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13-06-2017 at 12:34 shouted for Jantie

Messler testified in front of the assembled team: For him, the extent of the interdependencies in the SV and in the WUSV Not deliberately. Nobody takes that from him! As he himself said, he knows the interrelationships very well, and has been for over 50 years (!! = half a century !!), we remember his inaugural speech in the SV booklet!

Your own testimony is tough! Messler admits that he has known the interdependencies - and the winning title (!!) - since early childhood (!!), since he was an altar boy, since 1964, which means for over 52 years!

He has remained naive when he thinks that the audience and the members will believe him if he says today that he is not aware of the extent of the entanglements. The breeders are still judges of the classes at the same time!

We've been beating him around the ears with entanglements for years! He knows her! He knows them all! There is only 1 question today! If he knows them, the entanglements, why doesn't he do anything with them? Today, as club president, he has absolute power to finally stop commerce!

Do you need interdependencies, Mr. Messler?

We will tell you in the enclosure which other people are infected with the German Shepherd gene and / or the virus. Pay attention! And click here:

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