How profitable is a candle business

Why Dagmar Wöhrl didn't invest in champagne candles after all

The appearance of the 27-year-old entrepreneur Katharina Baumann was highly praised by the DHDL jurors. The candidate pitched her startup design Bubbles in the Vox show: handmade candles in champagne bottles. To do this, Baumann cuts off the neck of an empty glass bottle and fills the belly with fragrant organic soy wax. A candle costs between 45 and 119 euros and is refillable.

Design Bubbles sells the products in its own online shop and in over 200 boutiques across Europe. In 2016, one year after it was founded, the startup turned over 90,000 euros. Last year, the founder made a turnover of 170,000 euros and claims to be profitable. In order to be able to expand further and bring more fragrances onto the market, Baumann was to receive 200,000 euros in capital from Dagmar Wöhrl. For this, the entrepreneur would have received 25 percent of the Munich startup. But that never happened.

Baumann rejected the deal retrospectively, said Wöhrl when asked by the Gründerszene. The CEO wants to build her company alone and without an investor. “We decided on a different type of collaboration,” says the founder. Wöhrl is now helping to expand the B2B business. The candle company wants to offer companies personalized products in the future.

Financing is not yet off the table, according to the Munich resident. The lioness sees it differently: “From today's perspective, there will be no investment in the form of a participation. I take the view that founders also have to learn to live with their decisions. "

Image: MG RTL D / Frank W. Hempel