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Do you want to buy a Samsung smartphone in 2021? Then you should know that

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Samsung could already present the first smartphone model of the year at the beginning of January. According to speculation, it could be the Galaxy A52, the successor to the Galaxy A51, which is very popular in 2020. The new S series appears almost at the same time. Whether prices, features or design: Almost everything is known about the Galaxy S21, the Plus model and the Ultra version of the upcoming top model. But whether it's the A52, S21 or a model from the Note series: There are things you should know if you want to buy a Samsung smartphone in 2021.

First laughed at, then imitated

When it became clear that Apple would sell the iPhone 12 without a power adapter and headphones included, Samsung scoffed. The Korean company called the charging adapter elementary and scoffed at Apple on social networks such as Facebook. Shortly thereafter, however, it became apparent that Samsung could also do without accessories in its latest top models. And that is exactly what the company now seems to confirm in response to a particularly questionable action. Because the posts in which one scoffed at Apple, Samsung has now deleted.

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Samsung is getting more and more expensive

You might think that a smartphone with fewer accessories in the scope of delivery would be cheaper. But that is pure illusion. Samsung is shocking its fans with the prices for the new Galaxy S21 models. Above all, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the flagship of the upper class, tops the price hikes. The surprise: Apple's top model, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, is almost 200 euros cheaper. And there could be a premium on the Galaxy A52 as well. Samsung could cite the smartphone's 5G capability as the reason for the price increase.

Again with a supposedly weaker processor

Samsung already disappointed and angry many buyers this year. The reason: While the Koreans deliver their top models with Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm on their home market and in the USA, only models with the in-house Exynos processor are available in Germany. And according to many benchmark tests, it is significantly weaker. Not only that. As Stiftung Warentest has found, the models with Snapdragon processors have a better battery life. Rumor has it that the new Samsung smartphones in this country will "only" come onto the market with an Exynos processor.

Does Samsung's camera weakness continue?

If you have a Galaxy S20, S20 + or the top-of-the-range Ultra version, you have a smartphone with a good camera. However, the camera performance has deteriorated compared to the S10 series. The equipment of the Galaxy S20 + scored a little worse in the Stiftung Warentest test with a grade of 2.0 than the previous year's model (grade 1.9).

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We put the Ultra Edition camera through several tests. In one case, Samsung's top model loses to the one and a half year old Huawei P30 Pro. Another test reveals that the 100x space zoom is more from the pen of a creative marketing employee. Because in practice it's a nice gimmick. However, really great photos do not succeed. The review of the Galaxy S20 Ultra shows how disastrous the “space zoom” is.

Can Samsung fix the weakness of the Galaxy S21? Or does the new top row also fall short of expectations? We'll find out more in mid-January, when the Koreans will show their new high-end smartphones.

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