All PCs are considered a master race

News Xbox Series X: First impressions promise massive performance gains

I repeat it again, the games (including those on the PC) only load with one thread from the storage ..
If you were to fill an HDD with parallel accesses, it would slow down instead of accelerate, which is why the games don't do it.

The biggest advantage of an NVME SSD, however, is that it can process parallel accesses and a long queue extremely quickly. This is exactly what is currently being used neither on the PC nor on the console in games and will only come with the next-gen games.

Furthermore, the connection of the SSD to the GPU on the PC only comes with amps and probably RDNA2.

Anyone who claims that there has been something like this on the PC for a long time, that they are sleight of hand and nothing special at all, has simply understood ZERO ...

This arrogance and overconfidence of the PC community is slowly getting ridiculous.
It's not as if all of these features are now also available for PC ...

Sure, Microsoft has no idea what they have already implemented for DirectX on the PC or what hardware is available and is now developing features for the PC that Michel has been using with his PC for 10 years. Yes, such a mishap, too, if Microsoft had better asked the people here ... My face!

I should really stop reading comments ...