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What is dropshipping?

Instead of buying products in advance, when an end customer makes a purchase, the wholesaler is notified, who then makes the delivery anonymously. For the end customer, the wholesaler is not involved in the sale, only you.

At present, dropshipping can be done through many different sales channels and the process is broadly simple: the account holder of one of these channels acts as an intermediary between the supplier and the consumer, paying a lower price for the item and selling it at a higher price to achieve a profit margin.

If you find this idea interesting, read these guides to learn how dropshipping with Shopify works. That way you can Give your online shop a boostwithout having to worry about inventory or manufacturing of your products.

Keys to Finding a Profitable Niche With Shopify

One of the advantages of this platform, which is characterized above all by its simple and fast handling, is that you can use it to create a fully personalized online shop from scratch, in a very short time, without any help and without advanced knowledge.

Furthermore However, Shopify also has special dropshipping toolsthat make it easy to add products and start selling. These are the first steps:

1. Find your sales niche

Before you start dropshipping, you need to be clear about what you want to sell, and in this context, defining your target customer is fundamental. The point is to clearly define what you can offer in your shop and who will buy it from you.

At this point we cannot tell you a secret formula because there is no such thing. Several factors play a role in this decision. For example, there are sellers who prefer Products for sale, that have to do with their passions, with what they like and understand. Others, however, choose to go on high demand Put articles that will enable them to generate income.

Even if, as mentioned, there is no magic answer, a good alternative is to combine both options: products that belong to a market that you like and in which a void needs to be filled.

2. Find related keywords

Keywords are essential to improve the positioning of a Shopify store. Once you've designed the structure of your online store, it's time to find these words and match them to your product and category pages.

You can do this for free: Google a word or phrase on your website. If the higher-rated sites are similar to yours, take a look at their title tags to try to infer the keywords they are targeting.

However, if you want to fully immerse yourself in the world of positioning, there are several paid tools available that contain extremely advanced options. Check out these 8 tips to improve your SEO on Shopify and get yourself noticed in the search engines.

3. Make sure that your products are profitable

It is important to have good ideas and also to offer interesting articles. But there is one thing you must keep in mind: you have a business and it has to be profitable. Therefore, before you start dropshipping with Shopify, it is very important that you calculate your expenses and income in order to ensure that you will make money selling your products.

First, rely on items that are not associated with high costs. That way, you can sell them at a higher price and make a profit. To do this, you can do a market study of which wholesalers might be of interest to you and negotiate with them.

4. Stay tuned and check your Shopify store's popularity

Once you've found your niche and identified your products and distributors, you're ready to begin. But be careful, don't rest on your laurels. The internet is moving at the speed of light and the tastes of buyers are changing even faster.

What is a top product today can be in the months to come to become a slow seller. So keep an eye on the interest your articles are generating and analyze whether it has gone up or down. If you find that your products are losing momentum, consider changing your sales philosophy.