Linkedin sales teams use Salesforce

You intend to choose a CRM system for your company. You browse the internet comparing well-known brands to find that only one that will stay with you for years to come and change your corporate empire forever. You will quickly find a nice blue logo, a cloud that says “Salesforce”. Everyone knows about it. Everyone is talking about it. It's so popular that a thought sprouts in your head: “Can it be this one?” But what makes it so popular and why is it rated # 1 among customer relationship management systems?

Prepare yourself. We're about to reveal Salesforce's biggest secrets.

The customer's success is the most important thing

This simple assumption is what makes Salesforce so popular among CRM systems. The platform's entire ecosystem is built around customer success, and Salesforce continues to strive to develop a community of satisfied users. This is reflected in their work, their focus on collaboration and continuous innovation in an ever-changing business world. When you choose Salesforce, the collaboration doesn't end with the purchase of a product and a handshake. You get a cloud-based solution that does not require any additional costs to purchase and install devices. If problems arise, technicians can investigate them in minutes, not days. That means less risk of downtime, cheaper maintenance and more time to develop the business. In addition, Salesforce makes it easy for its customers to develop their skills by providing them with a certification program and Trailhead, a learning platform that enables them to expand their knowledge of the investment so that they get the most from their opportunities. An additional benefit of Salesforce is that its level of performance is the same for all customers. All Salesforce users use the same infrastructure and software. This enables automatic and simultaneous updates for all customers while maintaining data security. This also means that the user receives the latest and greatest features three times a year through automatic, hassle-free updates.

Platform that grows with you

CRM software is an investment. A good system should not only meet the company's current needs, but also meet its future needs. That's Salesforce. Regardless of whether you want to organize the current customer base or build one that will develop over the next few years, Salesforce adapts to your individual needs and will scale with the further expansion of the company. According to Salesforce, up to 86% of consumers say personalization plays an important role in purchasing decisions.

The platform enables companies to personalize email messages to customers, takes into account the unique purchasing history of each business partner and thanks to the Salesforce App Cloud, companies can create and launch all personalized applications. Small and medium-sized businesses need to be confident that the technology they implement will evolve as they grow. Salesforce guarantees that right from the start.

Innovative technology

Why is Salesforce the leader in the CRM market? Because he has created an extremely innovative and easy-to-use, intuitive and flexible platform. Not only is Salesforce a leader in the CRM market, it defines the future of business in all industries. Very often you hear from the Salesforce architect that this CRM is "exactly what you want it to be". The leader in secure and mobile cloud technology offers several solutions. Sales Cloud puts sales teams at the center, which enables your sales reps to effectively increase the company's revenue. Service Cloud can make all services flexible and scalable so that your company can guarantee satisfactory customer service. Marketing Cloud, in turn, aims to create a multi-channel and personalized experience for the customer. This is still not all, as Salesforce is making more and more instruments available, including the Community Cloud (for creating and managing communities), Analytics Cloud (big data tool for collecting customer data) and Apps Cloud (developing Applications in an ecosystem).

Salesforce is as easy to use as the websites you visit every day. An innovative solution of the system is a 360-degree customer view. It connects systems and databases and all records of the respective contractual partner, whereby Salesforce enables companies to find a large amount of information that has been collected in one place. Thanks to the AppExchange, Salesforce offers more than 3000 integrated applications for direct use and the Salesforce mobile app enables you to manage all activities - from meetings to reports - from your smartphone, anywhere in the world (provided you have internet access ).

Salesforce as CRM takes you to a higher level. One of the most important aspects of the company using the CRM tool is data security. Security was one of Salesforce's priorities right from the start. With the pre-installed security features, Salesforce enables company owners to decide who can access the relevant data in their organization, making it very reliable and secure software.

Welcome in the future

Salesforce has been setting new trends in the business world since 1999. By joining his clientele, you gain a competitive advantage and become part of an extraordinary, ever-growing community of entrepreneurs. Thanks to this CRM system, you will be able to manage the sales activities, services, marketing, communication, analytics and applications more efficiently, and these are not all the possibilities that this platform, which is constantly evolving with your business, can offer you. Join the Salesforce customer base and begin your adventure in the future. Already today.

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