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  • German sailor is stranded on the coast of Langeland

    A boat from Kiel ran aground and ran aground at the Keldsnor lighthouse. The 49-year-old single-handed tipper was able to save himself unharmed

  • What happened on the Bay of Biscay?

    The collision with a fisherman cost Germany's sailing professional a place on the podium at the Vendée Globe. What driving skippers can learn from an accident

  • What knowledge can be derived from ship accidents for your own sailing practice. Basic knowledge for beginners and everyone who wants to refresh their know-how

  • Vendée Globe: "PRB" is sinking!

    Kevin Escoffier triggered his Epirb after reporting severe water ingress. Jean Le Cam is turned off and comes to the rescue + 2 UPDATES +

  • Fewer missions for the sea rescuers in the Corona year

    From January to the end of October, the DGzRS completed 1,605 missions in the North and Baltic Seas, a good 370 fewer than in the same period of the previous year. The autumn balance of the rescuers

  • Two sailors have had an accident on the North Sea

    A capsized dinghy cruiser was discovered near Cuxhaven yesterday. The rescuers found a dead person in it. A second was found in the mouth of the Weser

  • German sailing yacht goes up in flames

    On the Flensburg Fjord across from Langballigau, a yacht caught fire yesterday. The skipper was able to save himself and his dog on land with the dinghy

  • In the Netherlands, breakdown assistance at sea will in future only be carried out by private providers

  • Sailing yacht is stranded in front of Norderney

    Late on Sunday evening, a ten meter long boat ran aground on the island's beach. The crew was able to save themselves on land

  • "Sharki" (ex- "Rubin") recovered

    One and a half days after the former victorious German Admiral's Cupper sank in the Outer Elbe, it was lifted yesterday and towed to Cuxhaven

  • Ex- "Rubin" sunk off Cuxhaven - crew in life raft

    The former German Admiral's Cup yacht had apparently collided with seven sailors from Poland in a fairway buoy and had radioed "Mayday"

  • A tour with a sailing cutter came to an abrupt end yesterday in the Wismar Bay: the boat capsized, the crew fell into the water. But they were all quickly rescued

  • Seriously injured: single-handed sailor stranded near Hiddensee

    A ten-meter yacht wrecked on the cliff by the Dornbusch lighthouse - the skipper, who was injured in the head, had to be rescued by helicopter

  • Slight increase in the number of pleasure craft accidents

    The Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation (BSU) has presented its results for 2019. Overall, the number of accidents fell, but not in the leisure sector

  • Sailing yacht collides with fishing boat

    May 7th, 2020 Mast break on a yacht sailing under the Finnish flag after collision with a German fisherman off the East Frisian Islands

  • Water ingress on the Atlantic

    In the last part of our series about the refit of a yacht that has sunk in the Caribbean and its transfer to Europe, a lot goes wrong once again

  • Water ingress and leak protection

    16.03.2020How the floods stay out and what equipment should be on board for them - the most important thing about finding and sealing leaks

  • The 10 most common causes of an accident

    01/30/2020 Accumulation, broken mast, engine failure: Depending on the seriousness of the situation, crews have to call the sea rescue team. An important insight can be gained from their use

  • The top ten causes of disaster

    Every year we use the statistics of the DGzRS to evaluate the most common causes of damage that occur on sailing boats. With some amazing results

  • Rescue missions for sailors on the North Sea and IJsselmeer

    07.10.2019 Accumulated, seriously injured, mast broken: Several yacht crews had to be rescued from their predicament last weekend

  • How the Fastnet disaster of 1979 came about ...

    08/06/2019 ... and why it would probably not happen again in this form today. Meteorologists have analyzed the weather forecasts from back then - and not only that

  • How to prevent fire on board

    Devastating boat fires, in which some people even died, recently caused a sensation. We show how owners can better secure their ships

  • Man overboard: fatal accident in the cadet channel

    The corpse of a 69-year-old sailor washed up on Fehmarn. The man fell from his eleven-meter yacht last week

  • Pilot schooner "No. 5 Elbe"
    Pilot schooner "No 5 Elbe" sunk after a collision

    06/11/2019 At Whitsun, the recently painstakingly restored ship collided with a container ship on the Elbe. 43 people on board could be saved

  • BSU publishes annual report on accidents from 2018

    The evaluation by the Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation shows: The number of accidents in the pleasure craft sector has increased slightly. One death has been reported

  • A single-handed sailor goes overboard - and can swim ashore

    Accident with a happy ending: On Saturday, the skipper of an Etap 26 on the Ems went overboard. After swimming for two hours, he reached the coast

  • "Styx": Silver Lola for refugee drama at sea

    Solo sailor meets refugee boat - the drama with Susanne Wolff in the leading role was awarded in several categories at the German Film Prize

  • This is how the rescue trick works

    On a trip in the Pacific in March, a German sailor went overboard and survived thanks to his trousers filled with air. A video shows how this works

  • A sailor who went overboard owes his life to his jeans

    The story went around the world: Arne Murke fell into the sea and survived thanks to a trick in his pants. What is not known: The trick almost thwarted its rescue

  • The number of ship accidents on Lake Constance has increased

    The exceptional summer of 2018 led to a slight increase in ship accidents and sea rescue missions on Lake Constance. 1.1 million euros total damage

  • Small emergency transmitter, great security

    The My-AIS is smaller than a packet of cigarettes and is intended to alert ships within ten nautical miles

  • Fewer people in distress on German coasts

    In 2018 sea rescuers rescued 38 people from distress on the German North and Baltic Sea coasts. In 2017 there were 58 rescued people, around a third more

  • Huber-Curphey rounds Cape Horn, Goodall is recovered

    Good news from the field of single-handed circumnavigators: Susanne Huber-Curphey has circled the world almost non-stop; Susie Goodall was rescued in the Pacific

  • Overturning in a storm - Susie Goodall loses mast in the Pacific

    The young participant in the one-handed regatta around the world suffered an accident 2000 nautical miles west of Cape Horn. Rescuers can reach their position in two days

  • "The emergency rig is ready"

    10.11.2018Jean-Luc Van Den Heede does not want to give up his leadership in the race around the world: He now wants to repair the damage to the rig that resulted from the knockdown at sea

  • Accidents: small mistakes with fatal consequences

    A loose rope on deck, seasick crew, a discharged battery: accidents often start harmlessly, but can end in devastation. Sample cases and the lessons

  • More DGzRS missions for sailors

    The sea rescuers present a seasonal balance sheet: Both the number of activities for water sports enthusiasts in general and especially for sailors rose slightly in 2018 compared to 2017

  • Capsized in the storm - Van Den Heede's non-stop march ended

    Fatal knockdown for the leader of the Golden Globe fleet: Van Den Heede wants to repair damage to the rig in Chile - but has to survive the storm first

  • Mast break and water ingress: Golden Globe skipper wrecked

    In the Indian Ocean, the mast of the French single-handed sailor Loïc Lepage broke - he is unharmed, but his ship is making water. help is on the way

  • Solo sailors in distress: Interview about the Golden Globe Race

    Capsizing, mast breaks, an international sea rescue mission - the numerous accidents during the re-edition of the Golden Globe Race of 1968 raise questions

  • Rescued solo skipper in the Indian Ocean

    A French ship has salvaged the wrecked sailors of the Golden Globe Race and is heading for the nearest island in the Indian Ocean

  • Rescue mission for Golden Globe skipper after a mast break

    Bad hours in the Indian Ocean: three yachts overturned in the storm and one skipper is seriously injured. Ships in the area are alerted