Check what is canceled

Cancel an order or pre-order from the Microsoft Store

If you've purchased something from the Microsoft Store, you can cancel the entire order or an item in an order before the billing or shipping process.

  1. Sign in to your order history with your Microsoft account. If you have more than one Microsoft account, sign in to each one to check your order history.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • If you want to cancel the whole order:
      Find the order or pre-order you want to cancel and select next to the ordercancel items.

    • When you want to cancel an item in an order:
      Find the order or pre-order that you want to cancel, select next to the item. cancel items, check the box next to the item and choose the button cancel items.

  3. Check your inbox to see if you have received an email confirming that the order has been canceled. If you don't see a confirmation of the cancellation in your inbox after a few minutes, check your spam or junk mail folder. If you still haven't received a cancellation confirmation after a period of time, contact Microsoft Store Support.

Do you need more help?

Please select the questions below for answers to some of the most common questions about canceling an order or pre-order.

What if I don't see the “Cancel Item” option and can't cancel my order?

Depending on the type of order you'd like to cancel, below is some information about why you can't cancel your order because of the option to Cancel an article is not displayed.

Orders or pre-orders that are on their way to you

If the option Cancel items is not displayed to cancel an order or pre-order, this may be because you have been billed for the order or the order has already been shipped.

See Returning items you purchased from Microsoft for an exchange or a refund for information on how to request a refund in such a case. For more information about the status of your refund, see Get the status of returns and refunds in the Microsoft Store.

Orders or pre-orders for digital goods

If the option cancel items For an order or digital merchandise (e.g. apps, movies, TV shows, and books), it may be because you may have already been billed for the order.

In this case, please contact Microsoft Store support. For more information, see the Microsoft Store Help page.

Xbox orders or pre-orders

If the option Cancel items does not appear to cancel an Xbox order (such as a game), it may be because you have been billed for the order or the order has already been shipped.

If so, go to the Request an Xbox Refund web form.

How can I cancel an unauthorized or accidental purchase?

If an accidental or unauthorized purchase was made from your account, you can return items purchased from Microsoft for an exchange or a refund.

In the event you've allowed a child to use your credit card or other payment method to make purchases through their account, they can track your child's purchases in the Microsoft Store. Learn more about how to get kids on Windows 10 and Xbox One devices to ask parents' permission before making a purchase from the Microsoft Store.

If you think someone else is using your account, learn how to get back into your Microsoft Account if it's compromised and how to protect your Microsoft Account.

What happens if I have been billed twice for an order?

When will I be billed for Microsoft Store purchases?

  • You will be billed for digital downloads immediately after purchase.

  • Items that we ship to you will be billed to you when the order is sent to the warehouse.

  • For more information about when you will be billed for pre-orders, see Pre-Orders in the Microsoft Store.

Why was my pre-order canceled?

Pre-orders will be canceled if your payment method cannot be authorized at the time of product release. For example, this can happen if your credit card expires before the item becomes available.

In this case we will send you an email asking you to update your payment information so that you can order the item again before the product is released.

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