Why can I no longer take care of my life?

Stop telling myself to take care of myself

19.) Get to know your inner self
If I go any further inside I'll fall into a coma.

20.) Surround yourself with things that make you happy
Having sex with people I shouldn't have sex with makes me happy.

21.) Dress up your pet to make other people smile
I actually did that on Halloween. A vicious cycle of shame immediately followed because I thought people would mistake me for someone who humanized and tortured their pet for aesthetic reasons only.

22. Remember that just a little bit of daily self-care will help with depression
We have finally reached the point that bothers me most about the commercialization of self-care: the assumption that enough "beneficial" actions lead to a carefree and fear-free life. Such an assumption is like slapping anyone with depression in the face — and I don't want to begin with the disappointment that comes when things don't work out.

Depression is a disease. You wouldn't tell a cancer patient that he just had to "breathe a pleasant scent" or "clear out a bit" in order to get well again. So let's leave it to the doctors to deal with depression. And all the self-care bloggers better stick with their overpriced cashmere socks.

If you are concerned about your own mental health or that of a loved one, you can find help and additional information here.