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How to expand your consulting business with apps

Establishing yourself in the financial industry is not an easy endeavor. If you are a freelance consultant or have built a small consulting firm, you are likely often looking for new ways to grow your consulting business. A successful approach is the automatic creation of apps. There are several reasons for this.

Many large companies with corresponding portfolios and numerous small and medium-sized companies are crowding the financial market. With so many providers it can be difficult to find your own competitive advantage. This is especially true for the topic of digitization. Digital offers and services are omnipresent today and are simply a must in order to survive in the industry. Many companies have made good use of this opportunity. You have found the right path to innovation and made the growing demand for digital transformation the cornerstone of your success.

Of course, digitization means numerous challenges. But it is precisely digital innovations such as automatic app creation that can give you the advantages you need to keep up with the big players. No-code platforms like Open as App are revolutionizing the way companies from all industries will work in the future. This is especially true for the finance and consulting industry.

With the help of the automatic app creation, apps can be easily created from your existing business data. You can do this at a fraction of the cost of developing apps in regular software development. By creating and using bespoke apps, your consulting business can take a giant step towards streamlining internal processes, improving productivity and improving customer relationships.

The possibilities of the automatic creation of applications bring a previously unknown speed and flexibility to the digital transformation of consulting companies. This is particularly relevant for small and medium-sized consulting businesses (SMEs). This quickly results in financial and personnel restrictions when it comes to implementing digital innovations.

In the following sections you will learn how you can benefit from no-code apps and expand your consulting business or build it from scratch with the most popular customized apps.

Table of Contents

  1. The challenges of digital transformation for SMEs in the financial sector
  2. Digital solutions for finance and advice in the market
  3. The main custom apps for finance and consulting
  4. Customer-side custom apps
  5. Try the automatic app creation

The challenges of digital transformation for SMEs in the financial sector

Running a consulting company promises an exciting and lucrative activity - from financial advice to tax advice to accounting. But it also brings its challenges. Innovation has become the credo of future-oriented specialists and companies in this area. Digitization has developed into a significant competitive advantage in the industry.

For small and medium-sized companies, the lack of specialist knowledge and limited human resources are among the greatest hurdles. If you don't have a technology expert in-house and you can't afford to hire new employees, you're simply left behind when it comes to digitization. The challenge is even greater for self-employed consultants. You often have to do everything by yourself and invest in digital tools on your own to stay competitive. Bold steps in digital innovation in particular require an investment that many cannot afford.

When it comes to digital innovation in particular, it is becoming difficult to compete with large financial companies. Due to their size and financial resources, they have better access to expensive digital solutions and in-house specialists. Even if they don't always act quickly, larger companies often turn out to be better equipped to innovate.

The independent consultants and small consulting businesses that succeed in driving the digital transformation forward are facing another serious challenge: protecting their own business know-how. You have to use tools that protect your own expertise and at the same time are easy to use for employees and their customers.

Digital solutions for finance and advice in the market

There are a number of great tools that finance and advisory professionals can benefit from. Some of the frequently used solutions help, for example, with sales and marketing activities in order to expand your own consulting business.

One of these solutions is Pipedrive, a renowned CRM solution that visualizes sales data and uses automation to generate reports and forecasts. Another popular CRM platform is HubSpot. TeamMate + Audit is often used for audit management. There are also a number of smaller tools.

These standard solutions offer powerful features that can be of great benefit to finance and consulting firms. But they have their limits. Then you can supplement it with tailor-made tools. They create the digital enhancements they need to make their work really outstanding, to offer a sustainable customer experience and to grow profitably.

The advantages of automatic app creation when expanding the consulting business

The automatic creation of apps is the key to the digital transformation of consulting companies. Through a simple and inexpensive process, consultants can make the most of their business data with ease.

How you can use the automatic app creation

With Open as App, you can set up a large portfolio of valuable apps for your company in no time at all. This complements standard tools and supports the internal organization and management of your company. In addition, they are using new consulting tools to streamline internal processes and improve customer relationships. In this way, you create great added value for your company and can expand your consulting business in a targeted manner.

To complement your existing solutions, you can use Open as App to create calculation, list and dashboard apps. At the same time, you can use the existing data and your specialist knowledge to create consulting tools in the form of apps. These apps are easy to use, effective, and flawlessly protect your business know-how. The apps are based on the valuable data that you are already working with in Excel or Google Sheets or in databases.

What are the benefits of growing your consulting business with no-code apps?

One of the greatest advantages of creating no-code applications is that you can significantly increase the productivity of your internal processes with little effort and investment. The tools that you create are precisely tailored to the way your company works and can thus directly increase efficiency in areas such as task management, lead recording and administration, and customer data processing.

Building custom applications can also be of great help when working with complex business data. Instead of manipulating this data in endless spreadsheets, you can make it more accessible and user-friendly by turning it into a feature-rich app. In addition, your sensitive formulas, calculations and financial data are better protected when passed on to third parties.

These new digital no-code apps also help improve customer relationships. They enable you to improve personal advice through easily usable data. You can also make these apps available to your customers, demonstrate your competence and make the customer experience when using your advisory services smoother and easier.

Building apps via a no-code platform is a great way to introduce digitization for your consulting business without large investments. You save costs for software development as well as for technical specialists. The optimization of your internal processes leads to further savings, which have an impact on the company's success.

In addition to the investment, there is another advantage: As in any business area, finance and consulting specialists require a high level of data protection for both their internal information and their customers' data. Building apps using a no-code platform such as Open as App offers companies a secure way to protect their business know-how. You can also help meet regulatory requirements related to data protection and the granting of user rights.

The main custom apps for finance and consulting

What kind of apps can you create for your finance and consulting company with Open as App?

Custom apps for internal processes

You can create different apps to better handle your internal operations.

Creating a time tracking app is one of the most popular uses for no-code apps. Unlike the numerous off-the-shelf solutions on the market, your custom app can be set up in the way that works best for you. You can tailor the functions and the look and feel exactly to your requirements. For example, you can define different categories of work activities so that you can see exactly what you spend the most time on. The app can easily visualize the data for further use in accounting.

Another common custom tool that you can set up yourself is a lead capture app. She will help you handle your lead management process. If you z. For example, if you are at an industry event or meeting with a prospect, you can enter the details of new contacts. You can even scan in business cards. Since the app can be flexibly adapted, you can determine which types of data fields you want.

With auto-build apps, you can also build handy quote apps for your sales process. They enable you to create offers for your customers in next to no time, for example on your mobile device while you are on the go. The app can be synchronized with your CRM so that all your data is up to date.

Open as App can also help you collect and update customer data. For example, you can create a customer app to enter new information about customers and orders on the go. As always with NO-Code, you can define the fields you need, such as B. Details about clients, financial plans and minutes, etc.

Dashboard and report applications are also part of your new no-code repertoire. You can seamlessly convert your spreadsheet data into a reporting app. This will keep everyone involved up to date on the progress of your company. It also gives you a clear overview of your company's performance at a glance.

Customer-side custom apps

With automatic application creation, you can also create a number of useful and innovative customer-facing tools. Your newly created and bespoke work tools can carry your company's distinctive branding, making them easy for your customers to recognize.

For example, you can set up an app to calculate financial data or taxes for individual customers. This is i.a. useful for tax and financial advisors in discussions with clients. You enter the relevant formulas into a spreadsheet and then convert that into an easy-to-use app. You can offer this app to your customers for the typical calculations related to your service. Here is an example app for a financial calculator.

Another possible customer-centric no-code tool that you can use to expand your advisory business is a loan calculator app. If you are working with a client who wants to purchase a property with a loan, you can easily provide them with the correct calculations through the app. It will make your services faster and more efficient, and your customer will be able to make a good decision based on the app. This allows you to close deals faster and ensure greater customer satisfaction.

You can also create a custom app for benchmarking or product comparisons, such as B. Insurance tariffs. Begomat is an advisory tool for insurance agents that compares different insurance companies. It is created in Open as App on the basis of Excel. In this way, the creator's intellectual property behind an app remains protected - if it is shared with third parties.

Other useful options for customer-facing tools include apps for tracking investments or calculating interest rates. If you z. For example, if you conduct investment advice with your customers, you can provide them with all the important data about their investments and their development.

Try the automatic app creation

Regardless of whether you are a freelance consultant or run a small or medium-sized consulting business, the automatic creation of apps means great potential for your business development. With their help, you can set up important work tools for yourself and your team with minimal investment of time and money. So you can take bold steps towards digital transformation with ease.

Do you want to test Open as App for your consulting business? You can create your first consulting app for free with our app wizard.


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