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Fake WhatsApp chat: This is how you can create your own processes


You want to fake a WhatsApp chat and then use it for a meme or as an illustration? Netzwelt shows how you can easily create a fake WhatsApp chat.

A WhatsApp chat is easy to fake. Whether for a funny meme, an April Fools joke or for illustration for advertising and other media content - there are many conceivable uses for a self-created chat history.

For this purpose you can of course use Photoshop or another image editing program to put together the fake chat yourself.

Please note

The fake WhatsApp chats must not be used to falsify evidence or bring other users into disrepute, otherwise you may make yourself liable to prosecution.

Creating your own chat history is also much easier. Here we introduce you to different methods with which you can fake a WhatsApp chat.

1st option: Use two WhatsApp accounts

The most obvious way to fake WhatsApp chats is to use a second phone with a separate WhatsApp account. You send the corresponding messages, photos and videos back and forth and then take a screenshot of them. You can then manually retouch individual details such as name and profile picture if necessary.

2nd possibility: Use the fake chat generator in the network

There are numerous free generators on the net with which you can easily click together your desired chat history for WhatsApp.,, and easily guide you to the desired destination.

3. Fake WhatsApp chat via app

For faking WhatsApp chats, there are also corresponding apps in the Google Play Store and in Apple's App Store. For Android, we can recommend the Fake Chat Maker, WhatsFake and Fake Chat Messenger apps. On iOS you can use the apps Whats up for WhatsApp, Fake W-Prank Funny and Make It - The chat maker.

If you want to save or print out a longer fake chat in WhatsApp, you can do so using the method shown in our tutorial.

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