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Whether pizza or french fries, doner kebab or burger: we all like to grab the fast food classics. However, if you pay attention to your figure and health, you will be happy about balanced alternatives and clever tricks for preparation

Ready to go: healthy fast food recipes

With a wink, fast food is equated with "almost eating", which makes you fat. It is surprisingly easy to prepare burgers, French fries, doner kebabs and other fast food classics with less fat and sugar and therefore low in calories. In this special we will show you what healthy variants of the most popular fast food dishes can look like and which other light snacks can be used as healthy fast food. Nutrition expert Birthe Wulf will provide you with further background information on whether fast food is really that unhealthy.


There are many fast food recipes for rolls with meatballs, including some healthy options. With wholemeal instead of white flour rolls and lean meat such as mince from beef steak, poultry or minced lamb, you can do a lot for the calorie balance. Alternatively, the patties can be made from fish. Sea fish such as saithe, which is used in our fish burger recipe, are particularly suitable. You will save even more calories if you refrain from breading the fish. Because the breading behaves like a sponge. She soaks up fat quickly. Tofu and vegetable burgers are ideal for vegetarians. All variants can be enhanced with plenty of salad and vegetables as top and side dishes.

Since ketchup is high in sugar, it is very high in calories. Use it sparingly or try it with a little tomato paste and mustard. A portion (5 g) of medium-spicy mustard brings it to just 4 kcal and the combination convinces with a lot of taste.

The cheese for a cheeseburger usually contains a lot of fat so that it melts well. If you do without the slice of cheese on top, you save calories, but hardly lose any aroma. And finally, it doesn't always have to be the full-blown burger: Our mini hamburgers are easier to eat and portion as finger food and are also suitable for children.