What should my email address be?

What an email address reveals about its sender

If you want to be active on the Internet, you need it, the email address. Whether you are shopping, making inquiries, booking or registering for a protected website - it is essential for all of these campaigns. However, anyone who believes that they are anonymous, for example in order to be able to write their own contributions in an Internet forum with an alias, with which one cannot be associated afterwards because the name is protected with an e-mail address and password, is wrong.

What does the email address reveal and what can happen if it gets into the wrong hands?

An example:
Internet trade is booming like never before and countless goods are being offered for sale individually. But how can you be assigned to a class of buyers on the Internet and be offered goods in a targeted manner according to the buying interest? How do you find out whether someone is more of a funky guy who buys a smartphone or maybe a Playstation or maybe more the conservative guy who relies on long-lasting, tried-and-tested goods and is more likely to pay a little more for them? It is the email name that reveals a lot about it.
People with funny names like "flotterhans86" or "gelberfloh" are seen as open to many things. People with cute email names, on the other hand, are considered good-natured and those who use their first and last name and separate them with a dot are meticulous. “Rocker007”, on the other hand, should be very self-confident. The internet industry tries to derive purchasing behavior from this in order to offer targeted advertising via e-mail. A HR manager also draws conclusions about the personality of an applicant from the email name.
You can easily check which traces you leave behind on the Internet by entering your email address into various search engines. This makes it easy to see where the address has already been used. A person's interests can also be read in this way.
The conclusions drawn here are of course not always applicable.

Can an email address lead to your own front door?

Before the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25th, 2018 everyone at the DENIC registration authority could quickly find out who owned the domain "silvertipps.de". Today, this type of information is only provided on request if there is evidence of interest. Overall, it can be said that the GDPR has significantly strengthened our rights to protect personal data such as email addresses. Operators of online portals on which one registers are obliged to report data loss. Thus, the consumer can decide for himself whether he should change his e-mail address as a precaution in this case.


Structure of an email address:

When sending an e-mail, a so-called Internet header is always sent along with it. Here is an IP address (Internet protocol) from which it can be deduced from where and via which server or provider the e-mail was sent. For example the IP address It leads to the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

What does this mean for the use of an email address?

It makes sense to get yourself a free e-mail address that is as neutral as possible, such as [email protected] There are numerous providers, e.g. B. web.de, gmx or hotmail, all of which offer free e-mail addresses. Such a neutral address should then be used wherever important or long-term e-mail traffic is not important, e.g. B. when shopping online or when registering for bookings. These are also called throw-away addresses, because as soon as you have the feeling that you are leaving too many traces on the Internet or that the volume of advertising emails increases, you simply get yourself a new email address.

You can of course use your own main e-mail address for serious business that is long-term or with friends. But you should definitely create a strong password for this. In addition, you should never use the chosen username z. Use it, for example, from eBay or Amazon as part of an email name. This allows unauthorized persons to try to log in there with the user name and to make purchases.


An email address reveals the personality, previous behavior on the World Wide Web and, in individual cases, the complete home address. The email name should therefore be chosen with great care.


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