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Rapper 50 Cent grew up in the Queens borough of New York. There - in the district of South Jamaica - the family lived in poor conditions and 50 Cent experienced a dramatic youth. 50 Cent never met his father, his mother is murdered in her own house when the son is just eight years old. After his mother's death, 50 Cent lives with his grandparents. Through his mother, the boy had already got in touch with the drug dealer and so the rapper started his own career as a drug dealer at the age of twelve. He quickly had to serve various prison sentences and was jailed for the first time at the age of 18, where he gave himself his stage name 50 Cent. The singer took over from Kelvin Martin, a gangster active in the 80s who was notorious for shootings and robberies at the time. He had chosen the name because, in his own words, it embodied the values ​​and content of the gangster. 50 Cent continued the drug trade even after he was already active as a musician - he only gave up on it when he realized that music could bring him more money. Nevertheless, his private life - like his career - is repeatedly determined by shootings, acts of violence and drug trafficking. 50 Cent seems to lead a real ghetto life. And again and again it gives the impression that 50 cents regularly slip past death. In contrast to many colleagues in the rapper scene, however, he seems to have a guardian angel. He was shot nine times in total. And survived nine times. His hot-blooded relationship with ex-girlfriend Shanique Tompkins also got into the press again and again: Tompkins demanded around 50 million dollars from rapper 50 cents after the breakup. Son Marquise emerges from the relationship.

Professional career of 50 cents
Rapper 50 Cent was discovered by Run DMC legend Jam Master Ray (who has since been murdered). Jam Master Ray immediately gives the young talent a record deal. No reason for 50 Cent to show gratitude: He quickly switched to Columbia Records when the contract proves to be of little use. Then, in the career of 50 Cent, a pretty breathtaking - but again ghetto-like - career begins: He records his debut album, gets involved in shootings before it is released and is hit by nine bullets himself, whereupon his company signed the record deal for fear of the negative press quits and doesn't get the album out. Then 50 Cent makes a detour into the well-known drug milieu before it is discovered for the second time. He owes this to none other than Eminem. He publicly stated that 50 Cent was his current "LIeblingsfucker" and took it - together with Dr. Dre - under contract to the label Shady / Aftermath, which was founded especially for this purpose. Today 50 Cent looks back on four studio albums - two of them hit number 1 in the charts. The rapper earns an estimated 30 million euros a year with his music.

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The 50 Cent Label G Unit is another generous source of income: It markets fashion, ringtones for cell phones, computer games and gossip novels.
A stock deal with Glaceau brought 50 Cent an estimated $ 400 million in profit in 2007.

Greatest successes of 50 cents
2003 - "Get Rich or Die Tryin '" (# 1 in the charts)
2005 - "The Massacre" (# 1 in the charts)
His most successful singles include “In Da Club”, “21 Questions” and “Candy Shop”