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Amazon affiliate links on Facebook - what is allowed and what alternatives are there?

Readers keep asking me whether Amazon affiliate links can be added to Facebook.

In this article I answer this question, show you what is allowed and what is not and also discuss alternatives.

Are Amazon affiliate links allowed on Facebook?

Many readers ask me whether you can even publish Amazon affiliate links on Facebook. The simple answer is: Yes, you can. But there are a few things to consider in detail.

You can post your own Amazon affiliate links on Facebook if the Facebook profile or the page is operated by the same person who also has the PartnerNet account. In plain language, this means for the vast majority of affiliates that you can only post Amazon affiliate links on your own Facebook profile or your own Facebook page.

In addition, you have to have your Facebook profile or Facebook page stored in your own Amazon account in the "List of websites and apps" so that Amazon knows that these belong to the affiliate.

The installation itself is quite simple. You can get the text link in the Site Stripe directly from Amazon:

You then simply insert this affiliate link into a new post. Facebook takes a few seconds and then displays a picture of Amazon and a product text.

However, there is the disadvantage here that Facebook independently selects graphics and text and you cannot edit them either. You can only delete the graphic and the product text and only publish your own text including the affiliate link. However, this is not very nice optically. But you can upload your own picture and make the Facebook post more attractive in this way.

So there is the quick option where Facebook selects what is displayed to match the affiliate link or you design the post manually, which is a bit more complex.

Either way, however, it is important that you create your own text in addition to the affiliate link that arouses curiosity. Just posting the affiliate link (as seen in the picture above) is not a good idea.

Amazon affiliate links in Facebook groups?

It would of course also be interesting to post Amazon affiliate links in Facebook groups. Here you usually have a very specific target group that is interested in certain products. As good as that sounds at first, it's usually not a good idea.

For one thing, it is not allowed if you do not own the group yourself. On the other hand, the direct posting of affiliate links in Facebook groups is usually not very well received. This is similar to in forums, where this is just as reluctantly seen.

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Marking of the Amazon affiliate links on Facebook

Another important point is the labeling of affiliate links. This is generally controversial, as it is not classic advertising. That is why many of them do not label their affiliate links at all, which I would definitely not recommend.

Some of them mark Amazon affiliate links on Facebook with a subsequent “(Affiliate link)”, but most users cannot do anything with that. Instead, it is often recommended to write “(advertising)” after such links. That should be enough.

But there are also others who recommend a fairly long text that explains what affiliate links actually are and how you can benefit from them. I think that is currently exaggerated, but new judgments can of course change something.

Why you shouldn't use masked links

One or the other comes up with the idea of ​​masking the Amazon links with a plugin like Pretty Links. These masked links could then be published on Facebook.

This would have the advantage that Amazon does not see them at all, because the visitor is guided through our website by the masking and is then automatically directed to Amazon. For Amazon it would appear as if the user came from our affiliate website.

But you should definitely refrain from doing this. On the one hand, Amazon prohibits the masking of affiliate links. On the other hand, that would be a deliberate deception by Amazon and thus also a reason for exclusion from the PartnerNet.

Amazon affiliate links in Facebook advertising

Can you include Amazon affiliate links in Facebook ads? That is also not allowed.

The advertising does not appear in your own profile but everywhere on Facebook. This also contradicts the Amazon conditions of participation.

Alternative: Link to your own affiliate website on Facebook

Instead of posting the Amazon affiliate link directly on Facebook, it is a good alternative to create your own affiliate website and to include links to the affiliate website on Facebook.

So you can present the Amazon product in detail in an article on your own affiliate website, describe experiences, incorporate photos and so on. There are also many ways to present the product very nicely with the help of Amazon plugins.

Then you add the link to this article on Facebook.

With the help of the Yoast SEO plugin, it is also possible to specify exactly which image and which text should appear on Facebook.


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In summary, one can say that Amazon affiliate links are possible on Facebook. However, direct installation can only be controlled to a limited extent.

But it is also possible via the detour of your own affiliate website and you have more options for customization. However, that means more clicks for the user.

How do you do it? Do you build Amazon affiliate links directly on Facebook or always only links to your affiliate website?

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