How do I slim my stomach

Watch out, fat trap! These 8 things promote a big belly

Stomach, legs, buttocks: these are the typical problem areas for women. Losing weight is often difficult, especially on the stomach. Do you also dream of a flat and firm stomach, but somehow only lose weight on your buttocks and breasts? Even though you do sit-ups almost every day? Then you surely know how frustrating it is.

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Exercise alone is not enough to reduce belly fat. You can train as much as you want - the six-pack will always be hidden under the belly fat. In order to get rid of the fat on the stomach, a lot of discipline and a healthy diet are important. No fear: We are not talking about diet and the gym, but about a healthy approach to life.

Here are eight things to avoid if you want to reduce your belly fat. And of course we will also give you some tips on how you can actively fight the unpleasant belly fat.

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1. Sweet drinks

Soda, cola, iced tea or even juice and spritzers - these are all drinks that contain a lot of sugar. And sugar is the main cause of the unsightly fat on the stomach.

Tip: Of course, it is best if you drink water. Are you bored? Then grab a stylish carafe, add a few lemon or lime slices or other fruits and drinking is a lot more fun! Alternatively, unsweetened teas or coffee are also possible.

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Drink yourself slim! Delicious drinks for a flat stomach

2. White flour products

Sometimes you don't even realize how many foods are made of white flour. For example in pasta, baguettes, cakes or croissants. The problem: white flour contains a lot of carbohydrates and these promote the storage of belly fat.

Tip: The German Nutrition Society therefore recommends using whole grain products in the rules for healthy eating for a reason. Give whole grains a try. In contrast to white flour products, they contain complex carbohydrates that do not immediately settle on your stomach. Whole grain foods also keep you feeling full for much longer. In fact, this is often not noticeable in the taste, the food may just look a little darker.

3. Alcohol

The beer belly has its name rightly: Beer makes you fat - and especially on the stomach. Unfortunately, the same applies to wine, cocktails and all other alcoholic beverages. The fault is the alcohol, which on the one hand is high in calories and on the other hand contains simple carbohydrates that are stored in your stomach as fat.

Tip: It is of course best to avoid alcohol. There is almost always an alcohol-free alternative. But if you drink alcohol, less is more. It pays off the next morning if you don't wake up hungover. Always alternate a glass of alcohol with a glass of water.

4. Insufficient sleep

Anyone who is constantly tired through the day tends to accumulate fat on the stomach more quickly. If you deprive your body of sleep, you will automatically grab sweets and high-fat foods that contain sugar. Sugar wakes us up and gives us a short-term boost. However, this sugar settles directly on the stomach and therefore stands in the way of your flat stomach.

Tip: Try to get at least seven hours of sleep. If that's not possible, grab some sweet fruit or drink coffee to keep you awake.

Sleeping and shedding the pounds at the same time? With these five drinks you can lose weight while you sleep!

5. Sweet, fatty foods

Even worse than sugar is the combination of sugar and fat. Chocolate, cake, chips or burgers - these are all foods that travel from the mouth directly to the stomach and waist.

The belly fat created by fatty and sweet things not only looks unattractive, but is also anything but beneficial for our health. On our partner portal you can find out why belly fat is so dangerous.

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6. Meal after 6pm

The body burns most of the calories overnight. If you eat something shortly before sleep, your body is busy digesting this food. And then the fat burning stops.

Tip: Don't eat anything for at least two hours before going to bed. If there is no other way, it is better to eat some vegetables and forego bread, chips or chocolate.

7. Little exercise

Of course, it's more comfortable to make yourself comfortable on the sofa after work. But you won't get rid of belly fat this way. Your fat burning is only boosted by a combination of diet and exercise. But not all sport is the same: If you want to melt the fat on your stomach and lose weight, you have to stimulate your metabolism and increase your basal metabolic rate. And that works with strength training (at home or in the gym) and above all with endurance training!

Tip: Plan to exercise three fixed days a week. 45 minutes of endurance training are enough to reduce belly fat. Not sure how to approach your fat burning fitness program? Then here are some workout tips for ideal endurance training at home!

You can, for example, check your fitness level regularly with a fitness tracker (shop here on Amazon).

In addition to endurance sports, in which you can really burn calories and fat and boost your metabolism, special abdominal training can bring you closer to the dream of a flat stomach: A workout that specifically trains the muscles of the abdominal area, can be found in this fitness video:

Finally an efficient workout without sit-ups: The 10 best fitness exercises for a flat stomach

And how can weight training help reduce belly fat? Weight training generally helps with weight loss. Because strength training builds muscles. This is not only good because it helps to tighten abs and a flat stomach: muscles increase - if they are exercised regularly - the basal metabolic rate of our body and thus also help burn calories. If that's not a good reason to exercise our muscles ...

Do you still have doubts? Then discover here why strength training is so effective for women!

8. Eating out of boredom

Regardless of the reason you eat, be it stress, boredom or just appetite - eating when you are actually not hungry is never particularly good.

Tip: If you crave sweets or a snack, prefer fruits, vegetables, yogurt or, in an emergency, low-fat sweets. It's still better than stuffing yourself with chips or chocolate and burdening your body with unnecessary calories.

Exercise once a week is enough to lose weight - is that correct?

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