What are the properties of the median

Mean, median, mode

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Here you can find out what the location parameters mode, median and mean mean, how you determine them and what properties they have.


The median (also called the central value) is the value in the middle of a value ordered according to size. That is, at least the data are less than or equal to the median and at least the data are greater than or equal to the median. The median is insensitive to extreme values. The median is used for data that can be put into a “natural” sequence and provided with numerical values. Examples: If there is an odd number of data values, the median is the value in the middle. If the number of data values ​​is even, the median is the average of the two middle values.
The median is the middle or the central value of the data set.
The median is used to qualitatively classify an individual value in the data series.


The mean value is suitable for quantitative data such as body size, income, prices. The mean value is sensitive to extreme values. Outliers within a data series "pull" the mean up or down. You calculate the mean value (also called the arithmetic mean) by adding up all observation values,, ..., and dividing the sum by the number n of observations:
Amelie spends five days with her friend during the school holidays. Every day she makes a note of how much pocket money she has spent.

Mode, median and mean in comparison

The mode, median, and mean have different properties and are therefore not suitable for every type of data.
A new shop sells printed T-shirts in different colors. Blue t-shirts were the most popular.
Lara noted her English grades in the last six months: 1, 2, 1, 3, 4, 2, 2, 3, 5. If she writes a 3 in the next English assignment, then that is a rather poor achievement for Lara. However, a 3 would not affect your grade on the certificate.
Sophie wants to know whether she has learned a comparatively much or less much for math work. She asks her classmates how many hours they studied each time. Although Sophie is one of those who have learned a lot, her number of hours is below average.