What kind of rabbits can you eat


Feeding rabbits properly

The diet of domestic rabbits is actually not complicated, but there are a few mistakes that can be made that can quickly become negative for rabbits.

Rabbits are folivores (leaf-eaters), their wild relatives in nature feed primarily on fresh green parts of plants, buds and leaf tips. In addition, they also take on roots and bark. Due to their short history of domestication, our domestic rabbits are still dependent on this diet.

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Basic fodder: green fodder

Rabbits are fresh eaters: the main component of their diet should always be fresh, varied green fodder.

In summer, a meadow and twig diet is ideal.

Summer feeding

In spring, summer and autumn it is a good idea to pick directly in nature, because plants from the meadow, branches and leaves are not only free, but also the healthiest rabbit food.

Of course, outside rabbits can also graze the food themselves, then they only need greens that are picked at night.

Sometimes you can still find wild plants outdoors in winter.


Winter feeding