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We are going to be a castle made of crooked branches ... and slabs Pennies to build.
We'll build a castle of crooked branches ... and flattened pennies.
It is mainly Penniesbut I have a million.
They're mostly pennies, but I got a million.
Bring Pennies Life in no danger.
I wanted Pennies Bring a present, so ...
I wanted to drop off Penny's present, so ...
I want jane too Pennies Bring a party.
I want to bring Jane to Penny's party.
It is Pennies first time to take the oath of allegiance.
It's Penny's first time leading the Pledge of Allegiance.
I was on today Pennies School.
He has more Pennies than you
I discovered you when you were ten for Pennies sang.
The man who found you singing for pennies when you were 10 years old.
Blurred. As if there were two Pennies.
It's blurred, like it's two pennies.
I'm talking about the tray ... those Pennies for each.
I'm talking about the tray - the pennies for everybody.
You have no vermin from Pennies Armchair captured.
You didn't catch bugs from Penny's chair.
Mr. Stainer is Pennies Grandfather.
Mr. Stainer is Penny's grandfather.
We have to go back to dinner before Pennies Parents notice that she is gone.
We've got to get back to the dinner party ... before Penny's parents realize she's missing.
Pennies Ex-boyfriends Zack and LeVar Burton from TV.
Penny's ex-boyfriend Zack and TV's LeVar Burton.
Next it was to Waseca, Tim Pennies Hometown.
Next it was over to Waseca, Tim Penny's home town.
The man with the Pennies had protested Emmer's policy on immigration.
The man with the pennies had been protesting Emmer's policies on immigration.
I'm Mayor of Burton City ... and Pennies Father.
I am Christopher Banning mayor of Burton City and Penny's father.
Between Pennies Gorilla movie and Howard's gorilla mother, I had no choice.
Between Penny's gorilla movie and Howard's gorilla mother, I had no choice.
The stuff out there only cost Pennies.
Half the stuff was picked up for pennies.
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