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CPA exam


I'm currently doing my Masters in Accounting / Finance and want to do another semester abroad. Now I came across the CPA exam by accident. I find the CPA very interesting and am now considering taking this exam.

Do any of you have any experience with the CPA exam? How much preparation time did you need? Unfortunately I have to say that I haven't done so much about American accounting yet? Can I also use the title if I do not continue my education every year? How do you see the future prospects of the CPA?

Thanks in advance.



Re: CPA Exam

Lounge guest wrote:


I'm currently doing my Masters in Accounting / Finance and
want to do another semester abroad. Now I'm through
Stumbled upon the CPA exam by chance. I find the CPA quite
interesting and am now considering doing this exam.

Why? That costs a lot of money, brings you relatively little in D'land and if you later work in the WP industry, the employer will give you the Z-certificate including the corresponding leave of absence. Apart from that, a minimum age is required. As a student, you have usually not yet achieved this.

Have any of you experienced the CPA exam?

As a non-native with little to no professional experience in us accounting and auditing, this is hardly possible. Unless you invest another few thousand $$$ in preparation courses.

How much
You needed preparation time, unfortunately I have to
I don't say that much about the American
Have done accounting?

It depends on how much time you have every day for studying and which preparation courses you need. 3-6 months with appropriate work experience are common.

May I also use the title
if I don't do further training every year?

No, this is not allowed and is roughly comparable if you contact Dr. without your Dr. Work has ever been graded.

How do you see them
Future prospects of the CPA?

In the USA you can do something with it, rarely with the big4 in Germany. in the group financial statements, the usually fly the auditors from the USA branches.

Thanks in advance.



Re: CPA Exam

-Minimum age in most countries is less than 21, often even 18

  • CPA is a good proof that you have very good knowledge of accounting (US-GAAP and IFRS are relatively similar)
  • of course, if you want to do a WP in Germany, then I would not necessarily do the CPA
  • Costs depend on the preparation. If you do this as a self-study, you only need to buy the 4 Wiley books for material and pay around 200-300 ?. However, you cannot take the exams in Europe.
  • Unless you want to work in the USA, the CPA in Germany won't really bring you anything if you want to provide your services as a CPA. In any case, it will bring you a lot to expand your knowledge.
  • You can use the title even if you do not continue your education every year, because that depends on the country in question. Orientate yourself to Illinois and New Hampshire.

Re: CPA Exam


Thank you again for the answers.

My professional goal is not to become a WP but rather to work in a company. But my goal is already to work internationally and that's why I thought of this further training. If I decided to do something like this, I would only do it through a recognized preparation course. My current planning also looks like that I am busy with this CPA thing 6 months and still take a few courses at my partner university, but as I said, these are only thoughts so far.




Re: CPA Exam

Hello Phillip,

I would also be interested in preparing for the CPA. I work in an American corporation as a financial controller in the Munich area. I was even closer to the CPA there than the CIMA z. B., because the Americans are special with the recognition of the various degrees. Would you like to start a study group?




Re: CPA Exam


this is definitely a great idea.

CPA is a comprehensive and structured qualification for accounting professionals. The level is about higher than at the university or anywhere else.

If you try, you can find free lectures and tests on the internet. The books can even be bought for $ 25 apiece.

In DE there are many US subsidiaries that report according to US GAAP, but the people who are competent in this area are lacking.
I have so often experienced anger where no one really knew what OCI or (no longer existing) Minimum Pension Liability is. And it is almost never explained in everyday work. So when you've practiced that, you can score well.

You will most likely not be able to get a license, as certain certification from the employer is required, stating that you have worked for about 2 years (?) Under the direction of a licensed CPA. But the knowledge is valuable after all.

My tip: start now with the application to the relevant state board. It can take months to get admitted. And much success!


Re: CPA exam

What is the workload for CPA? Do you need time off for this or can you prepare for it in the foreseeable future after work? Is there a difference between the extent of the exemple and whether one claims lucentation or just the certificate (title)?


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