names according to the Loccumer guidelines. Stuttgart 21981 AT: Gen Ex Lev Num Dtn Jos Ri Rut 1-2 Sam 1-2 Kön 1-2 Chr Esra Neh Tob Jdt Est 1-2 Makk Ijob Ps Spr Koh Hld Weish Sir Jes Jcr Klgl Bar Ez Dan Hos Joël Am Obd Jona Mi Nah Hab Zef Hag Sach Mal NT: Mt Mk Lk Joh Act Röm 1-2 Kor Gal Eph Phil Kol 1-2 Thess 1-2 Tim Tit Phlm Hebr Jak 1-2 Petr 1-3 Joh Jud Rev after: Novum Testamentum graece. Ed. Nestle-Aland AT: Gn Ex Lv Nu Dt Jos Jdc Rth 1.2 Sm 1.2 Rg 1.2 Chr Esr Esth; Job Ps Prv Eccl Ct; Is Jr Thr Ez Dn Hos Joel Am Ob Jon Mch Nah Hab Zph Hgg Zch Ml; Jdth Sap Tob Sir Bar 1-4 Mcc NT: Mt Mc L J; Apg; R 1.2 K G E Ph Kol 1.2 Th 1.2 T Tt Phm; H; Jc 1.2 P 1-3 J Jd; Ap after: Nova Vulgata. Bibliorum sacrorum editio. Città del Vaticano 1979 AT: Gn Ex Lv Nm Dt Ios Idc Rt 1-2 Sam 1-2 Reg 1-2 Par Esd Ne Tob Est 1-2 Mac Iob Ps Prv Eccle Ct Sap Eccli Is Ier Lam Bar Ez Dn Il Am Abd Ion Mich Nah Hab Soph Agg Zach Mal NT: Mt Mc Lc Io Act Rom 1-2 Cor Gal Eph Philp Col 1-2 Thess 1-2 Tim Philm Hebr Iac 1-2 Pe 1-3 Io Ids Apc

Idt Os Tit

according to: Theological Real Encyclopedia. List of abbreviations. Berlin 1976 AT: Gen Ex Lev Num Dtn Jos Jdc I-II Sam I-II Reg Jes (Dtjes, Trjes) Jer Ez Hos Joel Am Ob Jon Mi Nah Hab Zeph Hag Sach Mal Ps Hi Prov Ruth Cant Koh Thr Est Dan Esr Neh I-II Chr NT: Mt Mk Lk Joh Act Rom I-II Kor Gal Eph Phil Kol I-II Thess I-II Tim Tit Phlm Hebr Jak I-II Petr I-III Joh Jud Apk Some systems of abbreviation for biblical books are presented here. It is recommended, however, that one system be used within a given publication. according to: Instructions for contributors to the Journal of biblical literature. In: SuppL to Journal of biblical literature, 1971, 70 OT: Gen Exod Lev Num Deut Josh Judg 1-2 Sam 1-2 Kgs Isa Jer Ezek Hos Joel Amos Obad Jonah Mic Nah Hab Zeph Hag Zech Mal Ps (s) Job Prov Ruth Cant Eccl / Qoh Lam Esth Dan Ezra Neh 1-2 Chr Add Esth Bar Bel 1-2 Esdr 4 Ezra Jdt Ep Jer 1-4 Mac Pr Azar Pr Man Sir Sus Tob Wis NT: Matt Mark Luke John Acts Rom 1-2 Cor Gal Eph Phil Col 1-2 Thes 1-2 Tim Tit Phlm Heb Jas 1-2 Pet 1-3 John Jude Rev according to: The Holy Bible. Revised Standard Version OT: Gen Ex Lev Num Deut Josh Judg Ruth 1-2 Sam 1-2 Kings 1-2 Chron Ezra Neh Esther Job Ps Prov Eccles Song Is Jer Lam Ezek Dan Hos Joel Amos Obad Jon Mic Nahum Hab Zeph Hag Zech Mal NT: Mt Mk Lk Jn Acts Rom 1-2 Cor Gal Eph Phil Col 1-2 Thess 1-2 Tim Tit Philem Heb Jas 1-2 Pet 1-3 Jn Jude Rev


Biblical books

according to: New Catholic encyclopedia. New York [etc.] 15, 1967, p. 233 OT: Gn Ex Lv Nm Dt Jos Jgs Ru 1-2 Sm 3-4 Kgs 1-2 Chr Ezr Neh Tb Jdt list 1-2 Mc Jb Ps Prv licci Ct Wis Sir Is Jcr Lam Bar Ez Dn Os Jl Am Abd Jon Mi Na Hab So Ag Za Mal NT: Mt Mk Lk Jn Acts Rom 1-2 Cor Gal Eph Phil Col 1-2 Thes 1-2 Tm Ti Phlm Heb Jas Jc 1-2 Pt 1-3 Jn Jude Ap Voilà quelques indications d 'abbréviation pour les livres bibliques; cependant il serait convenable de se servir uniquement du même système au courant d'une publication. d'après: Traduction oecuménique de la bible AT: Gn Ex Lv Nb Dt Jos Jg 1-2 S 1-2 R Es Jr Ez Os Jl Am Ab Jon Mi Na Ha So Ag Za Ml Ps Jb Pr Rt Ct Qo Lm Est Dn Esd Ne 1-2 Ch NT: Mt Mc Lc Jn Ac Rm 1-2 Co G a Ep Ph Col 1-2 Th 1-2 Tm Tt Phm He Jc 1-2 P 1-2-3 Jn Jude Ap d'après : Bible de Jérusalem AT: Gn Ex Lv Nb Dt Jos Jg Rt 1-2 S 1-2 R 1-2 Ch Esd Ne Tb Jdt Est 1-2 M Jb Ps Pr Qo Ct Sg Si Is Jr Lm Ba Ez Dn Os Jl Am Ab Jon Mi Na So Ag Za Ml NT: Mt Mc Lc Jn Ac Rm 1-2 Co G a Ep Ph Col 1-2 Th 1-2 Tm Tt Phm He Jc 1-2 P 1-2-3 Jn Jude Ap Per i libri biblici vengono indicati di séguito alcuni sistemi di abbreviazione; è per altro consigliabile l'uso di uno solo di essi all'interno d'una pubblicazione. there: Enciclopedia delle religioni. Firenze 1, 1970, LXV-LXVI AT: Gen. Es. Lev. Num. Deut. Gios. Giud. Ruth. I-II Sam. I-II Re. 1-II Cron. Esdr. Neh. Tob. Giudit. Est. I-II Macc. Giob. Sal. Prov. Eccl Cant. Sap. Eccli. Is. Ger. Lam. Bar. Ez. Dan. Os. Gioel. At the. Abac. Gion. Me. Close. Sof. Ag. Zacc. Times. NT: Mt. Mc. Luc. Gv. Atti. Rome. I-II Cor. Gal. Ef. Fil. Col. I-II Tess. I-II Tim. Tit. Film. Ebr. Giac. I-II Piet. I-III Gv. Giuda Apoc. da: Nuovo dizionario di mariologia. Torino 1986 AT: Gn Es Lv Nm Dt Gs Gde Rt 1-2 Sam 1-2 Re 1-2 Cr Esd Ne Tb Gdt Est 1-2 Mac Gb Sal Prv Qo Ct Sap Sir Is Ger Lam Bar Ez Dn Os Gl Am Abd Gio Mic Na Ab Sof Ag Zc Ml NT: Mt Mc Lc Gv At Rm 1-2 Cor Gal Ef Fil Col 1-2 Ts 1-2 Tm Tt Fm Eb Gc 1-2 Pt 1-3 Gv Gd Ap He aquí algunos sistemas de abreviación para los libros bíblicos; en lo posible deberá utilizarse en la misma publicación un solo sistema. según: Sagrada Biblia. Madrid 6 1961.(BAC) AT: Gén Ex Lev Núm Dt Jos Jue Rt I-II Sam I-II Re MI Cr Esd Ne Jdt Est MI Mac Jb Sal Prv Ece Cant Sab Eci Is Jer Lam Bar Ez Os Jl Am Ab Jon Miq Na Hab Sof Ag Zac Mal NT: Mt Mc Lc Jn Ac Rom I-II Cor Gal Ef Flp Col I-II Tes I-II Tim Tit Heb Sant I-II Pe I-III Jn Jds Ap

Tob Dan Flm

según: Conceptos fundamentales de la teologia. Madrid 1967 AT: Gn Ex Lv Nm Dt Jos Jue Rut 1-2 Sm 1-2 Re 1-2 Cr Esd Neh Tob Jdt Est 1-2 Mac Job Sal Prv Ecl Cant Sab Eclo Is Jr Lam Bar Ez Dn Os Joel Am Abd Jon Miq Nah Hab Sof Ag Zac Mal NT: Mt Mc Lc Jn Act Rom 1-2 Cor Gal Ef Flp Col 1-2 Tes 1-2 Tim Tit Flm Heb Sant 1-2 Pe 1-3 Jn Jds Ap

Sources and versions of the Bible Sources et textes bibliques Fonti ed edizioni della Bibbia Fuentes y versiones de la Biblia Apoc ARV ARVm ASV AT AV BUK BUS BUT D DV E ERV ERVm ET EÜ EV GNB J JB JE KJV L LXX

Apocryhien, apocrypha, apócrifos American standard revised version American standard revised version, margin American standard version (SV) Alles Testament, Ancien Testament, Antiguo Testamento Authorized version (= KJV) Biblia Hebraica. Ed. Rudolf Kittel Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia Biblia Hebraica transcripta Deuteronomist, Deuteronomista Douay-Challoner version Elohist, Elohista German revised version German revised version, margin German translation Single translation German version (s) Good news Bible Jahwist, Yahwist, Yahvista Jersualem bible = Jehovist King James version (Jehovist King James version AV) lay source Septuagint, septuagint Septante Versione dei Settanta Versión de los Setenta



Masoretic text, Masoretic text Nomadenquelle The new American Bible The new American standard Bible New English Bible The new international version The new King James version New Testament, novum testamentum, New Testament, Nouveau Testament, Nuevo Testamento, Nuovo Testamento Old Testament, Oude Testament Qumran , Qumrán Priesterschrift, priestly writing or priestly writer (s), priestly code Código Sacerdotal Revised standard version Revised version Revised version, margin Standard version (= ASV) Syriac Today's German version texte massorétique Traduction oecuménique de la bible Vulgata, vulgate Vetus Testamentum, Vecchio Testamento, Viejo Testamento Zurich Bible

Extra-canonical writings Dcuterocanonical books Livres dcutcrocanoniques Libri deuterocanoniá Literatura extracanónica The following were used as a basis: TRE, NHThG, OTP, Suppl. To JBL 90 pt.3, 1971, 67-76, EncFoi, T.O.B.


Dan (gr)

EpJer 4 It

Est (gr)

Hen (aeth)

Hen (gr)

Hen (hebr)

Assumptio de Mosis Ascension of Mose Assumption of Moses Assomption de Moïse Assunzione di Mosè Asunción Moisés Greek additions to Daniel Greek additions to Daniel Daniel grec Daniele greco Epistula Jeremiae Jeremia-Brief Lettre de Jérémie 4. Es (d) rabuch 4th Esdras 4e livre d ' Esdras 4 ° libro di Esdra 4. ° Esdras Greek additions to Esther Greek additions to Esther Ester grec Ester greco Liber Henoch aethiopice Ethiopian Book of Enoch Ethiopic book of Enoch Livre d'Hénoch éthiopien Libro di Enoch (etiopico) Libro etiòpico de Henoc Greek Book of Henoch Greek book of Henoch Livre d'Hénoch grec Libro di Enoch greco Libro griego de Henoc Hebrew Book of Enoch Hebrew Enoch Livre d'Hénoch hébreu Libro di Enoch (ebraico) Libro hebreo de Henoc

Extra-canonical writings Hen (sl)

Jdt JosAs Jub


1-4 Mac







Slavic Book of Enoch Slavonic book of Enoch Livre d'Hénoch slave Libro di Enoch (slavo) Henoc eslavo Judith Judit Joseph and Aseneth Joseph and Aseneth Jose y Asenet Jubilee Book Book of Jubilees Livre des Jubilés Libro dei Giubilei Libro de los Jubileos Liber antiquitatum biblicarum (pseudo- Philo) The biblical antiquities of Philo Antigüedades Bíblicas (Pseudo-Filón) 1.-4. Book of Maccabees lth - 4 th Maccabees 1 re - 4 e livre des Macc (h) abées 1 ° - 4 ° Maccabei 1. ° - 4. ° Macabeos Martyrdom of Isaiah (= AscIs) Martyrdom of Isaiah Martirio di Isaia Martirio de Isaías Oden Solomos Odes of Solomon Odes de Salomon Odi di Salomone Odas de Salomón Oratio Manassis Prayer of Manasse Prayer of M anasses Prière de Manassé Orazione di Manasse Oración de Manasés Psalms of Solomos Psalms of Salomon Psaumes de Salomon Salmi di Salomone Sap Salmos de Salomón of Salomón of Salomon of Salomosomonis Wisdom Salomon Sagesse de Salomon Sapienza Sabiduría Oracula Sibyllina Sibyllinen Sibylline oracles Livres sibyllins Oracoli Sibillini Oráculos Sibilinos



Ben Sira, Jesus Sirach ([Liber] Ecclesiasticus) The wisdom of Jesus Sirach The wisdom of Ben-Sira Siracide (Ecclésiastique) Sagesse de Ben Sira (Ecclesiastico) Testament Abrahams TcstAbr Testament of Abraham Testament d'Abraham Testamento di Abramo Testamento de Abrahàn TestAdam Testament Adam's Testament of Adam Testamento di Adamo Testamento de Adán TestJob Testament Job's Testament of Job Testament de Job Testamento di Giobbe Testamento de Job Testaments of the Twelve TestXII Patriarchs Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs Testaments des douze patriarches Testamenti dei Dodici Patriarchy II Patriarchy Testamentriar loscas .As Asser, Asher, Aser Benjamin, Benjamin TestXII.Ben Dan TestXII.Dan Gad TestXII.Gad Issachar, Isacar TestXII.Is Joseph, José TestXII.Jos Juda, Judah, Judá TestXII.Jud Levi, Leví TestXII.Lev TestXII.Naph Naphtali, Neftalí TestXII.Rub Ruben, Reuben, Rubén Simeon, Simeón TestXII.Sim TestXII.Zab Zabulon, Sebulon, Zabulón Tob Tobit Tobias Tobas Tobías Tobia VitAd Vita Adae et Evae Leben Adam and Evas Life of Adam and Eve Vie d'Adam et d'Ève Vita di Adamo ed Eva Vida de Adán y Eva

Extra-canonical writings Apocrypha (New Testament) and Apostolic Fathers Apocrypha (New Testament) and early patristic books Apocryphes (Nouveau Testament) et scrits patristiques Apocrifi (Nuovo Testamento) e libri patristici Apócrifos (Nuevo Testamento) y Padres apostólicos ActAndr



ActPhil ActPl





1-2 Clem

Files of the Andreas Acts of Andrew Actes d'André Atti di Andrea Hechos de Andrés Files of the Johannes Acts of John Actes de Jean Atti di Giovanni Hechos de Juan Files of the Petrus Acts of Peter Actes de Pierre Atti di Pietro Hechos de Pedro Acts of Philip Actes de Philippe Atti di Filippo Files of the Paulus Acts of Paul Actes de Paul Atti di Paolo Hechos de Pablo Files of the Thomas Acts of Thomas Actes de Thomas Atti di Tommaso Hechos de Tomás Apocalypse des Petrus Apocalypse of Peter Apocalypse de Pierre Apocalisse di Pietro Apocalipsis de Pedro Apocalypse of Paul Apocalypse of Paul Apocalypse de Paul Apocalisse di Paolo Apocalipsis de Pablo Barnabasbrief Epistle of Barnabas Épître de Barnabé Epistola di Barnabo Epistola de Bernabé 1st-2nd Clement Letter 1-2. Clement 1re - 2e lettre de Clément 1 a - 2 a Epistola di Clemente 1.a - 2.a Epístola de Clemente


Did Diog

EpAp EvAeg







Constitutiones apostolorum Apostolic Constitutions Apostolic Constitutions Constitutions apostoliques Didache Didachè Didajé Diognetbrief Diognetus Lettre de Diognète Epistola a Diogneto Epistula apostolorum Epistle of the apostles Egyptian-Evangelium Gospel of the Egyptians Evangelium Gospel of the Egyptians Evangeli Gospel of the Ebospelium of the Egypteliens Vangelium of the Evangeli of the Ebangile des Éliion Gospel des Ébionitas Vangelo degli Ebioniti Evangelio de los Ebionitas Hebrew Gospel Gospel of the Hebrews Evangile des Hébreux Vangelo degli Ebrei Evangelio de los Hebreos Petrus Gospel Gospel of Peter Evangile de Pierre Vangelo di Pietro Evangelio de Pedro Philippus- Evangelium Gospel of Philip Évangieleo Vangelo di Filippo Evangelio de Filipo Thomas-Evangelium Gospel of Thomas Evangile de Thomas Vangelo di Tommaso Evangelio de Tomás Pastor Hermae Shepherd of Hermas Shepherd of Hermes Pasteur d'Hermas Pastore di Herma Pastor de Hermas

Extra-canonical writings Herm (m) Hermas, mandata Hermas, mandate Hermas, mandements Hermas, mandata Herm (s) Hermas, similitudines Hermas, similitude Hermas, similitudes Hermas, similitudines Herm (v) Hermas, visiones Hermas, vision Hermas, visions Hermas, visiones IgnEph Ignatius, epistula ad Ephesios Letter from Ignatius to the Ephesians Ignatius, letter to the Ephesians Ignace, epitre aux Ephésiens Ignacio, epistola a los Efesios IgnMagn Magnesier Magnesians Magnésiens Magnesici Magnesios Philadelphier IgnPhld Philadelicpar Polycarnelfi Polycarpelfians Filadycarpe Romans Filadycarpe RomansPolycarpe RomansPolycarps



KerPe Laod


Pap Polyc


XXXVII Smyrnäer Smyrnaeans Smyrniotes Esmirnenses Trallianer Trallians Tralliens Tralianos Kerygma Petri Kérygme de Pierre Laodicenerbrief Epistle to the Laodiccans Épître aux Laodicéens Lettera di Paolo ai Laodicenyi Carta a los Martre-domicio de Martyres Martyrias Fragment de Papías Polycarp Letter of Polycarp Epître de Polycarpe Epistola di Policarpo Epístola de Policarpo Protevangelium des Jakobus Protoevangelium of James / Jacobi Protévangile de Jacques Vangelo di Giacomo Protevangelio de Santiago

Qumran It has become common practice to abbreviate the Qumran texts, stating the location (number of the Qumran cave or neighboring location) and the content. Sometimes the material (cu = copper; lign = wood; o (s) = ostracon; p (ap) = papyrus) is also mentioned, if it is not the leather that is usually found. The most important texts are: It has become an established practice to abbreviate the citations of the Qumran texts giving the location of the find (the number of the cave at Qumran, or of an adjacent archaeological site). Occasionally, the material on which the text is written is also mentioned (cu = copper; lign = wood; os = ostracon; pap = papyrus), that is, if the material was not leather, which was used in most cases. The most important texts are: L'habitude s'est installée d'abréger les textes de Qumran en donnant le lieu où ils ont été découverts (numéro de la grotte de Qumran ou lieu dans le voisinage) et leur contenu. Parfois on indique aussi le matériau (cu = cuivre; lign = bois; o (s) = ostracon; p (ap) = papyrus) là où il ne s'agit pas du cuir, le matériau le plus courant. Les textes les plus importants sont: É uso collaudato l'abbreviare i testi di Qumran con il cenno del luogo del ritrovamento (numero della caverna di Qumran o dei dintorni) e del contenuto. Talvolta è segnalato il materiale (cu = rame; lign = legno; o (s) = ostraco; p (ap) = papiro) là dove non si tratta del materiale più comune, il cuoio. I testi più importanti sono: Se ha impuesto la costumbre de abreviar los documentos de Qumrán indicando el lugar en que fueron descubiertos (número de la gruta de Qumrán o lugares vecinos) y su contenido. A veces se menciona también el material (cu = cobre; lign = madera; o (s) = ostracón; p (ap) = papiro) si no es cuero, el material mas utilizado. Los principales textos son: CD

TR (4QTR) 1QDM (1Q22) l Q D t a (1Q4)

l Q D t b (1Q5)

Cairo Documents Damascus script from the Cairo Geniza Cairo (Geniza text of the) Damascus (Documents) Document de Damas (exemplaire de la Geniza du Cairo) Documento de Damasco Temple scroll Dires de Moïse Divrê Moše (Dires de Moïse) first Deuteronomy handwriting first Deuteronomium manuscript (Deutéronome manuscript premier exemplaire) Deuteronomio (primer manuscrito) second Deuteronomy Handwriting Deutéronome (second exemplaire) Deuteronomio (segundo manuscrito)

lQGenApocr 1QH

lQIs a

lQIs b

1QLamech 1QM

lQMyst (1Q27) lQpHab

Genesis apocryphon Genesis Apocryphon hôdajôt (hymns of praise) Hôdayôt (Thanksgiving hymns) Cantiques d'action de grâces Hodayot (Salmos de acción de gracias) first Isaiah role first copy of Isaiah premier rouleau d'Isaïe primer manuscrito de Isaías second Isaiah deuxième rouleau d'Isaïe segundo manuscrito de Isaías 'Apocalypse de Lamech' Apocalipsis de Lámec milhamah (War Scroll) Milhamah (War Scroll) Règlement de la guerre Milhama (Regla de la guerra) 'Livre des mystères' Habakuk-Pešer Commenther on Habakšer Pesaire d'Habacuc Comentario (Pesher) de Habacuc


Qumran lQPhyl (1Q13) lQpPs68 (1Q16) 1QS

1QS a (lQ28a)

1QSb (1Q28b)

1QtestLevi (1Q21)

3Q15 4Q184 p4QDan

4QEn (4Q201) 4QFl (or)


Phylacteries Phylactère Peser to Ps 68 Commentaire de psaumes Sekten rule Serek hayyahad (Rule of the community, Manual of discipline) Règle de la Communauté Sérck hayyahad (Reglas de la comunidad, Manual de disciplina) Community rule Appendix A (Rule of the congregation) Règle de la congrégation Regla de la congregación o primer anexo Blessings Appendix B (Blessings) Recueil des bénédictions Libro de las benediciones o segundo anexo Fragments of the Testamentum Levi Testament of Levi Testament de Lévi Testamento de Levi Copper scroll intrigues of the wicked woman Daniel-manuscript Daniel-manuscript de Daniel Manuscrito de Daniel Aramaic fragments of Enoch Fragmentos arameos de Henoc Florilegium Florilegium (or Eschatological Midrashim) Florilegio Testament of Levi Testament de Lévi Testamento de Levi



4QLev gr. P4QLev gr. 4QM "4QorNab 4QPB

4QMess ar 4QpHos a - b 4QpJesa - d 4QpIs a 4QpNah 4QpPs37 4QSab 4QTest 4QTob hebr.

4QTob aram.

p4QTob aram.

p6QDan 11QMelch 11QPss 1 lQtgJob

second exemplaire hébraïque du Lévitique (sur peau) Fragments grecs du Lévitique (sur peau) Fragments grecs du Lcvitiquc sur papyrus Rule of War fragment Prayer of the Nabonid Prayer of Nabonidus Patriarchal Blessings Benediciones de los patriarcas 'Patriarchalictions Benedict Aramaic' Mess Pešarím to Jes pésher de Isaías Nahum-Pešer Peser to Ps 37 Commentaires de Psaumes Commentario (Pesher) al Salmo 37 Heavenly Liturgy of the Angels Testimonia Hebrew fragments of the Tobit book Hebraic fragments of Tobit Fragments hébraïques de Tobaean fragments fragments of the Tobit aramaic fragments of Tobit Fragments araméens de Tobie Fragments araméens de Tobie sur papyrus Fragmentos arameos de Tobias Documento de Damasco Daniel manuscript Manuscrito de Daniel Melchizedek-Pešer Melchizedek text Psalms scroll El rollo de los Salmos Hiob-Targum Targum of Job

Rabbinical literature Rabbinic texts Textes rabbiniques lesti rabbinici Literatura rabínica nach / accoring to / d'après / da / según Frankfurter judaistischec Contributions 2, 1974, 67-73

Mishnah, Tosefta, Talmud tracts Ar Av AZ BB Bekh Ber Bes Bik BM BQ Dem Ed Er Git Hag Hal Hor Hul Kel Ker Ket Kil Maas Mak Makh Meg Meil ​​Men Mid Miq MQ MSh

'Arakhin Avot' Avoda Zara Baba Batra Bekhorot Berakhot Besa (Yom Tov) Bikkurim Baba Mesi'a Baba Qamma Demai 'Eduyot' Eruvin Gittin Hagiga Halla Horayot Hullin Kelim Keritot Ketubbot Kil'ayim Ma'asrot Makkot Makhshirin Megilla Meot'ilaqa 'ot Mo'ed Qatan Ma'aser Sheni

Naz Ned Neg Nid Ohal Orl Par Pea Pes Qid Qin RHSh San Shab Sheq Shevi Shevu Sot Suk Taan Tam Tem Ter TevY Toh Uq Yad Yev Yom Yom Tov Zav Zev

Nazir Nedarim Nega'im Nidda Ohalot 'Orla Para Pe'a Pesahim Qiddushin Qinnim Rosh HaShana Sanhedrin Shabbat Sheqalim Shevi'it Shevu'ot Sota Sukka Ta'anit Tamid Ternura Terumot Tevul Yom Toharot' Uqsin Yadaoma => Besavamot Zevahim

Midrashim, Targumim, Collective Works AgAg AgBer AgEst AgShir ARN b

Aggadat Aggadot. Qoves midrashim qetanim Aggadat Bereshit Aggadat Ester Aggadat Shir HaShirim Avot deRabbi Natan Talmud Bavli

BatM BemR BerR BerRbti BerZ BHM CN

Bate Midrashot Bemidbar Rabba Bereshit Rabba Bereshit Rabbati Bereshit Zuta Bet HaMidrash Codex Neofiti

Rabbinical Derekh Eres Rabba DER Dcvarim Rabba DevR Berekh Eres Zuta DEZ Ekha Rabba EkhaR Ekha Zuta F.khaZ EstR Ester Rabba Evel Rabbati => Sem (Semahot) Kalla Leqah Tov LeqT Mishna m Megillat Ta'anit MegTaan Mekhilta deRabbi Shim'on b. Yohai MekhSh Mekhilta deRabbi Yishma'el MekhY MHG Bam Midrash HaGadol Bamidbar Midrash HaGadol Bereshit MHG Ber MHG Dev Midrash llaGadol Dcvarim MHG Shem Midrash HaGadol Shemot Midrash HaGadol Wayiqra Shemu'el MShir Midrash Shir HaShirim (ed. Grünhut) MTann Midrash Tanna'im ('Mekhilta le-Sefer Davarim') MTeh Midrash Tehilim (Shoher Tov) OsM Osar Midrashim (ed. Eisenstein) Pesiqta Zutarta => LeqT (Leqh Tov) Pesiqta deRav Kahana PesK PesR Pesiqta Rabbati Pirqe deRabbi Eli'ezer PRE Qohelet Rabba QohR Qohelet Zuta QohZ

Literature RutR Rut Rabba Rut Zuta RutZ Sifre deAggadta Megillat Ester SAME Sekhel Tov SekhT Sem Semahot (Evel Rabbati) Seder Eliyyahu Rabba SER SEZ Seder Eliyyahu Zuta ShemR Shemot Rabba ShirR Shir HaShirimil Rabba Shir HaShirimamid Zuta Shir HaShiril Bim Shir HaShirimamid Zuta ShirZ Tash MT Shifreeh (Tovash MTash) SifBam Sifre Devarim SifDev Sifra Sifre Zuta SifZ Soferim Sof Seder 'Olam Rabba SOR Seder' Olam Zuta SOZ Tosefta t Tanhuma Tan Tanhuma ed.Buber TanB Tanna de Be Eliyyahu => SER, SEZ (Seder Eliyyahu Rabba / Zuta) Fragments-Targum (Seder Eliyyahu Rabba / Zuta) Fragments-Targum (Seder Eliyyahu Rabba / Zuta) TFrag Jerusalem II) TJI => TPsJ => TFrag TJII Targum Jonathan TJon Targum Onqelos TO Targum Pseudo-Jonathan TPsJ (Targum Jerusalem I) Wayiqra Rabba WaR Yalqut Shim'oni y YalqM Yalqut Makhiri



AAI.N Archäologischer Anzeiger AAI.R Annals of archeology and anthropology AAKHD Acta Academiae Aboensis AAAbo AAAbo.H - Ser. A, Humaniora Acta ad archaeologiam et artium AAAHP historiam pertinentia AAL Atti della R. Accademia di ArcheoAAL.M AAAN logia, Lettere e Belle Arti. Napoli AAL.N AAL.R Acta apostolorum apocrypha AAAp Annals of the American Academy AAAPS AAL.T of Political and Social Science - Supplement AALi AAAPS.S AALS Acta antiqua et archaeologica AAAr - Supplementum AAAr.S Annales archéologiques Annals arabes, AAAS AALUC syriennes de l'Académie R. de AAB AAM Belgique AAmb Anecdota quae ex Ambrosianae AABC AAMS Bibliothecae codicibus ... AAN Australian aboriginal studies AAbS - Bibliography series AAbS.B AANKG - Ethnohistory series AAbS.E AANL AAbS.HB - Human biology series AANL.M - Linguistic series AAbS.L AAbS.PH - Prehistory and material culture AANL.N series - Research and regional studies AAbS.R AANL.R - Social anthropology series AAbS.S Amico dell'arte cristiana AAC AAns Acta archaeologica Carpathica AACar AAnth All-Africa Conference of Churches AACCB AAOF bulletin Annual account of the collation of the AACMS manuscripts of the Septuagint version AAOJ Acta Academiae Catholicae Suecanae AACS From the work of the Evangelical AAEB AAP Federal Annuaire de l'AAPFssociation pour AAPFssociation l'Encouragement des Études AAPH Grecques en France Analecta Aegyptiaca AAeg AAPNL Treatises of the ArchaeologicalAAES Epigraphic Seminar of the AAPr University of Vienna Archives de l'art français AAPSM AAF Academy of American Franciscan AAFH History AAR AAR - Bibliography series AAFH.Bary series AAFH. D AAR.AMA - Monograph series AAFH.M AAR.AS - Propaganda fide series AAFH.P AAR.ASR Acta antiqua Academiae Scienuarum AAH AAR.DS Hungaricae Archives alsaciennes d'histoire de l'art AAR.1V AAHA AAR.SP Aachener Historie AaHi AAR.SR Atti della R. Accademia d'Italia AAI - Memorie della Classe di Scienze AAR.SS AAI.M AAR.TTS Morali, Storiche e Filologiche



- Notie degli scavi di antichità - Rendiconti della Classe di Scienze Morali e Storiche Works and reports. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Katholischer Homiletiker Deutschlands Atti dell '(a R.) Accademia dei Lincei - Memorie - Notes degli scavi di antichità - Rendiconti della Classe di Scienze Morali, Storiche e Filologiche - Transunti Artisan et les arts liturgiques Atti dell' (a R.) Accademia Lucchese di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti Annuaire de l'Association Luxembourgeoise des Universitaires Catholiques Arte antica e moderna Analecta Ambrosiana Atti dell'Accademia Mariana Salesiana Analecta ante-Nicaena Archive for old and new church history Atti dell'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei - Memorie. Classe de Scienze Morali, Storiche e Filologiche - Notie degli scavi di antichità communicate - Rendiconti della Classe di Scienze Morali, Storiche e Filologiche Analecta Anselmiana Archive for Anthropology Annuaire et mémoires du Comité d'Études Historiques et Scientifiques de l'Afrique Occidentale Francoise American and oriental journal Atti dell'Accademia Pontaniana Annales de l'Association de la Propagation de la Foi Anais. Academia Portuguesa da História Atti dell'Accademia Pontificia dei Nuovi Lincei Agenda, annuaire protestant Atti della R. Accademia Pontaniana di Scienze Morale e Politiche The Afro-American Religions American Academy of Religion - AAR annual meeting - Abstracts - Academy series - Aids for the study of religion - Dissertation series - Individual volumes - Section papers - AAR studies in religion - Symposium series - Texts and translation series


Abr-n Abr-nahrain. Leiden - Supplements Analecta voor het Bisdom Roermond American behavioral scientist Annual of the British School at Athens Abba Salama Archivo bibliográfico de Santes Creus Annuaire-bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire de France American Bible Society record Archeology and biblical studies Annales de bibliographie théologique Allgemeine Library of the latest German theological literature Archives contemporaines Academy.

American catholic historical researches ACHS American Church history series AcHum Acta Humboldtiana AcHum.GE -. Series geographica et ethnographica AcHum.H - Series historica Armarium codicum insignium ACI Analecta Cisterciensia ACi Actes du Congrès International * ACIAC d'Archéologie Chrétienne - ICCA Atti del ... Convegno Internazionale ACIC per la Pace e la Civiltà Cristiana Atti del Congresso Italiano di ACIFA Filosofia Agostiniana Acta Congressus Internationalis ACIHS Historiae slavicae SalisburgoRatisbonense celebrati Actes du Congrès International * ACIN de Numismatique - • ICN Atti del Convegno dell'Istituto ACISA Storico Agostiniano Auxilia ad codicem juris canonici ... ACJC Archives for Christian art ACJD classica ACl Antichità classica e cristiana AClCr Acta linguistica AcLg American classical review AC1R Alcuin Club manuals ACM Acme. Annali della Facoltà di Acme Filosofia e Lettere dell'Università Statale de Milano Acta mediaevalia AcMed Atti del Congresso Nazionale ACNAC di Archeologia Cristiana Augsburg commentary on the New ACNT Testament Acta conciliorum oecumenicorum ACO - Index ACO.I Acta Ordinis Acta orientalia AcorumD Carmelitarum. Havania, Leiden AcOr Acta organologica AcOrg Annales Camaldulenses Ordinis ACOSB S ancti Benedicti Alcuin Club pamphlet ACP Actualidad pastoral AcPa Alcuin Club papers ACPp Acta psychologica AcPs American church quarterly ACQ American catholic quarterly review ACQR Australasian catholic Christian record ACR Arte ACra Anal ACrC Action, reaction AcRe Annales canonicorum regularium ACRSA S. Augustini Arab culture series ACS Acta Salmanticensia AcSal - Derecho AcSal.D - Filosofia y letras AcSal.F Actes du Colloque Saint Bonaventure ACSB


ACSC Annales Congregationis Sacrorum Cordium Atti del Convegno di Studi Filosofici ACSFC Cristiani American catholic sociological review ACSR Annual of the Church Service Society ACSS Analecta Congregationis Ssmi. ACSSR Redemptoris American classical studies ACSt Atti del Convegno di Studi su ACSUC Umanesimo e Cristianesimo Alcuin Club tracts ACT Acta sanctorum ActaSS Advance of Christianity through ACTC the centuries L'actualité religieuse ActRel Ancient Christian writers ACW Anzeiger für deutsches Altertum ADA und deutsche Literatur Abhandlungen des Deutschen ADAI Archaeological Institute, Cairo - Egyptological series ADAI.Ä - Islamic series ADAI.I ADAI.K - Coptic series Annual of the Department ADAJ of Antiquities of Jordan Arquivo do distrito de Aveiro ADAv treatises of the German ADAW Academy of Sciences ADAW.G - class for social sciences - class for philosophy ... ADAW.P ADAW.PH - philosophical-historical class ADAW.S - class for languages, literature and art ADAWP treatises of the German Academy of Sciences in Prague ADAWP.PH - philosophical-historical class ADB General German biography ADBA treatises and lectures. German Bible Archive ADBK Working Aids. Secretariat of the German Bishops' Conference ADBLK files of German bishops about the situation of the church ADC Archivo Diocesano de Cuenca ADCOV Acta et documenta Concilio Oecumenico Vaticano II apparando ADD Archive of the German Dominicans ADE Archivio di diritto ecclesiastico ADEM - Monograph ADeh Analecta Dehoniana ADEspEK Archive German Abroad documental español ADFGUW excavations of the German Research Foundation in Uruk-Warka AdG Archive of the present ADGC Annali di dottrina e giurisprudenza canonica ADGMA Acta et diplomata Graeca medii aevi sacra et profana collecta ACSC


Selected documents on the history of National Socialism Adventist heritage Archive for diplomacy, written history, seal and coat of arms - Supplement Abingdon dictionary of living religions Treatises of the German Orient Society L'année dominicaine Acta et decreta capitulorum generalium Ordinis Praemonstratensis Treatises of the German Palestine Association Address book for the German Palestine Association Germany Association for the Development of Religious Information System - ADRIS newsletter Archivio della (R.) Deputazione Romana di Storia Patria Acta et decreta sacrorum conciliorum recentiorum Acta et decreta sacrosancti et oecumenici Concilii Vaticani Atti e memorie della R. Deputazione di Storia Patria per le Provincie dell'Emilia Atti e memorie della R. Deputazione di Storia Patria per l'Emilia e la Romagna Atti della R. Deputazione di Storia Patria per la Liguria - Sezione di Savona Atti e memorie della (R.) Deputazione di Storia Patria per le ( Antiche) Provincie Modenesi (e Parme nsi) Atti e memorie della (R.) Deputazione di Storia Patria per le (Provincie delle) Marche Atti e memorie della (R.) Deputazione di Storia Patria per le Provincie di Romagna Actes et documents du Saint Siège relatifs à la seconde guerre mondiale Old German Text Library - Supplementary Series Atlas of German Folklore - Supplement Adyar. Hamburg L'année épigraphique Ägyptologische Abhandlungen Archivo español de arte y arqueología Gazette for Alsatian antiquity Archives de l'Église d'Alsace Archivo español de arqueología Egypt and Old Testament Annual Egyptological bibliography Works from the Evangelical Library Teaching Institute Aevum Christianum A l'écoute du monde Annales ecclesiastici a Christo nato ad annum 1198

7 Archivum Europae Centro-Orientalis American ecclesiastical review Annuaire de l'Eglise Catholique en Terre Sainte Ancient Egypt and the East AEE Ägyptologische Forschungen ÄF Archives d'ethnologie française AEF Ancient Egypt AEg Aegyptus. Milano Aeg. - Series scientifica Aeg.S Aegyptiaca Christiana AegC - Collectana AegC.C - Monograph AegC. M Egyptian documents from the Aegu (K.) Staatliche Museen zu Berlin - Arab documents AegU.A - Greek documents AegU.G - Coptic documents AEGU.K Anglican and episcopal history AEH Avhandlinger utgitt av Egede AEI Instituttet Archeion ekklësiastiku kai kanoniku AEKD dikaiu Archiv for Alsatian churchesAEKG history Acta ethnologica et linguistica AEL - Series Americana AEL.A AEL.Af - Series Africana - Series generalis AEL.G - Series Indica AEL.I - Series musicologica AEL.M - Series Oceania AEL.O - Series phonographica AEL. P General Evangelical Lutheran AELKZ Church Newspaper The Medical Mission AEM Anuario de estudios medievales AEM - Anejos AEM.A AEMCMR Abstracts. European Muslims and Christian-Muslim relations Archaeological-epigraphic AEMÖ communications from Austria Annuaire de l'École Pratique des AEPHE Hautes Études AEPHE.HP - Section des Sciences Historiques et Philosophiques AEPHE.R - Section des Sciences Religieuses AER American economic review AEr Acta eruditorum anno 1682-1731 publicata AEr.S - Actorum eruditorum quae Lipsiae publicantur supplementa AeR Atene e Roma AERit De antiquis ecclesiae ritibus AErt Archaeologiai ertesítö AES Archives européennes de sociologie AEsA Archivo español de arte arte AES1 Acta l'Estories de AEstories AEst. M AET Treatises on Protestant theology AEt Annales d'Éthiopie AEth Acta ethnographica AECO AEcR AECTS



Ethiopian research treatises from ethics and morals Archive for evangelical canon law Aevum. Milano General Encyclopedia of Sciences and Arts. Edited by Johann Samuelersch and Johann Gottfried Gruber working texts. Evangelical Central Office for Weltanschauung questions Archivio di filosofia African abstracts African affairs L'Afrique et l'Asie Afroasiatic linguistics Anales de filología clásica Annuaire français de droit international Annales de la Faculté de Droit d'Istanbul Africanae fraternae ephemerides Romanae African ecclesiasticalise Afghanistan français. Kaboul Archivum Franciscanum historicum African historical dictionaries African historical studies Africa italiana Annales de la Faculté des Lettres de Bordeaux Annali della Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia. Bari Annali della Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia dell'Università di Macerata Annali della Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia. Napoli Annali della Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia. Perugia Annali della Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia. Trieste Annales de la Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines de Nice Annales publiées par la Faculté des Lettres (et Sciences Humaines) de Toulouse Archives de la France monastique Work on early medieval research Archive for music research Annales des Franciscaines Missionaires de Marie Archive for musicology - Supplement archive for Orientforschung - Supplement Archivum Fratrum Praedicatorum Afrique et parole Afrique et philosophie Annuaire de la France protestante Alemania Franciscana antiqua Analecta Franciscana Africa. London Africa. Napoli Africa. Tunis



African religious research Asian folklore studies - Monograph African studies Asian folklore and social life monographs Anales de la Facultad de Teologia (de la) Universidad Catolica de Chile Annales de geographie Archive of the Society for Older German History Archive for the history of the book Archive for history of the Diocese of Augsburg Archive for the history of the Diocese of Breslau Works on the history of the Braunschweigische Ev.-Luth. Regional Church collection of files on the history of the Basel Reformation from 1519 to the beginning of 1534 Anecdota Graeca e codicibus regiis descripta Acta Germanica Archive for the history of the Augsburg Monastery Archivio glottologico italiano - Supplementi periodici works on the history of ancient Judaism and early Christianity Works on the history of the church struggle - Supplementary series Archief voor de geschiedenis van de Katholieke Kerk in Nederland General Scholar Lexicon. Edited by Christian Gottlieb Jocher From the history of the Latin Bible Archive for the history of medicine Agnitio mysterii Archive for the history of the Lower Rhine Works on the history of Pietism Archive for the history of philosophy (and sociology) Archive for the entire psychology Anthologia Graeca Aspects of Greek and Roman life treatises on the Greek philosophy Archive for the history of socialism and the labor movement Aggiornamenti sociali Anecdota Graeca sacra et profana Works on the history of late Judaism and (of) early Christianity Annals of the entire theology and Christian Church in general Works on the history and theology of Lutheranism Archief voor de geschiedenis van het Aartsbisdom Utrecht

Acts on the history of the relationship between state and church in the 19th century Treatises of the (K.) Society AGWG der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen AGWG.PH - Philological-historical class AU Acta historica Archivo hispano-americano AHAB de bibliografia AHAH Acta historiae artium Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae . Acta hist (oriae) art (ium) Hung (aricae) Anales de historia antigua y medieval AHAM Treatises of the Heidelberg AHAW Academy of Sciences AHAW.PH - Philosophical-historical class Annuarium historiae conciliorum AHC - Supplementum AHC.S Archiv historicum Carmelitanum AHCarm Archives historiques du Diocèse de AHDC Chartres Anuario de historia del derecho AHDE español Archives historiques du Département AHDG de la Gironde Archives d'histoire doctrinale et AHDL littéraire du moyen âge Archives d'histoire du droit oriental AHDO Acta historico-ecclesiastica AHE - Contributions AHE.B Analectes pour servir à l'histoire AHEB ecclésiastique de la Belgique Acta historico-ecclesiastica nostri AHENT temporis Annales d'histoire économique et AHES sociale Analectas de historia eclestiástica AHEV venezolana - Ser. historica AHEV.H Archive for Hessian History and AHG Classical Studies Archives historiques de la Gascogne AHGas Treatises of the Herder Society AHGHI (and the Herder Institute) Antropología e historia de Guatemala AHGu Acta historica Academiae Scientiarum AHH Hungaricae Archivo histórico hispano agustinHA Archivo hispano agustiniano Papers of the Herder Institute AHIR in Riga Archivo hispalense AHisp AHKBAW Papers of the Historical Class of the K. Bavarian Academy of Sciences Annuaire d'histoire liégeoise AHL Analecta hymnica medii aevi AHMA Acta historiae Neerlandica AHN Archivum historiae pontificiae AHP Archives historiques du American historical historical AHP AHR Archives de l'histoire religieuse AHReF de la France Annales historiques de la révolution AHRF française AGVSK


9 Archives historiques du Rouergue Annales d'histoire sociale Archivům historicum Societatis Jesu Augustana Historical Society publications AHUC Annual of the Hebrew Union College Analecta Husserliana AHus Archive of the Historical Association of the AHVKB Canton of Bern AHVNR h Annals of the Historical Association for the Lower Rhine AH VN Rh. E - Supplementary series archive of the historical association for AHVNS Lower Saxony Archive of the historical association of AHVU Lower Franconia and Aschaffenburg Accadian hand dictionary. AHw Wolfram von Soden Ancient India AI Archivo ibero-americano AIA Archives of international adventist AIAH history Annales de l'Institut Archéologique AIAL du Luxembourg Works from the Institute for AIAVS General and Comparative Linguistics Current information. AIBOM Public Relations Department in the Episcopal Ordinariate Mainz Acta integra Capituli Generalis AICG Congregationis SS. Redemptoris Romae Annuaire international de l'éducation AIE Archivos del Instituto de Estudios AI EA Africanos Anales del Instituto de Estudios AI EG Gerundenses Annales de l'Institut d'Etudes AIE Orientales Archetypal images in Greek religion AIGR Archives internationales d'histoire AIHI des idées - Séries minor AIHI.SM Archives internationales d'histoire AIHS des sciences Annali. Istituto Italiano di Numis AIIN matica Annali dell'Istituto Italiano per gli AIISS Studi Storici Anales del Instituto de Literaturas AILC Clásicas The archbishop lakovos library of AILEHS ecclesiatical and historical sources AIMA Antiquitates Italicae medii aevi AION Annali del'Istituto Universitario. Pubblicazioni .— Anglistica AION.A AION.FG - Filologia germanica - Sezione germanica AION.G - Anglistica AION.GA AION.GF - Filologia germanica AION.GSN - Studi nederlandesi, studi nordici AION.GST - Studi tedeschi - Sezione linguistica AION. L.


- Quaderni della Sezione Linguistica degli annali AION.M - Monograph AION.R - Sezione romanza AION.S - Supplemento AION.SF - Studi filosofici AION.SN - Studi nederlandesi, studi nordici - Sezione slava AION.SS AION.ST - Studi tedeschi AIP Analecta iuris pontificii AlPh Annuaire de l'Institut de Philologie et d'Histoire Orientales (et Slaves) AIRF Acta Instituti Romani Finlandiae Annuaire des instituts de religieuses AIRFr en France AIS Annales Instituti Slavici Als Annali dell'Isiàm AISCMO Annuario. Istituto di Storia Contemporanea del Movimento Operaio e Contadino, Ferrara Annali dell'Istituto Storico ItaloAISIG Germanico in Trento AISIG.M - Monografia AISIG.Q - Quaderno AIsl Annales islamologiques AISP Archivio italiano per la storia della pietà AIVS Atti del (R.) Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti AIVS.M - Classe di Scienze Morali e Lettere AJ Archaeological journal AJA American journal of archeology AJAH Anglo-Jewish art and history AJBA Australian journal of biblical archeology AJBI Annual of the Japanese Biblical Institute AJCL American journal of comparative law AJeA American Jewish archives - Monographs AJeA.M AJES American journal of economics and sociology AJG Aschaffenburger Jahrbuch für Geschichte, Landeskunde und Kunst des Unterermaing AJH American Jewish history AJHQ American Jewish historical quarterly AJI American journal of insanity AJIL American journal of international law AJIL.S - Supplements: Official documents AJL Australian journal of liturgy AJLH American journal of legal history AJMM Arthur Jeffery memorial monographs AJN American journal of numismatics AJOP American journal of orthopsychiatry AJP American journal of philology AJPA American journal of physical anthropology AJPs American journal of psychology AJPsy American journal of psychiatry AJRP American journal of religious psychology and education AJS American journal of sociology AJS.S - Supplement AJSL American journal of Semitic languages ​​and literatures AJSL.TSL - Theological and Semitic literature AION.LQ


Annual of Jewish studies Works from the Legal Department of the University of Friborg, Switzerland AJT American journal of theology. Chicago AJT (B) American journal of theology. Baltimore AJTh Asia journal of theology AJTP American journal of theology and philosophy AJ u Archives juives AJut Acta Jutlandica AJut.T - Teologisk serie AJY American Jewish yearbook AK Antike Kunst AK.B - Supplement AKathKR Archive for Catholic Church Law AKB Aachener Kunstblätter AKB.S - Special issues AkBib Academic Library AkBib.RK - Series Religion and Culture AKC General Church Chronicle AKDC Archiven van het Katholiek Documentane Centrum te Nijmegen AKED General Church Gazette for Protestant Germany AKeG Archief voor kerkelijke geschiedenis inzonderheid van Nederland AKG Works on church history. Berlin AKGB Archive for Church History of Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia AkGe Current Discussions AkGe.B - Supplement AkGe.S - Special Issues AKGH Works on Church History Hamburg AKGRW Works on Church History and Religious Studies AKG (W) Works on Church History. Weimar ÄKH Àrsbok för kristen humanism AKID Old Catholic International Information Service AKJ Old Catholic Yearbook ... AKK Old Catholic Calendar AKKB Old Catholic Church Messenger AKKZ Old Catholic Church Newspaper. Bonn AKKZ (Ö) Old Catholic church newspaper. Vienna AKL Aschehougs konversasjons-leksikon AKM treatises for customers of the Orient AKML treatises on art, music and literary studies AKÖGQ archive for customers of Austrian historical sources AKÖGQ.N f - AKRID action church reform information service AKRU working aids for Catholic religious instruction AKRW archive for church law Actines. Athenai AKuG Archive for Cultural History AKVB Altkatholisches Volksblatt


Old Catholic Folk Calendar Archief voor kerkelijke en wereldlijke geschiedenissen, inzonderheid van Utrecht Annie Kinkead Warfield lectures AKWL General Church Newspaper AKZ Works on the Church AKZG Contemporary History AKZs General Church Journal AL American literature ALat Annali Artists Lateranensi ALB Adyar Library bulletin AlmanotIciBei A1 General Library bulletin Almanotacco deiBei A1 ... ALBKZ General Lexicon of Fine Artists of the 20th Century Analecta Lovaniensia biblica et ALBO orientalia ALBOr Archivio di letteratura biblica ed orientale Albanian catholic bulletin A1CB AlEnt Algemeyne entsiklopedye - Yidn AlEnt.Y ALeo Archivos Leoneses ALFC Annales littéraires de Franche-Works on the literature and history of Hellenistic Judaism ALGM Detailed lexicon of Greek and Roman mythology. Edited by Wilhelm Heinrich Röscher Acta linguistica Academiae ALH Scientiarum Hungaricae. Acta linguist (ica) Hunga (rica) ALi Artisan liturgique ALI PC Art and letters. India, Pakistan, Ceylon Analecta liturgica. Roma ALit ALit (P) Analecta liturgica. Paris ALKGMA Archive for Medieval Literature and Church History ALLG Archive for Latin Lexicography and Grammar Archivům Latinitatis medii aevi ALMA Aloi. Aloisiana. Napoli AlOm Alpha-Omega ALP Augustana Library publications Alba Regia AlRe ALS Adyar Library series ALSJ Annuae litterae Societatis Jesu Alsatia monastica Als M o ALT Almanac for literature and theology Altaner patrology. Berthold Altaner Altaner (E) Patrology. Berthold Altaner A1TB General Theological Library AltDok Altenburg Documents Ancient Ancient. Berlin AltprForsch Old Prussian Research AltprMschr Old Prussian Monthly ALUB Annales littéraires de l'Université de Besançon ALUOS Annual of Leeds University Oriental Society ALUOS.S - Supplement


American Lutheran Albae vigiliae Archive for Liturgical Studies General Literature Newspaper Alzeyer Geschichtsblätter - Special Edition General Literature Newspaper initially for Catholic Germany Asia major AM Athenäums Monographs AM.T - Theologie Americana. A universal reference Am. library Works of the Melanchthon Academy AMA American anthropologist AmA - Special publication AmA.SP AMAF Atti e memorie dell'Accademia Fiorentina di Scienze Morali 'La Colombaria' AMANM Atti e memorie. Accademia Nazionale di Scienze, Lettere e Arti. Modena Atti e memorie della R. Accademia AMAP di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti in Padova / (1947 / 48ff. :) Atti e memorie dell'Accademia Patavina di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti Anecdota Maredsolana AMar American archivist AmAr ÄMAT Atti e memorie dell ' Accademia Toscana di Scienze e Lettere 'La Colombaria' Atti e memorie dell'Accademia AMAV di Agricoltura, Scienze e Lettere (di Verona) Atti e memorie della (R.) Accademia AMAVM Virgiliana di Mantova Ambr. Ambrose. Magazine for preacher Ambrosius Ambrosius. Bollettino liturgico ambrosiano Annuale médiaevale AMe Amer. Americana. New York America. A Catholic review America Americas. A quarterly review of Americas Inter-American cultural history Annales du Musée Guimet AMG Archaeological Communications AMI from Iran - Supplementary volume AMI.E L'ami du clergé AmiCl AmiCIPa L'ami du clergé paroissial Annales du Midi AM idi American imago Arnim Annales Minorum AMin Ami de la religion AmiR American Israelite Amlsr American jurisprudence Am Jur Acta musicologica AMI AmLat America Latina AM M Annuaire du monde musulman Treatises from mission studies AMMG and mission history The American missionary AmMis Archives for Mosaica! metrology AMMM and mosaisücs

ALotti AMN General Mission News AM Nam Analecta mediae valia Namurcensia AMNam.HS - Hors serie AMNSU Works and messages from the New Testament seminar on Uppsala Analecta Montserratensia AM ont AMP Ancient and medieval philosophy Ampurias. Barcelona Amp. Ampleforth journal AmpJ American Presbyterian review AmPR Ampleforth review AmpR American Presbyterians AmPr The American pychologist AmPs American quarterly AmQ Altmünchner Raritäten AMR AMRG Working materials on religious history AMRhKG Archive for Middle Rhine Church history AMS Allgemeine Missionsstudien AMSE Anales de moral social y economica AMSS et sanctorum Atti e memorie della Società AMST Tiburtina di Storia e d'Arte AMT Treatises on moral theology Aspects of modern theology AMTh American theological review AmTR AMur Archivio muratoriano Anuario musical AMus AmUSt American university studies AmUSt.H - History AmUSt.P - Philosophy AmUSt.TR . - Theology and religion Allgemeine Missions-Zeitung AMZ - Supplement AMZ.B AMZtg Allgemeine Missions-Zeitung Analekta. Alexandreia Ana. Anadolu araçtîrmalarî AnaAra Antichità altoadriatiche AnAl AnAm Anglistica et Americana AnAn Anthologica annua Annales Academiae R. Scientiarum An AS U Upsaliensis Anatolia. Ankara Anat. ANB Andover Newton bulletin Appropriation and encounter An Beg Analecta biblica AnBib Analecta Bollandiana AnBoll Anchor Bible AncB Annales de la charité AnCh ANCL Ante-Nicene Christian library AnCl Antiquité classique AncSoc Ancient society Al-Andalus. Madrid And. ANDL Annales de Notre-Dame de Lourdes Analecta ecclesiastica AnEc ANEP Ancient Near East in pictures ... ANES Ancient Near East: supplementary texts and pictures Ancient Near Eastern texts ... ANET Ancient Near Eastern texts and ANETS studies Arkiv for nordisk filologi AN F

ANFa ANFa AnFil AnFr ANG Ang. Angelos Angelos.B AngHSJ AnglF Anglia Anglia. B Anglia. BR Anglia.S AnGr Anłlis Anima ANIS AnJ AN KG

Ante-Nicene fathers Anuario filosófico Annales franciscaines Acta nuntiaturae Gallicae Angelicum. Roma Angelos. Leipzig - Supplement Anglican Historical Society journal Anglistische Forschungen Anglia. Tübingen - Beiblatt - book series - supplement booklet Analecta Gregoriana Annuaire historique Anima. Olten Old and New Indian Studies Antiquaries journal Archief voor nederlandsche kerkgeschiedenis ANKG (W) Archive for the latest church history. Weimar ANKP Old and new art in the Archdiocese of Paderborn ANL Annua nuntia Lovaniensia AnLe Antiquae lectionis An Lg Analecta linguistica AnMo Analecta monastica AnMu Analecta musicologica Annales Annales. Economies, sociétés, civilizations Annales.Cah. - Cahier AnnMo Annales monastici AnNoT Anglo-Norman texts AnOFM Annuarium Ordinis Fratrum Minorum ANOH Annaler for nordisk oldkyndighed og historie / (1866ff. :) Aarbeger for nordisk oldkyndighed og historie ANor Annales de Normandie AnOr Analecta orientalia ANPhontario AnPhontario Andover Newton quarterly ANRW Rise and Fall of the Roman World AnSin Analisi e sintesi AnsSt Anselm studies AnSt Anatolian studies ANT Apocrypha novi testamenti Ant. Antiquitas. Bonn AntGl Answer of Faith AnthEr Anthropology and Education AnthLg Anthropological linguistics AnthQ Anthropological quarterly AnthR Anthropological review Anthr. Anthropos. Friborg, Switzerland Anthrop. Anthropologic Paris Antic. Anticipation. Genève antiquity antiquity. Berlin AntiR Antioch review ANTJ work on the New Testament and Judaism


Annals of the latest theological literature and church history AntMed Antiqua et mediaevalia AnTol Anales Toledanos Anton. Antonianum. Roma ANTT work on New Testament text research ANTZ work on New Testament theology and contemporary history An Val Anales Valentinos ANVAO Avhandlinger i Norské VidenskapsAkademi i Oslo ANVAO.HF - Historisk-filosofisk Class AnzKG Anzeiger for the Catholic clergy AnzSG Anzeiger für Schweizerische Geschichte AnzSG Anzeiger für Schweizerische Geschichte AnzSG Anzeiger AO Anz old Orient AO.S - Supplementary volume AOAT Old Orient and Old Testament AOATS - Special series AOB Old Oriental pictures for the Old Testament AOC Archives de l'orient chrétien AOCarm Analecta Ordinis Carmelitarum AOCD Analecta Ordinis Carmelitarum Discalceatorum AÖAW Anzeiger der Österreichischen AkademieW.PH AÖA Philosophical-historical class AÖG Archive for Austrian History AÖR Archive for / of Public Law AÖR.B - Supplement AOESA Acta Ordinis Eremitarum S aneti Augustini AOFM Acta Ordinis Fratrum Minorum AOFMC Analecta Ordinis Fratrum Minorum Capuccinorum AOH Acta orientalia Aca demiae Scientiarum Hungaricae. Acta orient (alia) Hung (arica) AOL Archives de l'orient latin AOM Acta Ordinis Minorum AOMC Analecta Ordinis Minorum Capuccinorum AOP Archivům orientale Pragense AOR Annals of oriental research AOrg Ars organi AORKG Treatises on the history of the Upper Rhine Church AOS American oriental series S. Acta Ordinis aneti Augustini AOSB Annales Ordinis S. Benedicti AOSBM Analecta Ordinis S. Basilii Magni AOSBM.A - Acta SC de Propaganda Fide ecclesiam catholicam Ucrainae et Bielarusiae spectantia AOSBM.L - Litterae SC de Propaganda Fide ecclesiam spectae catholicam AOScrainae. L N - Litterae nuntiorum apostolicorum historiam Ucrainae illustrantes

13 Annales Ordinis S. Benedicti occidentalium monachorum patriarchae Archiva Ordinis Servorum AOSer - Documenta AOSer.D - Subsidia AOSer.S AOS MM Annates de l'Ordre Souverain Militaire de Malte Archivům Ordinis S aneti Pauli AOSP Primi Eremitae Ancient Near Eastern texts praehistorica et archaeologica APAE Anciens pays et assemblées d'états APAF Abbayes et prieurés de l'ancienne France Acta Pontificiae Academiae Marianae APAMI Internationalis ApAn Apostólos Andreas APARA Atti della Pontificia Accademia Romana di Archeologia * APARA. M - Memorie - * M PARA * APARA.R - Rendiconti -> RPARA Acta Pontificiae Academiae Romanae APART Sancti Thomae Aquinatis et Religionis Catholicae APAT Apocrypha and pseudepigraphs of the Old Testament. Edited by Emil Kautzsch APAW treatises of the (K.) Prussian Academy of Sciences APAW.PH - Philosophical-historical class Apologetic sheets ApBl APC Annuaire pontifical catholique ApCr Aperos del cristiano APD Archives de philosophie du droit APDC Acta pontificia et decreta SS. RR. Congregationum APDSJ Archives de philosophie du droit et de sociologie juridique APE L'année politique et économique APEEU Treatises on the maintenance of evangelical education and teaching theory APEF Annual. Palestine Exploration Fund APEL Arabic papyri in the Egyptian Library APES L'année politique, économique et sociale en France APF Archive for Papyrus Research and Related Areas - Supplement APF.B ApF Apostolic fathers. Ed. by J.B. Lightfoot. London Annals of the propagation of the faith APFaith APFC Aramaic papyri of the fifth century ApF (L) Apostolic fathers. Transi, by Kirsopp Lake. London [etc.] APFoi Annates de la propagation de la foi APFoi (M) - Ed. canadienne. Montreal ApF (T) Apostolic fathers. Ed. by Robert M. Grant. Toronto Treatises on Philosophy and APG's History. Edited by Benno Erdmann APG (F) Treatises on philosophy and its history. Edited by Richard Falckenberg


AOSBO Acta Poloniae histórica Archive for Philosophy - Annales de philosophie chrétienne L'année philosophique Asian philosophical studies Archivio paleografico italiano Acta Pontificii Instituti Biblici Acta Pontificii Instituti Orientalis Academy publications. Catholic Academy Augsburg Essays on Portuguese culture APKG history Analecta praehistorica Leidensia APL Archivo de prehistoria levantina APLev Armaria patristica et mediaevaiia APM Annali del Pontificio Museo Missio APMME nario Etnologico L'année politique APol ApoUinaris. Civitas Vaticana Apollo. Acta Pontificalium Operum a Pro APOPF pagation Fidei et a S aneto Petro Apostolo pro Clero Indigena Apocrypha and pseudepigrapha APOT of the Old Testament in English Ancient peoples and places APP Treatise on Philosophy, APPP Psychology and Pedagogy Treatise on Philosophy and APPR Psychology of Religion APPSR Treatise on philosophy, psychology and sociology of religion / (1969ff. :) Treatises on philosophy, psychology, sociology of religion and ecumenics American philosophical quarterly APQ Annuaire protestant APr Analecta Praemonstratensia APraem APraem.B - Bibliotheca - Supplementa APraem.S Papers on practical theology APrTh Analyzes and projects on the APRU religious education Acta philologica Scandinavia APS L'année psychologique APs Apostolado sacerdotal ApS Annales. Padri dei Sacri Cuori APSC Antologie del pensiero spirituale APS F francescano Amsterdam publications on APSL language and literature Apeldoornse studies ApSt Acta philologica Suecana APSu Acta philosophica et theologica APT Archive for philosophie and theology APTGF historical women's studies APTh reviews on pastoral theology APTh American and theological review Acta pacis Westphalicae APW Selected sources on German * AQDG history - AQDGMA AQDGMA Selected sources on German history in the Middle Ages



AQDGNZ A Q D G N Z Selected sources on German modern history Aquinas lectures AqL Aquinas paper (s) AqP Asiatic quarterly review AQR Aquinas. Roma Aquinas Asian review AR Archaeologia. London Ar. Arte religioso actual ARA Ancient records of Assyria and ARAB Babylonia Arabica. Leiden Arabica Archivo agustiniano Ar Ag Archivio ambrosiano ArAmb Arts asiatiques Ar As Archives de l'Athos Ar At Archaeological Bibliography ArBi Archivům Bobiense ArBob Arbor. Madrid Arbor Works on the Silesian ArbSKG Church History Acta reformationis catholicae ecclesiam ARCEG Germaniae concernentia saeculi XVI Archeology. Cambridge, Mass. Arch. Archeion. Roma Archeion Archaiologikë ephêmeris ArchEph L'archiginnasio. Bologna Archig. Archivist. Düsseldorf Archivist Archivům Archivům. Paris Archivům. F B - Fascicule bibliographique Archivum (O) Archivům. Oviedo ArCl Archeologia classica ArCl.S - Supplemento ARC RS Annual report. Catholic Record Society Arctos Arctos. Helsinki ArDom Archivo Dominicano Ancient records of Egypt ARE ArEc Archiva ecclesiae AREEF Archaeological report of the Egypt Exploration Fund Annales de la religion ARel AREO American review of Eastern orthodoxy (news) ARev Annales révolutionnaires ARG Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte - Supplementary volume ARG.E - Supplement: Literature report ARG.L An Aramaic handbook ArHb Archivům heraldicum ArHe ArHeS Archives héraldiques suisses ArHeS.A - Annuaire ArHeS. B - Bulletin ArHeS.S - Supplément Archives héraldiques et sigilloArHeSS graphiques suisses ARID Analecta Romana Instituti Danici - Supplementa ARID.S ARK Files of the Reich Chancellery Archaeological Correspondence Sheet ArKB ArKerk Archief van de kerken ARKF General Friend of Religions and Churches

Archaeological lectures Archivům linguisticum Archives royales de Mari. Textes cunéiformes - Transcriptions et traductions ARM.T Archéologie médiévale Ar M ed Arminian magazine ArmMag Actualité religieuse dans le monde ARMo Archaeologia mundi ArMu Àrbok. Norské Videnskapsakademi ÀrNVAO i Oslo Anciennes religions orientales ARO Analecta Romanica ARom Archiv orientální ArOr - Supplementa ArOr.S Acta Romanorum pontificum ARP Works on religious education ARPäd Abstracts of research in pastoral ARPC care and counseling Fund report and Palestine accounts ... ARPEF Archives philosophy ArPh - Bibliotèque - • BArPh * ArPh.B - Supplément bibliographique ArPh.SB Archeion pontu ArPo - Parartèma ArPo.P Archive for Psychology of Religion ARPs Archive for Psychology ArPs Archives de psychologie. Genève ArPs (S) ArPs (S) .M - Supplément, Monographies Ami de la religion et du roi ARR Archeologické rozhledy ArR Archaeological reports Ar Rep Archivům romanicum ArRom Annual review of research. ARRRE Religious education Advanced religious studies ARS Ars Asiatica ArsAs Ars Islamica Arsisi Acta Romana Societatis Jesu ARSJ Archeologica S lo vaca ArSl - Catalogi ArSLC - Fontes ArSLF - Monographiae ArSl.M Aristotelian Society ArSoc Ars orientalis ArsOr Archive for legal and social philosophy ARSP .B - Supplementa ARSP.S papers on legal sociology and ARSRG legal history Ars sacra ArsSac The annual review of (the) social ARSSR sciences of religion Aramaic studies ArSt American religious thought ART of the 18th and 19th centuries Art and archeology ArtAr Artibus Asiae ArtAs ArtAs. S - Supplement Art bulletin ArtB ArtChr Art chrétien ArTe Arnoldshainer Texte L'arte. Roma Arte Arte español ArteEsp Ar Le ArLg ARM


15 Art d'église ArtEgl Arte lombarda Arte Lom Ar te Lom. M la - Monograph: Maestri Arte Lom. MIo - Monograph: Monumenti Archives théologiques ArTh Archives de la théologie catholique ArThC Arti. Firenze Arti Art islamique Artlsl Art journal. London ArtJ - American edition ArtJ.AE ArtJ (NY) Art journal. New York General Repertory for ARTL the theological literature and church statistics Art quarterly ArtQ Armenian texts and studies ArTS Art sacré ArtS Archaeologia viva ArVi Archive for Religious Studies ARW - Supplement ARW.B ARWAW Treatises of the Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences Treatises on legal scienceARWG Archive for basic research ARWP Legal and Economic Philosophy - Supplement ARWP.B Archival journal ArZs - Supplement ArZs.B Doctor and Christian DoctorChr Doctor and Pastor Doctor DoctorSe Assyriological studies AS Archivio storico dell'arte ASA Annales du Service des Antiquités ASAE de l'Egypte - Supplément ASAE.S Archive for the Saxon history ASäG Asian affairs AsAff Anzeiger für Schweizerische AlterASAK tumskunde Annales de la Société Archéologique \ SAN de Namur Treatises of the Saxon ASAW Academy of Sciences ASAW.PH - Philological-historical class Atti della Settimana Biblica ASB Analecta. Studium Biblicum ASBF Franciscanum Archivio storico di Belluno, Feltre ASB FC e Cadore Atlante storico della bibbia AS Bib Asbury seminarian AsbSem Work and Study Books Theology AS BT The Asbury theological journal AsbTJ ASBW Archive for Writing and Book Science Alma socia Christi ASC Archaeological Studies on ASCA Christian antiquity and the Middle Ages Atti della Società Colombaria ASCF di Firenze Archivio storico per la Calabria ASCL e la Lucania


Acta synodalia sacrosancti Concila Oecumenici Vaticani II ASCPF Acta SC de Propaganda Fide Germaniam spectantia AScRel Annali delle scienze Religose AS D Annali di storia del diritto ASE Treatises on social ethics AS EB Annales de la Société d'Émulation de Brugesia e Annuarium de Bruges e Annuarium la Société d'Émulation du Département des Vosges ASEER American Slavic and East European review ASeign Assemblées du Seigneur ASER Annuaire. Société Ernest Renan AS Es Annali di storia dell'esegesi AS EST Analects for the study of exegetical and systematic theology ASEth Actes de la Société d'Ethnographie AS EU Archivio per la storia ecclesiastica dell'Umbria ASF Archive for kin research and related areas AsF Asian research AsFo Asia focus ASG Archive for Swiss history Anzeiger für Swiss ASGA history and antiquity ASGW treatises of the (K.) Saxon Society of Sciences ASGW.PH - Philological-historical class ASH Asian studies at Hawaii Archivo Silveriano de historia AS H EC y espiritualidad Carmelitana ASHL Annuaire de la Société d'Histoire d'Archéologie de la Lorraine ASHPB Annales. Société d'Histoire du Protestantisme Belge ASHS Annuaire de la Société d'Histoire Sundgovienne ASI Archivio storico italiano ASI.A - Appendice ASI.B - Biblioteca ASIA Atti e memorie della Società Istriana di Archeologia e Storia Patria Asia (S) Asia. Shanghai Asia Asia. Berlin ASInd Archaeological Survey of India. New imperial series AS Ind. AR - Annual report ASJG Anti-Semitism and Jewish history ASKDM Selected study texts for the future German missal AS KG Archive for Silesian Church History Archive for State and Church History ASKGS history of the duchies of Schleswig, Holstein, Lauenburg ASL Archivio storico lombardo Analecta slavica ASla ASLGK Aschendorff's collection of Latin and Greek classics ASLod Archivio storico lodigiano ASLSP Atti della Società Ligure di Storia Patria ASLSP.R - Serie del risorgimento


16 (R.) Asiatic Society monographs Aux sources du monachisme bénédictin Aux sources du monachisme colombanien Archivio storico del movimento liberate italiano American Society of Missiology series Anales del Seminario Metropolitano de Valencia - Series theológica Archiv for the study of modern languages ​​(and literatures) - Supplement Annali della (R.) Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa - Lettere, storia e filosofia Acta Seminarii Neotestamentici Upsaliensis Analecta Sacri Ordinis Cisterciensis L'année sociologique / (1934-1940 :) Annales sociologiques - Sér. D, Sociologie économique - Sér. A, Sociologie générale - Sér. C, Sociologie juridique et morale - Sér. E, Morphology sociale ... - Sér. B, Sociologie religieuse Analecta Sacri Ordinis Fratrum Praedicatorum Acta sanctorum Ordinis S. Benedicti Archive for Social History - Supplement American studies in papyrology Asprenas. Napoli Asiatic Society of Pakistan publication Asian perspectives. Taipei Archive for Systematic Philosophy (and Sociology) Archivio storico per le provincie napoletane Archivio storico per le provincie parmensi Working reports. Swiss Pastoral-Sociological Institute Archivio storico pugliese American sociological review Asiatic review Atti della Società Romana di Antropologia Archives de sociologie des religions Asiatic ^ k) researches Archive for the history of the Swiss Reformation Current publications on religious education Archivio della (R.) Società Romana di Storia Patria Acta Sanclae Sedis Annali della Scuola Speciale per Archivisti e Bibliotecari Archivio storico Sardo Acta sanctorum Belgii selecta ... Archivio di storia della scienza Archivio storico siciliano

Archivio storico per la Sicilia Atti della Settimana di Studi Missionari Archivio storico per la Sicilia orientale Archives de sciences sociales des religions Analecta sacra Spicilegio Solesmensi parata Atti della Società Savonese di Storia Patria Asian studies AsSt Asian survey AsSur AST Analecta sacra Tarraconensia Auxiliary studies in the Bible AStB Annuario di studi ebraici AStE Amsterdam studies in theology ASTh Annual of the Swedish Theological ASTI Institute (in Jerusalem) Actes de la Semaine Théologique ASTK de Kinshasa AStR Aids for the study of religion Acta Societatis Theologicae Upsaliensis AST U Works from the state and ASUBG Göttingen University Library ASV Anales del Seminario de Valencia - Series theológica ASV.T Works from the ASVK seminar for ethnology, Frankfurt L'Abbaye Saint-Wandrille de Fontenelle ASWF Anaphorae Syriacae ASy Arnoldshainer writings on ASzIÖ interdisciplinary economics At. Athenaeum. Pavia Old Testament treatises ATA Antik tanulmányok ATa Auserlesene theological library ATB Ateisticheskie chtenija AtCht Analecta theológica de cultu SS. Cordis ATCSCJ Jesu Das Alte Testament German ATD AtDi Ateismo e dialogo The Old Testament explained and interpreted ATEA Acta Teilhardiana ATeil - Archivo teológico Granadino ATG Selected texts from the history ATGCK of the Christian Church L'année théologique ATh Ath. Athenaeum. London Année théologique augustinienne AThA AThANT Treatises on theology of the Old and New Testaments Ashland theological bulletin AThB AThD Acta theológica Dánica Athéna Athéna. Athènai Annales van het Thijmgenootschap AThijm Ashland theological journal AThJ Archive for theology and its AThNL latest literature Anglican theological review AThR - Supplementary series AThR.SS ATHUBP Annual textus of the Hebrew University Bible Project 'Atiqot. English series' Atiqot 'Atiqot (H)' Atiqot. Hebrew series Atlr Athâr-é Iran ATJ Africa theological journal ASSic ASS M ASSO ASSR ASSS ASSSP

17 Ateneum kapłańskie American Theological Library Association - ATLA bibliography series ATLA.BS ATLA. MS - ATLA monograph series - Newsletter ATLA.N - Summary of proceedings ATLA.P * ATLABS - ATLA.BS * ATLAMS - »ATLA.MS Archeion tu Thrakiku laografiku ATLGT kai glõssiku thesauru Asia theological news ATN Analecta Tertii Ordinis Regularianis ATOR Sancti Francisci theological review ATR Arabic translation series ATS Works on text and language in the ATSAT Old Testament Works and texts on Slavic Studies ATS1 Antichi testi valdesi ATV Ateneo Veneto AtV At the table of the word ATW - Beih. ATW.B Atlas table work on the Bible and ATWB Church history antiquity and the occident AuA Acta Universitatis Szegediensis AUAJ de Attila József Autour de la Bible AuBib antiquity and Christianity AuC - supplementary volume AuC.E Annuaire de l'Université Catholique AUCL de Louvain Acta Universitatis. Conimbrigens ALCon Australian church quarterly AuCQ Annuario. Università Cattolica del AUCSC Sacro Cuore Anales de la Universidad de Cuenca AUCue Anales de la Universidad Católica AU CV de Valparaiso Order and Service AuD Africa and Overseas AÜ Ankara Ü ni ver sitesi Dil ve TarihAÜDFD Cografya Fakanschesi Dergisi Archive for document research and AUF Acta studies of the Middle Ages Universitatis Gothoburgensis AUG Augustiniánům. Roma Aug. Augustiniana. Louvain Aug (L) Augustinus-Lexikon AugL Augustinus magister Aug M Augustine pamphlets AugP Augustana quarterly AugQ Augustinian studies AugSt Augustinus Augustinus. Madrid Anales de la Universidad Hispalense AUH Acta Universitatis Lundensis AUL - Afdeling 1, Teologi, juridik och AUL.T humanistiska ämnen AUL.TJH - Sectio 1, Theologica, juridica, humaniora Andrews University monographs AU M Anales de la Universidad de Murcia AUMur AUMur. D - Derecho AUMur.FL - Filosofía y leiras



Annales de l'Université de Paris Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis Annales Universitatis Saraviensis - Philosophy - Series Philosophical Faculty - Law and Economics Austria sacra Anales de la Universidad de Santo Domingo Andrews University Seminary studies Aberdeen University studies Annale van die Universiteit van Stellenbosch Acta Universitatis Szegediensis - Sectio antiqua Autres temps Selected theological library Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis Acta Universitatis Wratislaviensis - Antiquitas Ankara Üniversitesi yilligi Archivio veneto Annales valaisannes Analecta Vaticano-Bélgica Annals. Vereeniging tot het Bevorderen van de Beoefening der Wetenschapen ... Arbeten understöd av Vilhelm Ekmans Universitetsfond, Uppsala Archive for Ethnology - Supplement - Publications Academic lectures. Catholic Academy in Bavaria Working reports of the foundation. Vetus Latina Annals of the Society for Nassau Antiquity and History Research Archive of International Law Archive of the Society for Transylvanian Cultural Studies Archivio veneto-tridentino Essays and lectures on theology and religious studies Ancient World Archive for the Weimar edition of the works of Martin Luther's Algemeen weekblad voor Christendom en cultuur Archive for scientific Research into the Old Testament Address book of the Protestant churches Algemeen weekblad voor kerk en Christendom Alex Wood memorial lecture Algemene Winkler Prins encyclopédie From the world of religion - Old Testament series - Biblical series - Liturgical series - New Testament series - Problem history series


18 - Practical Theological Series - Religious History Series - Religious Philosophical Series - Religious Studies Series Classical Studies and Classical Studies Antropología y etnología Aylesford review Archäologische Zeitung Allgemeine Zeitung des Judenthums General journal for philosophy Works on pedagogy Works on theology

Biblical archaeologist Bibliothèque d'art et d'archéologie Baessler-Archiv - Supplement Bulletin de l'Association des Amis (des Eglises et) de l'Art Copte Bulletin d'archéologie algérienne BAA1 Bibliotheca ascetica antiquo-nova BAAN Bibliographie analytique de l'assyBAAPO riologie et de l'archéologie du Proche-Orient BAAPO.A - L'archéologie BAAPO.Ph i - La philologie Bulletin of the American Academy BAAR of Religion Biblioteka archiwum archidiecezji BAAW Warszawskiej Bulletin de l'Académie R. de Belgique BAB - Classe des Beaux-Arts BAB.B - Classe des Lettres et des Sciences BAB.L Morales et Politiques Babyloniaca. Paris Bab. Contributions to the old Bavarian church history Boletín de la R. Academia de Buenas BABLB Letras de Barcelona Baha'i letters BaBr Bibliotheca assumptions beatae BABVM virginis Mariae Biblioteca de autores cristianos BAC BACat Bollettino degli Amici delle Catacombe BACC Boletín da Cordoba de Ciencias, Bellas Letras y Nobles Artes Bulletin des Associations Chrétiennes BACE d'Etudiants Bibliotheca Academiae Catholicae BACH Hungaricae BACH.IT - Sectio iuridico-theologica BACH.PT - Sectio philosophico-theologica Bulletin d'arabe chrétien BAÇh Historia Bulletin de l'Académie Delphinale BAD Badische Heimat BadHei Boletín de la R. Academia Española BAE - Anejos BAE.A Contributions to Egyptian BauBÄBFA research and archeology





Bibliothèque des auteuf s ecclésiastiques Biblioteca de antiguos escritores cristianos españoles Bibliotheca Aegyptica Baker encyclopedia of the Bible Boletín de la Asociación Española de Orientalistas Bibliography on the history of ancient European religions Bibliothèque des arabisants françión de françaikanischer Amisants'Association de l'Africanian literature Bulletin of Afrikanient and Franciscan Spirituality - 2nd Ser., Philosophy and Theology - 1st Ser., Texts and Research - Dept. A, Texts - 3rd Ser., Theology and Religious Life Contributions to Ancient History - Supplement Biblioteca agostiniana Bulletin de l'Association Guillaume


- Supplément critique letters and files on the history of the Thirty Years War BAGDK.NF - NF: The politics of Maximilian I of Bavaria and his allies Baghdader Mitteilungen Bagh.M Bulletin of the American Geographical BAGS Society of New York Bibliothèque archéologique et historique BAH Basilian historical bulletin BaHB Bulletin trimestriel. Archeology, BAHF histoire, folklore Bibliothèque archéologique et BAHI historique de l'Institut Français d'Archéologie d'Istanbul Bibliotheca Arabico-hispana BAHisp Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago BAIC Bulletin d'information et de liaison. BAI EP Association Internationale d'Études Patristiques Basler Jahrbuch BaJ Bibliographic interpretations from Jewish BAJQ sources Supplements to the archive for culture BAKG history Berliner general church newspaper BAKZ Biblioteka ateisticeskoj literatury BAL BaL Bampton lectures Biblioteca alavesa 'Luis de Ajuria' BALA Bulletin d'ALAC etérature ' archéologie chrétiennes Bulletin d'ancienne littérature BALCL chrétienne latine RalS Balkan studies Bibliotheca Augustiniána medii aevi BAMA - Nova series - Sectio biblica BAMA.B - Sectio histórica BAMA.H BAMA.S - Subsidia