Is attitude and behavior the same

Difference Between Attitude and Behavior

One of the generally accepted facts about people is that no two people are alike, be it in terms of physical appearance (i.e. body structure, height, weight, color, etc.) or abstract aspects (such as intelligence, attitude, personality, behavior and so on). Many people take a person's attitude as behavior. Although they are directly or indirectly related, they differ in the sense that the attitude represents a person's thoughts or feelings for someone or something.

On the other hand is behavior the reaction of an individual to a particular act, person, or environment.

It was said that "A person's posture affects thoughts while their behavior affects actions." In today's topic, we're going to examine some key differences between attitude and behavior.

Comparison table

Basis of comparisonattitudebehavior
importanceAttitude refers to a person's mental view of the way they think or feel about someone or something.Behavior is understood to mean the actions, shifts, behavior or functions of a person or group towards other people.
Based onExperience and observationsituation
What is it?Mindset of a personOutward expression of attitude.
MirrorsWhat do you think or feelWhat you are doing?
Defined byThis is how we perceive things.Social norms

Definition of attitude

Simply put, posture is a person's mental attitude that defines the way we think or feel something. It is a hypothetical construct that cannot be observed directly. It is a predisposition to respond in a fixed manner to a person, event, opinion, object, etc., which is reflected in our body language. This has a strong influence on our decisions, actions, stimuli, etc. Education, experience and the environment are the main factors influencing a person's attitude.

A person's attitude can be positive, negative, or neutral views, which shows a person's likes and dislikes or something. The type of posture we exercise speaks a lot of us when we get in that mood and send a message to those around us. There is no ideal attitude for a particular situation as it is spontaneous and we always have a choice of choosing the right attitude for ourselves.

Definition of behavior

The term "behavior" can be referred to as the way in which you behave yourself. It is the way of behaving or controlling oneself towards other people. This is the range of actions, responses, and behaviors determined by an individual, system, or organization in relation to themselves or their environment under all circumstances.

In short, behavior is an individual or group reaction to input such as an action, an environment, or a stimulus that may be internal or external, voluntary or involuntary, conscious or unconscious.

Main differences between attitude and behavior

The difference between posture and behavior can be clearly identified for the following reasons:

  1. Attitude is defined as the mental tendency of a person who is responsible for thinking or feeling about someone or something. Behavior includes the actions, shifts, behaviors or functions or a person or group towards other people.
  2. A person's attitude is mainly based on the experiences they have had in the course of their life and their observations. On the other hand, a person's behavior depends on the situation.
  3. Attitude is a person's inner thoughts and feelings. Behavior, in contrast, expresses a person's attitude.
  4. Thinking or feeling is reflected in a person's attitude. On the contrary, a person's behavior is reflected in their behavior.
  5. Attitude is defined by the way we perceive things, while behavior is determined by social norms.
  6. Attitude is a human trait, but behavior is an innate trait.


So, with the discussion above, it is clear that whatever you say or do is conveying a message to the world about what is going on in your head. It is generally accepted that our emotions, opinions, and thoughts cannot be observed by what our demeanor shows. In addition, our behavior is determined by our attitude, since his actions are the reflection of his thoughts.

While attitude is nothing more than a person's perception of something or someone in life. In contrast to this behavior, a person reacts to various inputs and stimuli.